New: Visual Instagram Planner & AutoSchedule Instagram Posts!

New: Visual Instagram Planner & AutoSchedule Instagram Posts!

Today we are excited to bring you two new features to make planning and scheduling Instagram posts even easier! Now you can quickly plan the perfect Instagram feed and AutoSchedule your posts, right from your desktop. Introducing our new Visual Instagram Planner and AutoSchedule!

visual instagram planner and autoschedule instagram posts

  1. The new Visual Planner for Instagram makes it super easy to plan and design the perfect Instagram feed. Simply drag & drop your photos onto our visual Instagram planner, re-arrange them to see how they’ll look in your feed, and save to schedule them!
  2. Now you can AutoSchedule Instagram posts with Later! Select your ideal times to post, choose your photos and videos, and just drag and drop onto the calendar to bulk schedule multiple Instagram posts at once.

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Create the Perfect Instagram Feed with our New Visual Instagram Planner

We are so excited to release one of our most requested features today! We know that the aesthetic of your Instagram feed is now more important than ever, so we’ve updated our Instagram Grid preview feature and created a better and easier way to plan your Instagram feed – right from your desktop!

Later’s new visual Instagram planner shows you exactly what your Instagram feed would look like with your scheduled posts, and let’s you easily re-arrange or swap out photos to find the perfect balance for your Instagram feed. 

Start Planning Your Feed 

Need help using our visual Instagram planner? Check out our help guide here. Later’s visual Instagram planner is only available on web right now, coming to mobile soon! For now, you can still preview your scheduled posts and Instagram feed on mobile. 

Smart and Speedy: AutoSchedule Instagram Posts with Later

Save time scheduling Instagram posts with Later’s new AutoSchedule feature! Create your own Instagram queue by selecting your ideal times to post, and then just drag and drop your photos or videos to quickly bulk schedule Instagram posts for the best times for your business. AutoSchedule works for scheduling photos and videos to Facebook and Twitter, too!

To AutoSchedule your Instagram posts, you’ll want to start by creating your Instagram queue on the “weekly” tab of Later’s content calendar. To create your queue, simply double-click on the timeslot that you’d like to add, and a grey box will appear. To adjust your time, just drag the timeslot to the desired time.

Now that you’ve created a queue of your personal best times to post, you’re all ready to AutoSchedule Instagram posts! Select multiple photos or videos from your media library, and just drag and drop them at the top of your calendar to AutoSchedule. It’s that easy! 

AutoSchedule Instagram Posts Now!

Check out how you can use Later’s new Visual Instagram Planner and AutoSchedule together in the video below! Need more help? View our help guide here.

With Later’s new Visual Instagram Planner and AutoSchedule features, you can spend more time creating content or working on your Instagram strategy, and less time actually scheduling.

Start planning your perfect Instagram feed now! If you haven’t signed up with Later yet, why not start today for free?

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  • Hello.. may i know how much limit per month post can be published? It is unlimited or any restriction.
    Thank you.

  • Kits

    Hi – Can you edit the filters on each image before adding it to the planner?

    • Leon Sandoval

      No filters I’m aware of within Later, but when Later opens Instagram for you on your mobile device, your image is there, ready to be edited as usual with all the Instagram features.

      • Kits

        Only problem is – if they are scheduled posts which is what this system is, the image will already have been posted before you have a chance to edit the filter. Kind of defeats the purpose of it surely?

        • Leon Sandoval

          Nope- that’s not how Later works. When you schedule the post, you get a notification on your mobile app at the time you need to post. The Later mobile app copies everything to Instagram for you. You edit, paste your caption and post from Instagram.

          The way Instagram is set up, they don’t allow any third party apps or sites to post directly. It has to be done through Instagram, that’s why Later is set up this way.

        • Leon Sandoval

          It sounds like you haven’t done the free trial- you should sign up and try it!

  • William Morton

    Do you still have to post from your mobile? Do I still have to download an image to my phone and then post to Instagram every time? Will this post directly, or still require manual intervention to actually post?

    • Leon Sandoval

      Great questions, William! The answer is yes, you still have to post from mobile for Instagram. This is a limitation Instagram has placed on their API. If there is a service that says they can post without mobile, they will likely get shut down. Later is only playing by the rules and it works to our benefit as they are building a cool service that will be around for a long time.

      (That’s my limited knowledge of it. The folks at Later can probably explain it better.) 😉

      BTW, posting from your phone is easy. You get a notification when it’s time to post. It opens the Later app, you copy and open in Instagram, paste the caption and post! In my experience, it’s a matter of about 9 seconds.

      The only “danger” is that you might have a notification that goes unnoticed and miss the scheduled time by a margin, but rarely is this a big issue. Hope that helps!

  • I won’t autoschedule until the ability to do the 1st comment with my hashtags is out. Is this a future feature?

    • Leon Sandoval

      I’m no software dev, but that seems hard to do!

      You can use one really easy trick though- if you’re on an iPhone, then you can create custom text replacements for your favorite hashtag clouds. Then when you post, you can just type a shortcut and *POW* all your hashtags expand in the comment.

      Here’s how:

      Settings> General> Keyboard>Text Replacement

      An example:

      When I type “#bjj” on my phone, the following cloud appears:

      #bjj #jiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #studio540

      I used to use this method all the time, but then I realized having very specific, tailored tags for each post was better. So I use Later to do my hashtag research and just place them in the caption when I schedule the post. I didn’t used to like this method, but the benefit far outweighs the cost in my world.

      I’m sure you’ve seen the method:

      Caption goes here. Caption goes here. Caption goes here. Caption goes here.
      #hashtags #hashtags #hashtags #hashtags #hashtags #hashtags #hashtags

      It’s not the prettiest, for sure, but at least you are able to use both Later and super focused hashtags per post while separating the two visually.

      Hope that helps!

  • Leon Sandoval

    YESSSS! Autoschedule is so dope. Good work you guys!

  • This sounds great. I’ve been using the paid plan to schedule and have posts randomly scheduled on specific days already in my calendar. I just went to a week in January where I have nothing scheduled, plugged in those gray auto-fill spots during the times I wanted. Then when I dragged photos into the weekly calendar it auto-scheduled starting in November, no that week in January. Not very convenient for a current user- just someone starting from scratch?

  • iijii

    So back when this was Latergram they had engagement metrics and other analytics that let users know when their best post times for their audiences are. The auto-scheduler is great but it would be much better if we could have that functionality back to actually help us figure out when the best times to schedule would be! Any info on when that functionality is coming back?

  • Abegail Smith

    hello sound great!