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TikTok is launching a New Feature to Reset Your FYP: TikTok Refresh - Horizontal
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TikTok’s Launching a New Way to Refresh Your For You Page

Updated on March 29, 2023
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A refreshing new update 😌

Published February 10, 2023

The wait is over: TikTok's introducing a new feature to refresh your feed.

With it, you can reset your For You page (FYP) content recommendations, making your experience even more enjoyable. 

We’re breaking down everything you need to know about TikTok Refresh, how to access the feature, and what it means for the future of the app, below.

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What Is TikTok Refresh?

TikTok’s FYP has played a major role in the platform’s success over the years.

It’s an endless feed of curated content for every user — making no two FYPs the same.

However, because the algorithm serves you content based on what you engage with, all it takes is one deep dive into #BookTok or #WrestlingTok and suddenly your FYP is a little too specific:

This is where TikTok Refresh comes into play. 

According to TikTok, the refresh feature, “allows someone to view content on their For You feed as if they just signed up for TikTok [for the first time].”

In essence, it'll wipe your feed clean of any previous history and surface new content recommendations based on new interactions. Win-win!

NOTE: TikTok’s Refresh feature is currently being rolled out, so if you don't have access yet, sit tight.

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How to Refresh Your TikTok FYP

If you've found that the content in your TikTok FYP isn't catering to your interests anymore, here's how to reset it:

Head to your Settings and tap “Content preferences.”

From there, select “Refresh Your For You Feed,” and tap “Refresh”:

Gif showcasing how to access TikTok's Refresh feature
Source: TikTok

And just like that, you're set to start curating a FYP that's actually for you. 

NOTE: Enabling TikTok Refresh won't override any settings you've already chosen in settings or impact accounts you've followed.

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Why Is TikTok Testing a Refresh Feature?

Earlier this year, Forbes reported that TikTok staff can choose videos to "boost" to users' FYPs — in a process called "heating."

This comes on the heels of ongoing heat from regulators and government officials regarding TikTok's transparency about its in-app experience and how the algorithm works. 

TikTok Refresh is likely just one effort to address those concerns, along with other new features — like the ability to see why certain videos have been recommended or filtered hashtags on your FYP:

We predict that in 2023, TikTok will continue to roll out more transparency and customization tools, especially as it focuses on "equip[ping] creators and viewers with a range of features, tools, and resources so they can stay in control of their experience." 

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