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5 Ways to Find & Collect UGC from Instagram with Later:

Tips on how to leverage user-generated content for your Instagram strategy and how Later can help you do that.


What is UGC?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is any type of content (photo, video, etc.) that is created by a customer, fan, or user. This means that anyone taking their own photo, posting it to Instagram, and tagging a brand or using a hashtag is creating UGC.

Why should you be using user-generated content?

Using UGC on Instagram is key to curating a beautiful feed and saving time, but it's also an excellent strategy for marketing your business and building your community. Millennials trust UGC more than any other type of media because UGC allows a brand to share the voice of their real users and connect more authentically with their community.

How can Later help?

Later makes it easy to quickly find UGC and then save it directly to your Media Library. This means you'll have high-quality media (no more pixelated screenshots) all stored in one, easily accessible place. When you're ready to schedule and repost the UGC you can do so directly from Later.

5 Ways to Find & Collect UGC from Instagram:

1. Use Hashtags to Search For Content

Find relevant content by searching using specific hashtags with the Search by Hashtag feature. When you find content that's perfect for your feed, just save it directly to your Media Library so it's ready to schedule and post to your Instagram. That's right, this means no more needing to screenshot and repost low-resolution images.

A great way to generate (and easily find) more UGC is by creating a branded Instagram hashtag and encouraging your community to post using your unique hashtag! You can also search for content using hashtags that are relevant for your brand aesthetic, such as colours, specific locations, trends, industries, etc.

2. Collect Media from Captions You're Mentioned In

Collect media from captions that mention your Instagram profile using the Mentions feature. You can view all of the posts in one place, then select your favorites to add to your Media Library for future reposting. Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through your Instagram notifications to find the posts where you were mentioned!

3. Collect Photos & Videos You're Tagged In

Collect images and videos you've been tagged in on Instagram using the Tags feature. Quickly browse all of your tagged posts in one place and add any media you'd like to repost directly to your Media Library. When you're scheduling your posts you'll have the content you need right at your fingertips!

4. Import Media Directly from a URL

Collect media from any web page using the Add from URL feature. Simply enter the URL of a favorite web page or the URL from an Instagram post and then add the media to your Media Library.

This is perfect for collecting any on-brand content you find while browsing online, or collecting content from Instagram that you're not tagged or mentioned in.

5. Collect & Review Media from your contributors

Collect photos and videos from your photographers, influencers, or other sources using the Contributors feature.

Contributors allows your content creators to submit media directly to your Later account. You'll be able to browse, filter, and review submitted media all in one place. Once you've approved submitted media, it will automatically be added to your Media Library so it's ready to be scheduled!

Organizing your user-generated content:

When you save UGC to your Media Library in Later, the media will automatically be labelled based on how you collected it (mentioned media, tagged media, etc.) so you can quickly sort using labels.

Also, when you save UGC to your Media Library, the caption and hashtags used by the post owner, as well as the URL for the original post will automatically be saved to the media. This makes it easy to remember the important details when you're scheduling the content.

Asking for Permission to Use Instagram UGC:

Instagram's Community Guidelines clearly state that you shouldn't repost content without permission from the post owner. You can request permission to repost content by: commenting on the post, direct messaging the user, or sending an email. If you're still unsure, check out our blog post on How To Legally Repost User-Generated Content on Instagram.

Once you receive permission, always remember to give credit to the original poster when reposting their content.

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