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On TikTok and Instagram Reels, a loop refers to a video that automatically replays itself after it ends.

What is a loop on social media?

When a video is played on a loop, it will restart from the beginning as soon as it reaches the end and will continue to do so until the viewer decides to move on to another video. This can be particularly useful for creators who want to showcase a particular dance move, trick, or another type of content that requires repetition or close attention.

Loop videos automatically appear in the TikTok app and are designed to keep viewers engaged with a particular piece of content by allowing them to watch it multiple times without having to manually hit the replay button. It is also available in Instagram Reels

This feature can be used to create a “perfect loop” where a video ends seamlessly as it transitions to the beginning of the video. 

Many TikTok users use loops as a way to increase their views and engagement, as each loop counts towards the total view count for a particular video. By creating engaging, visually compelling content that viewers want to watch repeatedly, creators can help to boost their visibility and grow their audience on the platform.


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