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How 3 Asian Creators Are Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month on Social Media

Updated on May 5, 2022
4 minute read

Three creators share how they support, uplift, and celebrate the AAPI community on their socials.

Published May 5, 2022

AAPI Heritage Month offers the opportunity to amplify Asian American and Pacific Islander voices beyond liking an Instagram post or commenting on an infographic.

Whether that be through ​​activism, consuming Asian-created content, or continuing to speak out against anti-Asian hate and racism, there are plenty of actionable ways to stand in solidarity with the AAPI community on social media.

This year, we spoke to three Asian creators (who spend a ton of time online!), to share how they’ll be showing up for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on social media.

Here’s what they had to say:

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Dulma Altan, Founder of Makelane

As a graduate of Brown University and an entrepreneur herself, Dulma is a TikTok powerhouse educating her audience on all things business strategy. 

Garnering over 1.8M likes, her content spans insightful brand breakdowns, in-depth company analysis, and the challenges of running a business.

With May in full swing, we asked Dulma what AAPI Heritage Month means to her. 

“To me, it means embracing the richness, diversity, and value of all Asian cultures.

My favorite way to support the community on social media is by featuring AAPI founders and brands — like Vicky Tsai of Tatcha and Julianne Goldmark of Emi Jay — in my Instagram and TikTok storytelling, as a business-oriented creator.”

Passing the Mic: Dulma's AAPI Follow Favorites

Renée Tse, Freelance Writer and Editor

If you’re looking for a foodie, fashionista, and editor all wrapped up in one — Renée is a must-follow.

The Toronto-based digital content creator is The Kit’s Shopping Editor and Editor of The Kit's Chinese Edition, too. 

When she’s not writing, you can find her posting fashion and food content on the ‘gram, along with acknowledging and celebrating her community — in May and beyond.

“I love spotlighting anything joyful and inspiring that's happening in the Asian community on my Instagram Stories. 

Whether it's a new children's book, a brand that I came across, or a restaurant I'm loving. 

I also love sharing informative and uplifting graphics created by accounts like @representasians or @kimsaira who are putting together information and resources to further help the community and educate the masses.” 

Passing the Mic: Renée's AAPI Follow Favorites

ICYMI: Renée explains the history of AAPI Heritage Month and how to celebrate it on social media (the right way) in this blog post: How to Celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month on Social Media.

Ivy Tang,  Market and Social Editor

At the helm of FASHION’s Instagram account, Ivy is the magazine’s Market and Social Media Editor.

As part of her role, she focuses on intentionally seeking out and creating diverse content that represents the world we live in.

And those efforts aren't confined to just 31 days.

“It’s so important to support and celebrate the AAPI community, not just in May but all year round,” she shares. 

“Especially with the heightened violence against the Asian community — it’s even more crucial to uplift and support the community. 

During AAPI Heritage Month I like to share resources on education and celebrate historic contributions from the community.”

“And food is such a big part of Asian culture. My friends and I take turns hosting dinner parties every week and posting the experience to our socials. 

We make dishes from Sichuan-style eggplant to Vietnamese steamed rice cakes, Tom Yum Soup, and Korean barbecue. It’s such a great opportunity to show off recipes and cuisines that we’re proud of and share with our community.”

Passing the Mic: Ivy's AAPI Follow Favorites

While the AAPI community should be celebrated every day, AAPI Heritage Month is still an important opportunity to applaud the achievements and legacy of Asian American and Pacific Island individuals past and present.

From spotlighting creators to celebrating AAPI culture, social media has the power to unite communities. How will you use this month to advocate for the Asian community online? 


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