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30 Impactful Black Creators to Follow on Social Media

By Dante Nicholas

Updated on January 26, 2022

6 minute read

This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Published January 26, 2022

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A recent report found that the pay gap between white and Black influencers is 35%, spotlighting a lack of diversity in marketing.

And with many brands now seeking to collaborate with more Black creators on social media, it shouldn't be a one-off checkbox exercise.

Instead, look to create diverse campaigns, speaker lineups, and partnerships year-round.

To learn how to create a more inclusive marketing strategy, watch our workshop with strategist Sonia Thompson:

30 Black Creators on Social Media to Follow in 2022:

From the tech to wellness industries, we’re sharing 30 Black creators on social media to follow, learn from, support, and work with. This list is just the tip of the iceberg. 

#1: Donye Taylor 

Donye Taylor is a digital strategist who's built an engaged following on Twitter and Instagram because of her brilliant insights on millennial and Gen Z culture, and how they relate to marketing. 

In one of many examples, she used Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ album rollout as an opportunity to educate her community about the tactics his team used. Valuable content: check.

#2: Thaddeus Coates (Hippy Potter)

Thaddeus Coates, aka Hippy Potter, is a creative who is equal parts illustrator, animator, and model. Talk about a triple threat.

Having worked with brands like Lego and Ivy Park, he uses his platform to uplift and inspire with “Hippy-designed” affirmations and captions. 

#3: Mahdi Woodard

Looking to take your small business from zero to a hundred?

As a marketing strategist and entrepreneurship coach, Mahdi Woodard uses his platform to deliver impactful tips and insights – in a relatable voice.

Using a mix of carousel posts, memes, and Livestreams, Mahdi is a great follow for anyone looking for marketing advice that you can actually use.

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#4: Myla aka @pradaolic 

Myla aka @pradaolic hails from the UK, and is a queer content creator, makeup artist, and model who is also part of the trendiest generation: Gen Z.

Having already captured the attention of outlets like Allure Magazine, Myla should be on every beauty brand's list of creators to partner with this year.

#5: Amber Burns

Whether it’s via Instagram, YouTube, her podcast, blog, or anything in between, influencer Amber Burns is a content creating force.

On any given day, you’ll find Amber talking about self-care, giving advice on life as a creator, doing book reviews, and much more. 

#6: Joy Ofodu

If you're ever in need of an instant mood boost, Joy Ofodu (perfect first name right?!) is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

She’s known for her relatable comedic videos about everything from dating to oversharing coworkers.

Whether it's collaborating on a voiceover for an audio campaign or creating a funny skit for an upcoming product launch, Joy's one to watch.

#7: Malcolm Regisford

“Former D1 Hooper. Holistic wellness enthusiast. Plant-based cook. Conscious living.” 

That is how creator Malcolm Regisford (@tappedinwellness) describes himself in his Instagram bio, and from the looks of his content, he understands the assignment. 

Malcolm uses his social platforms to share vegan recipe videos, fitness routines, and chats about mental health and self-care.

#8: Fatou B. Barry

Fatou B. Barry is a brand strategist who’s a big fan of the 3 Cs: culture, community, and creativity.

As the founder of PR Girl Manifesto and the co-founder of Hold The PRess, Fatou aims to support newcomers to the PR industry, and improve diversity too.

Simply put: the world needs more Fatous!

#9: RK Jackson

RK Jackson is a creative director and social strategist who’s worked with brands like AJ Crimson Beauty, Aldo, and Academy Award-winner Matthew A. Cherry.

RK uses his Twitter account to masterfully infuse Internet humor and memes into trending conversations (Marvel movies, 2000s music hits, and Adele to name a few). It’s no surprise that his Tweets often go viral.

#10: Lowe Saddler

Lowe Saddler aka @hotsundayhome's feed is full of calming content.

Think home decor inspiration, matcha routines, and links to her favorite affordable products – from tea cups to picture frames.

In 2020, she spoke about the lack of diversity in the #home corner of the Internet: "Representation in the home space is so important. And it's still incredibly rare to see people who look like me."

#11: Damar Little

Damar Little is a photographer and graphic designer based in Atlanta.

His unique style (seriously, check out the use of clouds in his work!) and attention to detail has led to mega-collaborations with Marriott Hotels and Nicole Ritchie. 

Damar is definitely a young creative on the rise, and could help design your next social campaign. 

#12: Kelsey Marie

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone more stylish than NYC-based influencer Kelsey Marie.

She’s also the CEO of The JoClin Agency, a digital consulting and content creation agency working with clients in the art, fashion, and tech worlds. 

Cue Beyonce & Jay Z’s “Boss,” because that’s exactly what Kelsey is.  

ICYMI: Last year, we also recommended 18 Black creators you could learn from and work with. Here’s a reminder of who they are:

#13: Jayde I. Powell – Social Media Strategist & Content Creator 

#14: Michell Clark - Author & Digital Strategist

#15: Francheska Medina, Dustin Ross & Assanté Smith  – Hosts of The Friend Zone Podcast

#16: Nana Agyemang – CEO of EveryStylishGirl 

#17: Erin Ashley Simon – E-sports/Gaming Host & Influencer

#18: Justin Shiels – Creative Director & Illustrator

#19: Polly Irungu – Founder of Black Women Photographers 

#20: Evelyn Escobar-Thomas –  Influencer & Founder of Hike Clerb 

#21: Rōze Traore – Chef & Food Influencer

#22: The Oddity – Digital Creator

#23: Kim Knight and Shanelle McKenzie – Founders of The Villij

#24: Alex Wolf – Digital Strategist & Podcast Host 

#25: NickSaysGo –Lifestyle Influencer 

#26: Shannae Ingleton Smith – Fashion Influencer & Agency Owner 

#27: Isis Woods – Business Coach

#28: Whitney Headen & Tahira White – Founders of 19th & Park, Inc.

#29: Medina Grillo – Interior Design Influencer & Author

#30: Jaimmy Koroma – Lifestyle Influencer & Art Director

As the creator economy continues to grow, and brand collaborations become more popular, being inclusive is key. 

Working with diverse voices not only lets you tap into different audiences but is a better representation of society as a whole. 

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