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3 Ways To Stand Out on Social Media When Your Industry Is "Boring"

Updated on September 7, 2023
4 minute read

Hint: "Boring" can be cool.

Published September 7, 2023

If you're working in an industry (or have a product) that’s typically not the most exciting, you may wonder what to post on social media.  

Because quickly jumping on trends or sharing a "Get Ready With Me" isn't always applicable to every business. 

That said, there are plenty of creative ways “boring” industries can make an impact online too. 

Whether it’s creating educational content or leveraging testimonials, we’re sharing how three brands are proving it's not what you're selling, but how you're selling it.

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3 Ways To Promote Your Brand In a "Boring" Industry

From finance to tinned fish, these industries are proving that creativity on social media knows no bounds.

Check out three ways these “boring” industries stay top of mind on social:

  1. Educate Your Audience

  2. Develop a Strong Brand Aesthetic and Voice

  3. Show, Don’t Tell

#1. Wealthsimple: Get Creative With Educating Your Audience

When it comes to engaging educational content, you might not immediately think of financial storytelling. 

But leave it to Wealthsimple — an online investment management service — to set the bar high.

Complex money management questions? No problem!

Wealthsimple’s use of infographics answers questions from their community in a visually digestible way:

And they take it a step further with deeper dives (via Instagram Stories and Reels) that cover everything you need to know about finance — from options trading to a new type of savings account:   

Plus, their newsletter TLDR, is an easy read full of industry news and tips.  

Key learnings:

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#2. Fishwife: Develop a Strong Brand Aesthetic and Voice 

Remember when tinned fish had a renaissance on TikTok? You can thank Fishwife for that. 

Born out of the pandemic, Fishwife is bringing a hum-drum staple food to booming social media success.

Combined with their ethical fishing practices and fresh flavors, Fishwife stands out from the crowd thanks to their branding and easy-to-replicate recipes.

Boring industry on social media - Fishwife instagram feed

But they also take it a step further with their cheeky yet informative tone of voice.

Their conversational captions feel like they've been written by a friend — albeit one with seafood industry knowledge — making their brand fun and approachable.

Proof that you can make waves, even in a crowded tin!

Key takeaways:

  • Establish your niche, define your "why", and what makes your brand unique.

  • When it comes to developing your brand, don’t stop at the visuals. How can you ensure you’re sticking to a consistent brand voice, ethos, and messaging?

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#3. Roadway Moving: Show, Don’t Tell

When it comes to moving companies, Roadway Moving certainly knows how to make moves on social media (see what we did there?). 

With a service-led business model, Roadway Moving has leaned into creator partnerships to actually show what they're all about.

It’s a great way to get a glimpse into the types of moves they handle and what to expect from their service.

Businesses like this thrive from word-of-mouth recommendations, so by investing in creator partnerships, they're reaching tons of new potential customers and will be more top-of-mind when someone is making a move of their own.

Key takeaways:

  • If you’re in the service industry, dedicate an Instagram Stories Highlight to first-hand experiences from your community.

  • On the hunt for your next creator collab? Pay attention to your social media comments and tags. If someone is actually a fan of your brand, it will feel like a natural collaboration when they promote your service to their followers.

And that’s it!

From Wealthsimple’s educational posts to Roadway Moving’s use of creators, these brands are proof that even the most “boring” industries can find success on social media.

So, use these as a little inspo and review your content strategy for the coming weeks (or months).

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