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13 Free Influencer Marketing Templates & Guides

Updated on June 13, 2024
4 minute read

Creator campaigns have never been simpler.

Published June 13, 2024

When managing an influencer marketing campaign, staying organized is key.

Between crafting a strategy to creating influencer contracts and performance tracking, it can get overwhelming.

But it doesn’t need to be. 

Our expert team has put together these free-to-use templates to ensure your campaigns stay on track and your team has benchmark data to use for data-driven decision-making.

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Planning & Productivity Templates

#1: Influencer Marketing Plan Guide + Template

Launch your campaign with research-backed guidance for creating an influencer strategy that drives business results. From there, you can simply plan your yearly influencer marketing timeline and budget. 

Download the guide here.

#2: Competitor Analysis Template for Influencer Marketing

Use this template as a guide to analyze competitor activity. This guidance helps you plan unique value propositions for influencer posts, scale your campaigns, and stand out against the competition. 

Download the template here.

#3: Community Guidelines Template

Get our top tips for driving engagement and preventing conflict in your digital communities, turning community into a valuable part of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Get the guidelines here.

#4: ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Managers

Chat GPT can help with campaign launch tips and creating to-do lists, helping you bring AI into your workflow in a productive way.

Try the prompts out for yourself here.

#5: Social Media Content Calendar Template

Plan and brainstorm your social media content in advance. Using this content calendar helps you maintain a consistent posting schedule, review with your team, monitor performance, and stay flexible to adapt as needed.

Get the calendar here.

Insider hack: Social media planning is even easier when you can visualize your content calendar, pre-schedule content, and analyze results – all in one place. 

Start your free trial with Later Social today.

Content Creation Templates For Social Platforms

#6: YouTube Script Template

Streamline content creation and increase stakeholder visibility with a structured framework for YouTube videos that includes hooks, segments, and CTAs.

Get the scripts here.

#7: Canva Instagram Story Templates

Easily scale up Instagram content creation with over 30 different customizable styles easily available in Canva.

Up your Instagram game here.

Templates For Working With Influencers And Creators

#8: Influencer Media Kit Template 

If the influencers who reach out to you don’t have a media kit, get them to fill out this template with key information like their social media analytics, offerings, and rates.

Download the media kit here.

#9: Influencer Collaboration Scorecard Template

Score your influencer’s work across eight key categories to better analyze performance and keep track of insights that help you make decisions in the future.

Get your scorecard here.

#10: TikTok Influencer Marketing Guide + Outreach Template

This guide shares the right questions to ask potential TikTok influencer partners, so you’re never left in the dark. Then see what a great TikTok influencer campaign looks like to inspire your work.

Up your TikTok game here.

#11: Brand Ambassador Guide + Influencer Outreach Template

Understand the five key benefits of a brand ambassador program. This guide also provides brand examples to inspire your ambassador marketing campaign creation and outreach messages. 
Get brand ambassador resources here.

Analytics And Measurement Templates

#12: Social Media Analytics Report Template

This Google Slide template makes it easy to show the results of your social campaigns to every stakeholder, helping you get the recognition you deserve.

Download the report template here.

#13: Creator Compensation Report

Learn more about brand collaborations and how different influencers get paid. Using these examples helps determine benchmarks for your campaign development and influencer budgets.

Download the creator compensation report here.

Our Best Templates To Fuel Your Growth

Your team has a lot of work to do. Our expert influencer marketing team at Later knows how to streamline your tasks so you can get ahead. 

Leverage templates to free up your team’s time to focus on valuable activities, like sourcing the perfect influencers or working on creative briefs

Better yet? Save time on mission-critical tasks by using the right tools: Book a demo of Later Influence to see how the platform can supercharge the amazing humans you already work with.

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