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Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Guides in 2022
Instagram Tips & Resources

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Guides

Updated on November 22, 2023
4 minute read

Goodbye to an underrated feature. 👋

Published November 22, 2023

Instagram Guides were a great tool for sharing curated, scrollable content with your community.

They gave users a simple way to consume a collection of Instagram posts, products, or places in an easy-to-digest format. 

Despite all this, Guides were relatively underused — which is why they'll be sunset by the end of 2023 (more on that, below).

Editor's Note: Instagram Guides 101 will remain here — from what they are to how to create them — for the curious.

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Does Instagram Still Have Guides? (Updated November 2023)

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher and developer, shared on Twitter (aka X), that Instagram Guides would be retired by December 15, 2023.

And Later's social team recently received an update on our Instagram account — confirming the news.

Instagram Guides will now be converted into private saved collections, but Guides data can be downloaded via Meta for 90 days.

As an Instagram spokesperson told The Verge, "Usage is low and we are always looking at ways to simplify the app."

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What is a Guide on Instagram?

Instagram Guides are like a miniature blog right on Instagram.

They let users scroll through a curated flow of content with added commentary — similar to a blog post.

a collection of instagram guides

They can be used to curate gift guides, product highlights, content roundups, FAQ guides, travel recommendations, restaurant reviews, and so much more.

Plus, Guides live in one, dedicated place on your profile: the Instagram Guides tab.

How to find Instagram Guides on Later Medias Instagram page

When a user clicks on an individual feed post in a Guide, they’re directed back to the original post — making them great for giving old content a new lease of life.

NOTE: Instagram Guides will be sunset by the end of 2023.

How to Make a Guide on Instagram

To create your first Instagram Guide, tap the plus icon on the top-right of your profile page and select “Guide.”

Click the top right corner on your Instagram profile to begin creating an Instagram guide

From here, you can choose from three different formats: Places, Products, and Posts.

Select the type of Guide you want to create, and choose the posts you'd like to feature in your Guide.

Choose 1 of 3 Instagram guide formats

From here you can re-arrange the blocks, add a title and cover photo. You can also add titles and commentary (optional) for each content block. 

steps to change guides cover photo

When you’re happy with your curated Guide, select “Next”, and then “Share.”

how to share an instagram guide

Published Instagram Guides are then housed on a dedicated Guides tab on your profile.

NOTE: Instagram Guides (including the Guides tab) will be sunset by the end of 2023.

What Are The Different Types of Instagram Guides? 

Here are three main types of Instagram Guides you can use:

#1: Instagram Place Guides

The first Instagram Guide format is a collection of places. These Guides are great for city guides, restaurant roundups, and travel recommendations. 

three examples of instagram places guides

You can search locations from Instagram's library, or choose from past locations you've tagged or saved in feed posts.

When you choose a place, you can pick an image that has been tagged with that location to feature in your Instagram Guide. 

tastethesix sushi in a places Instagram guide

#2: Instagram Product Guides

The next type of Instagram Guide that you can create is a Product Guide.

This Guide is perfect for product releases, product recommendations, or gift guides.

Shayla Oulette Stonechilds instagram guide

You can attach and link any product listed on Instagram.

#3: Instagram Post Guides

The third type of Instagram Guide you can post is a roundup of feed posts.

three examples of instagram post guides

Post Guides are great for curating lists of resources — whether it's sharing educational content, your most popular recipes, or reflecting on current news or events.

NOTE: Instagram Guides will be sunset by the end of 2023.

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