How to Add Links to Instagram Stories: 3 Steps to Drive Traffic & Sales

Have you always wanted to add links to Instagram Stories? Well, now you can! Instagram is now letting all business Instagram accounts with 10,000 or more followers add links to Instagram Stories. Before, this feature was only  available to verified Instagram accounts.

This feature is a pretty big deal, because for many this will be the first time they can add a link to Instagram that isn’t the link in their bio. Adding links to Instagram Stories is pretty straight forward, but don’t forget to follow step #3 if you want to actually drive traffic and sales from your Instagram story. Here’s how to add links to Instagram Stories:

how to add links to instagram stories

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories Step #1: Click the Link Button

Before you can add a link to your Instagram story, you have to take a photo, video, or upload from your camera roll just like you normally would. Then, you’re ready to add a link! After you’ve added stickers, filters, or text, you can just click on the link button at the top.

add links instagram stories

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories Step #2: Enter or Paste the URL

Once you click the link button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can either enter or paste the URL that you want your followers to visit. That’s it! Press “Done” and you can publish your Instagram story like normal.

how to add a link to instagram stories

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories Step #3: Add a Call to Action in Your Story

Last but not least, if you really want to drive traffic or sales to your website, online store, or blog, it’s important to talk to your followers about it! Simply adding a link isn’t going to entice them to click it.

The link button isn’t super obvious, so make sure to educate your followers that they can swipe up to learn more! It’s also important to tell them what exactly you’re linking to, and to link to a specific product page or blog post instead of your general website. This is a great example of how Barkbox tells their followers that they can swipe up to shop the item, and they link directly to the product:

That’s it! Looking for more Instagram Stories hacks, or want to learn how to upload ANY photo or video to Instagram Stories? Check out 13 Hidden Hacks for Making Your Instagram Stories Stand Out.

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