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How to Pitch an Influencer Marketing Platform
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How to Pitch an Influencer Marketing Platform to Your Boss

Updated on November 3, 2023
6 minute read

Win them over. ✅

Published November 3, 2023

The key to building a successful influencer marketing strategy? Internal buy-in. 

Because without the support of senior leadership, a lack of tools and resources can be detrimental to the success of your influencer marketing campaigns

So, we're sharing how to sell your boss on influencer marketing — plus what makes an influencer marketing platform worth the investment.

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What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

An influencer marketing platform is software designed to help enterprise businesses:

  • Find relevant creators to work with

  • Streamline campaign management

  • Automate tedious tasks

  • Easily measure and track performance

  • Optimize your influencer marketing strategy 

Learn more about how an influencer marketing platform can support your brand's goals: What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform? (+ Why You Need One).

The Importance of Getting the Green Light

It’s simple: A successful influencer marketing strategy isn’t possible without investment (and enthusiasm) from the top-down. 

Why? It gives team members the tools they need to leverage the best creators, optimize their efforts, and create lead-driven, targeted campaigns.

But how can you get the green light?

By anticipating objections and preparing a thorough, convincing pitch (keep reading). 

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Common Objections to Influencer Marketing (& How to Combat Them)

If influencer marketing isn’t top-of-mind for senior leadership, apprehension is inevitable. 

Here are three common objections to investing in an influencer marketing platform and how to tackle them: 

Objection #1: “There’s No Budget”

As long as your budget isn’t zero, you can make the case for influencer marketing. 

Ask your boss:

  • How is our current marketing budget distributed?

  • Can we reevaluate the current software, project management tools, or subscriptions we pay for?

  • Could we experiment with low risk tactics like sending gifts to fans of the brand before locking in paid partnerships?

TIP: Download our free template to easily track your marketing spend and uncover hidden budget for low lift campaigns!

Objection #2: “Influencer Marketing Performance Is Lacking”

If your company has attempted influencer marketing before with limited results, it's inevitable that you'll get push back. 

Ask your boss:

  • Have we audited past performance? What did (or didn't) it work?

  • Did past influencer marketing campaigns have SMART goals? 

  • Did we have adequate team bandwidth and resources to support the influencer marketing strategy? 

  • What are we trying to achieve with influencer marketing? 

Make note of where you’re falling short — then, outline how an in-depth influencer marketing strategy can turn things around in your pitch. 

Objection #3: “Influencer Marketing Doesn’t Have Proven ROI”

A common misconception about influencer marketing is that it doesn't generate results.

But depending on your goals, influencer marketing can raise brand awareness and drive sales — touching every point of your marketing funnel. 

To ease your boss' apprehensions, share industry stats, relevant case studies, and successful campaign results that prove it indeed works.

A core goal of Later's influencer marketing platform is to help enterprise businesses drive conversions, engagement, and views. Schedule a call to learn more. 

5 Steps To Sell Your Boss on an Influencer Marketing Platform

Now that you’re well-versed on possible objections to influencer marketing — and by extension, an influencer marketing platform — it’s time to prepare your pitch.

Here’s how to convince your boss to invest, in five steps: 

Step #1: Answer the “Why”

The number one question for any investment is why — and your response can make or break your pitch.

Our advice? Find data points that demonstrate influencer marketing’s relevance and marketing power: 

Then talk ROI, and how an influencer marketing platform can help you streamline your campaigns, source creators, and reap the benefits — without breaking the bank.

TIP: Bookmark these campaigns as inspiration: 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Next Launch

Step #2: Outline SMART Goals & KPIs

You can’t successfully sell your boss on influencer marketing without sharing the desired outcome.

Set big-picture SMART goals to give senior leadership a taste of what you can accomplish with influencer marketing — and the help of an influencer marketing platform.

Are you looking to build brand awareness? Drive sales? Generate more leads? 

Be clear, specific, and avoid wishful thinking!

Step #3: Summarize the Platform’s Top Features

Present your leadership team with a comprehensive (but quick) overview of the proposed platform.

Then, summarize its top features and benefits. For example, with Later Influence, enterprise businesses can: 

  • Easily find hundreds of relevant influencers 

  • Automate outreach and communication 

  • Streamline campaign management

  • Improve tracking and reporting 

  • Grow their influencer programs

Step #4: Present the Budget

You’ve outlined all the whys and hows — it’s time to talk money. 

How much budget will you allocate towards your influencer marketing strategy? Be prepared to consider costs for:

  • Paying influencers — their rates can range depending on how many followers they have, the platforms they'll be posting on, and the type of content they'll create (e.g. static posts versus video)

  • The influencer marketing platform — costs can range depending on whether you'd like ongoing monthly support or a one-off massive campaign

  • Additional ad spend — will you want to use paid support to boost content created by influencers?

You'll also need to break down the types of campaigns you'll run — will they be mini quarterly campaigns? Do you plan to establish an affiliate marketing program or ongoing brand ambassador partnerships?

Be as thorough and realistic as possible to avoid pullback. 

Step #5: Detail Next Steps 

Once you’ve presented your case, be prepared with next steps.

This is the perfect time to set up a call with the platform provider, your boss, and the senior leadership team. 

A call or demo gives everyone the opportunity to see the platform in action, discuss pricing, and answer any final questions before sealing the deal.

And there you have it — everything you need to know to successfully pitch (and sell) your boss on an influencer marketing platform.

With the information provided, you’re bound to drive a winning influencer marketing strategy in no time. 

So, what are you waiting for? With Later's influencer marketing tools, you can impress your boss and relish the rewards of influencer marketing right now. 

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