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How to Schedule YouTube Shorts with Later

Updated on January 23, 2024
4 minute read

Work smarter, not harder. ✅

Published January 23, 2024

As a competitor to Reels and TikTok, YouTube Shorts has boomed since its inception in 2020.

In fact, in February 2023, it surpassed 50B daily views (and growing).

So, if you're a creator or brand already creating short-form video content, jumping on the YouTube Shorts train can be a fast-track to more views and engagement.

That said, posting consistently can be a challenge; not to mention it's yet another platform to manage.

One solution? Later's free social media management tool.

With it, you can plan your short-form YouTube videos, write your descriptions, and schedule them to YouTube Shorts — all from one centralized dashboard.

Plus, you can easily repurpose them to TikTok and Reels too.

The result? Time saved, an organized content calendar, and a consistent posting cadence!

We're breaking down how to plan, optimize, and schedule your YouTube Shorts in 2024 — plus a free YouTube script template for longer form videos.

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Why Should You Schedule YouTube Shorts?

Scheduling YouTube Shorts (and other short-form videos) in advance comes with tons of benefits.

Here's the top three:

#1: Save Time

Saving time is the biggest reason for scheduling your YouTube Shorts.

It leaves room to focus on other tasks like brainstorming, content creation, or data analysis, and reporting.

Plus, you can more easily plan for the week (or month) ahead rather than rushing to post in real-time.

Hello, better work-life balance.

#2: Repurpose Short-form Videos

As the saying goes: "Work smarter, not harder."

This is particularly relevant when creating content to post on multiple platforms.

Already filming and scheduling a video for TikTok or Reels? Schedule to post it on YouTube Shorts too.

Also, when you use one content calendar for all of your posts, you’ll have a holistic view of everything going live.

This will help you spot any gaps or opportunities for the upcoming weeks. 

It's a win-win.

TIP: For long form content, a YouTube script can help structure your video. Download our free template (used and approved by Later's social team!).

#3: Post Consistently

While "consistency" is the buzzword du jour, posting consistently can help you grow on YouTube.

That said, your posting schedule should be manageable.

Posting social media content in real-time, every single day, to multiple platforms, is a massive feat.

By scheduling in advance, you can ensure you’re posting more frequently at a pace that feels comfortable.

Start scheduling your YouTube Shorts with Later's social media management tools today — for free.

How to Schedule and Automatically Publish YouTube Shorts With Later

Later is trusted by millions of brands, creators, and social media managers — making it the best YouTube Shorts scheduler in 2024.

Here’s how to schedule and auto-publish YouTube Shorts with Later, in four easy steps:

Step #1: Connect your YouTube profile to your Later Account.

To connect your social profile, log on to Later on the web (not mobile), at the top of your Calendar, click the YouTube icon.

Next, follow the prompts and give Later access to your profile.

NOTE: Both personal and brand YouTube profiles can schedule with Later.

Step #2: Drag and drop your video content from the Later Media Library to your Calendar and select the time and date:

NOTE: Videos must be 15-60 seconds.

Step #3: Now it's time to optimize your post:

  • Write your video title and description

  • Add any tags or keywords (up to 500 characters; tags must be separated by commas)

  • Define your category

  • Choose your visibility status (private, public, or unlisted)

  • Toggle on (or off) if you'd like to notify your subscribers

  • Choose your audience (more information on that here)

You can also tap “Edit Video” to crop or trim your content.

NOTE: At the moment, only the scheduling functionality is available via Later — no Analytics or Conversation features. Stay tuned!

Step #4: Tap "Schedule Post" and you’re all done. Your scheduled YouTube post will auto-publish to your profile.

Whether you're a budding creator or seasoned marketer, Later's video scheduler for YouTube Shorts can help you save time, streamline your calendar, and grow your brand — all in one go.

And the best part? You can get started for free!

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Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later.

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