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11 Social Media Marketing Podcasts That Should Be on Your Radar

Updated on September 23, 2021
7 minute read

We’ve done the research and found 11 must-listen to marketing podcasts for you to learn from. Grab your headphones and press play.

Published September 23, 2021

Podcasts are a fun (and free!) way to learn about social media — especially when you’re not in the mood to open up a book.

The best social media marketing podcasts have engaging hosts, actionable tips, and helpful examples you can use to grow your business.

Add these to your playlist, ASAP:

11 of the Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts

  • The Shine Online Podcast, hosted by Natasha Samuel

  • Waves Social Podcast, hosted by Mike and Mitzi Payne

  • Girlboss Radio, hosted by Puno

  • Her Life by Design, hosted by Christina Galbato

  • Social Minds, hosted by Theo Watt and Eve Young

  • Second Life, hosted by Hillary Kerr

  • Social Media Decoded, hosted by Michelle Thames 

  • Masters of Scale, hosted by Reid Hoffman

  • Online Marketing Made Easy, hosted by Amy Porterfield

  • Savvy Social Podcast, hosted by Andréa Jones

  • Well, Now What?!, hosted by Savannah Locke

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#1: The Shine Online Podcast — Hosted by Natasha Samuel

The Shine Online Podcast is perfect for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn from their peers. 

In each episode, Natasha Samuel interviews her favorite social media and marketing experts to share tips, tricks, and strategies.

  • Instagram Reels recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and if you’re still unsure about trying out the trend, Episode 45 is for you. Natasha’s joined by four pros to chat about Reels, how to fit them into your strategy, and make them stand out.

#2: Waves Social Podcast — Hosted by Mike and Mitzi Payne

Waves Social Podcast was recommended by Later’s Social Media Specialist, Lindsay Ashcraft, and is now a team go-to listen. 

Described as “a podcast for social media marketers, brand builders, and modern entrepreneurs,” Waves features interviews with some of the brightest creators, founders, and creative minds in the industry. 

  • There are four seasons for you to catch up on, but for now, we suggest listening to Season 4, Episode 5 to learn all about Facebook ads, ad spend, and prepping for the rest of the year. 

Want to grow your podcast audience? Waves’ co-host Mitzi Payne has tons of tips: How to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram 

#3: Girlboss Radio — Hosted by Puno 

Hosted by web designer and entrepreneur, Puno, the Girlboss Radio podcast has over 23M downloads and is full of well-known guests like Elsa Majimbo and the founders of popular astrology app Chani

Girlboss Radio covers it all. TikTok marketing? Check. Growing a small business from the ground up? Check. Launching a new product? Check.

  • “From Influencer to Business Owner” with Nabela Noor and “How to Take Your Social Media Skills Pro” with Later alum Taylor Loren are great for anyone who wants to grow on social media. 

#4: Her Life By Design — Hosted by Christina Galbato

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer, established influencer, or a brand who wants to work with influencers, Her Life By Design by Christina Galbato is a must-listen.

Each episode touches on entrepreneurship, content creation, and influencer marketing, with helpful tips from people who’ve lived it. 

  • Listen to “The Power of Micro Influencers and How to Attract Brand Partners” with Julianne Fraser to learn how consumer behavior has shifted since COVID-19, misconceptions about influencer marketing, and the value of Micro influencers. 

Want to learn more about Micro influencer marketing? Read: How to Use Micro Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business

#5: Social Minds — Hosted by Theo Watt and Eve Young

Created in 2018, Social Minds is the UK’s “first-ever dedicated social media marketing podcast” powered by Social Chain.

The hosts are joined every week, by various leaders in the business world to talk about the impact of social media, how to navigate it, and their unique strategies and roles. 

  • While their most recent episode was released in August, there are still over 100 episodes for you to binge, including Episode 139 with Monica Hu, the Director of Social Media for Twitch. In it, Monica shares the merits of being “always on” for social, how to stay inspired, and allocate your resources. 

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#6: Second Life — Hosted by Hillary Kerr 

While not solely dedicated to social media marketing, we’re including Hillary Kerr’s the Second Life podcast, because it’s all about career changes — with tons of marketing tips woven in. 

As Later’s Blog Editor, Jill Warren explains: “It features entrepreneurs who found their calling a little later in life, but it’s also full of inspiring examples of social media campaigns and growth strategies. I think anyone who wants to start a new business and promote it on social media would find it incredibly helpful.” 

  • We can’t pick one favorite, but suggest the episode with Chriselle Lim who grew a digital community of over 5M followers and then founded Bümo — a platform that brings educational childcare to the workplace.

#7: Social Media Decoded — Hosted by Michelle Thames

With over 11 years of experience as a content creator and influencer, host Michelle Thames answers all of your burning questions about social media.

Even better? Each episode is incredibly bite-sized, with most falling under 10 minutes.

  • The title of the “What Are Content Pillars?” episode speaks for itself. You’ll learn what content pillars are, why they matter, and how to create your own.

#8: Masters of Scale — Hosted by Reid Hoffman 

Described as “a business podcast that doesn’t sound like a business podcast,” Masters of Scale is hosted by Reid Hoffman — an investor and strategist who is also the co-founder of LinkedIn. 

Reid and his guests talk all things entrepreneurship, strategy, management, and more   along with sharing their setbacks and successes too. 

  • We recommend the special Strategy Session episodes, where entrepreneurs ask their “burning questions,” and Reid offers his insight and tips. In the September 7 episode, Reid gives advice to seven different start-ups.

#9: Online Marketing Made Easy — Hosted by Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is an online marketing educator, and her podcast Online Marketing Made Easy is full of takeaways. 

It includes interviews, strategy plans, and behind-the-scenes tips for launching your business, growing online, and thriving on social media. 

  • Episode 375 includes best-selling author and blogger Luvvie Ajayi Jones, where they discuss content creation, moving through fear, and how to get noticed online.

#10: Savvy Social Podcast — Hosted by Andréa Jones 

Social media strategist, Andréa Jones, is the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, a show dedicated to helping business owners learn how to use social media and build connections. 

  • Experiencing social media burnout? We’ve been there, and Andréa has too. In this episode, she shares a resource for creating healthy boundaries, the benefits of meditation, and how to bring joy back to social media.

#11: Well, Now What?! — Hosted by Savannah Locke 

Savannah Locke is the host of Well, Now What?!, a “podcast for Gen Zs unsure about what to do post-grad.” 

But even if you’re not in this generation, you can still learn a lot from their lineup of guests — like YouTuber Justin Tse, or Sam Wong who has over 400K followers on TikTok. 

  • Episode 60 features Nic Mercado, the Director of Strategic Operations at Social House — a creative strategy group with clients like Pepsi, Playboy, and Sonos. They chat about marketing, the difference between working for a company versus an agency, and more.

What are your favorite social media marketing podcasts? We’re all ears (pun intended). Let us know on Later’s Instagram account.

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