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7 Social Media Marketing Podcasts That Should Be on Your Radar

We have the perfect recommendations for your Spotify playlist: social media marketing podcasts. 

Podcasts are an effective way to learn about social media marketing (for free!) and they’re full of actionable strategies to help grow your business.

Plus, you can listen while you’re getting ready for the day, during your lunch break, or even on a run. 

In this blog post, we’re sharing 7 social media marketing podcasts and episodes that will help you increase engagement, build a community, and drive sales:

Social Media Marketing Podcast Episodes for Small Businesses - Share Image

Social Media Marketing Podcast Episode #1: Listen to the Experts Discuss Instagram Reels

The Shine Online Podcast is perfect for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn from their peers. In each episode, Natasha Samuel interviews her favorite social media and marketing experts to share tips, tricks, and their strategies.

How episode 19 can help your social media marketing:

Questions about Instagram Reels? Listen to this episode. 

Natasha is joined by Tyler J. McCall, an Instagram marketing strategist, Diana Briceño, the Head of Content at VEED, and Taylor Loren, a brand builder and marketing strategist, to talk about Reels and their thoughts about Instagram’s hottest new feature. 

Host: Natasha Samuel 

Duration: 29 minutes

Link: Spotify

Ready to take your Instagram strategy to the next level? Watch the full LaterCon replay with all 25+ expert speakers here.


Social Media Marketing Podcast Episode #2: Learn How to Get AdWeek’s Attention

Created in 2018, Social Minds is the UK’s first-ever dedicated social media marketing podcast powered by Social Chain. The hosts are joined every week by various leaders in the business world to talk about the impact of social media — without the typical marketing jargon.

How episode 108 can help your social media marketing:

If you want to hear directly from Adweek’s creative and innovation editor on what he looks for when it comes to social media, this episode is for you. 

David Griner joins Social Minds to discuss innovation, the importance of executing ideas quickly, the untouched power of Twitter, and evolving with your audience. 

Hosts: Theo Watt and Eve Young

Duration: 64 minutes

Link: Spotify

Social Media Marketing Podcast Episode #3: Build An Effective Brand Strategy on YouTube and More

Social media strategist, Andréa Jones, is the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to use social media to grow their business. 

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Building a brand identity is a crucial cog in the business machine and influences the overall production of your content and marketing. Amanda Shuman (@carrylovedesigns) explains how brand strategy plays into your social media plan, how she builds out her own social media strategy, the importance of keyword research for social media videos, and the power of relationships to create loyal customers that will want to work with you again and again! In this podcast episode, we share: ????What to consider when creating your brand strategy ????How to translate your brand identity into social media content ????4 Levels of marketing your business: attract, community, convert, loyalty ????Amanda’s YouTube strategy and favorite tools for optimizing her videos for searches ????Amanda’s approach for boosting engagement on Live videos …and more! . ???? Listen in by searching for the "Savvy Social Podcast" on your favorite podcast app. OR ???? Click the link in the bio . . . . . #Savvysocialcrew #podcastaddict #podcastersofinstagram #podcastlove #podcasting #podcastlife #podcastshow #podcastinglife #podcastlove #applepodcasts #googlepodcast #podcaster #podcasting #podcast #spotify #podcastcommunity #podcastseries #podcastepisode #podcastjunkie #podcasthost #podcastincolor #podcasterthoughts #podcastersunite #podcastfamily #womeninpodcasting #newpodcastepisode #brandingtips #brandingforsocialmedia

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How “The Power of Brand Strategy with Amanda Shuman” episode can help your social media marketing: 

“Your brand design is only one gear to this big puzzle.” 

In this episode, website designer and brand strategist Amanda Shuman shares what to consider when creating your brand strategy, how to translate your brand identity into social media content, the importance of keyword research for YouTube, and more. 

Host: Andréa Jones

Duration: 28 minutes

Link: Spotify

Social Media Marketing Podcast Episode #4: Keep Up with Pop Culture and the Entertainment Industry 

Keep It! is a weekly episode hosted by Ira Madison III, Aida Osman, and Louis Virtel, where they discuss everything from the latest pop culture news to how the entertainment industry intersects with politics and society. 

The funny and insightful hosts are often joined by a roster of comedians, journalists, actors, musicians, activists, and more. 


How the “About a Boycott (with Roywood Jr.)” episode can help your social media marketing:

Okay, the Keep It! podcast isn’t specifically about social media marketing. But anyone managing social media accounts, building social media strategies, or creating content, should give it a listen. 

Keeping up with everything happening in the pop culture world can be difficult to follow. This podcast will help you stay in-the-know and may inspire you to join the conversation online (when it makes sense for your brand, of course!). 

Hosts: Ira Madison III, Aida Osman, and Louis Virtel

Duration: 91 minutes 

Link: Spotify 

Social Media Marketing Podcast Episode #5: Go Beyond Facebook for Your Paid Advertising

In every episode of The Strategy Hour by the co-founders of Boss Project, listeners get killer marketing tips to grow their small business — whether it’s simplifying workflows or product launch mistakes to avoid. 

As hosts, Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams claim: “say goodbye to the ‘side-hustle’ mindset and hello to getting paid to do what you love.”


How episode 420 can help your social media marketing:

Need to revamp your paid ads strategy? 

This episode was recorded right after global quarantines were implemented at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more people at home, many businesses saw an increase in traffic to their blogs, websites, and content. But how do you position your paid ads with sensitive messaging during an uncertain time? 

Advertising strategist Meghan Maydel joins the hosts to share valuable insights, and how you can go beyond Facebook for paid ad opportunities. 

Hosts: Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams

Duration: 47 minutes

Link: Spotify

#6: Social Media Marketing Podcast Episode: Learn What It Takes to Be a Multi-Platform Creative Entrepreneur

Femme Studios is a series of conversations with women who are entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives in Toronto. The host, Francesca Morfini, is a freelance Brand Marketing and PR strategist who previously worked at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

This podcast features intimate discussions, and you’ll feel like you’re listening to close friends talk about what motivated them to start their businesses, the digital space, and advice for those who are just beginning. 


How the “Dani Roche: Creative + Content Creator” episode can help your social media marketing:

While actionable tips and tricks are great, sometimes we want to hear from people who have been there before. Francesca is joined by Dani Roche, a multi-platform creative who is the founder of creative agency Kastor + Pollux, a social media content creator, and more. 

Dani shares what it means to be a creative in an ever-changing industry, the spectrum of success, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur (hint: be consistent!). 

Host: Francesca Morfini

Duration: 56 minutes

Link: Spotify 

Social Media Marketing Podcast Episode #7: Avoid Common Mistakes in B2B Influencer Marketing

The B2B Growth Show is a daily podcast for B2B (business to business) marketers, with over 3.5 million downloads. 

This podcast is great if you have questions about B2B marketing, and you’ll learn strategies that work (and don’t work) from industry experts. 


How episode 1332 can help your social media marketing:

What is B2B influencer marketing? How do you determine if it’s the right fit for your business? 

In this episode, host Logan Lyles is joined by James Creech, co-founder and CEO of Paladin, to discuss the influencer marketing industry, its misconceptions, key trends, and more. If you’re particularly interested in growing your brand on Twitter and LinkedIn, there are a lot of tips and takeaways!

Host: Logan Lyles

Duration: 23 minutes

Link: Spotify

What are your favorite social media marketing podcasts? We’re all ears — follow the Later Instagram account and tell us what you’re listening to! 

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