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What’s On Your Screen? — With Chris Klemens

By Amanda Demeku

Updated on September 23, 2022

3 minute read

Gather round, Klementines! We've got the goods on Chris Klemens' Uber rating, most used emojis, and who's lucky enough to be on his lock screen. 👀

Published September 23, 2022

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Welcome to What’s On Your Screen? — a series dedicated to taking a peek behind-the-screens of your favorite content creators. Because behind every notification, there's a story. This month: Chris Klemens.

Few creators excel on a single platform, but Chris Klemens has a lock on all four. 

Between his presence on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, you've likely seen his content show up on your feed.

Whether it's interviewing strangers on the street, hosting his podcast Unhinged with Chris Klemens, or that time he tried every hot sauce at a grocery store, Klemens' range is real.

His secret? Knowing how to engage his audience and create viral moment after viral moment. 

Case in point: In the height of the pandemic, scrollers sought solace in Klemens’ viral lettuce exchange with Chrissy Teigen. 

Though, in true form, if you ask him to recall the romaine rescue he’ll hit you with a: “I don’t even remember yesterday.”

And the infamous TikTok audio, “you’re coming home with me”? Yep, he’s the voice behind that trend (used more than 146K times) too.

Not to mention, the multihyphenate uses his immense platform (spanning over 3M followers) to regularly spotlight social justice issues and conversations about mental health.

With nearly a decade of content creation under his belt, Klemens has nailed a winning formula of unapologetic sarcasm, transparency, and charm — making him a compelling follow.

We chatted with the comedian to unlock the method behind his genius — along with what exactly is on Chris Klemens' screen:

collage of images of Chris Klemens with text that reads Chris Klemens

Later: First thing’s first: What’s your average screen time? 

Chris Klemens: I don’t check my screen time and I don’t care to. Do I spend too much time on my phone some days? Look at the world right now — wouldn't you?

What's on your screen with Chris Klemens quote infographic saying,  I don’t check my screen time and I don’t care to. Do I spend too much time on my phone some days? Look at the world right now — wouldn't you?

Later: A lock screen says a lot about a person. What's your image and does it ever rotate?

Klemens: It's a photo of my dog Booger hugging my head. And it doesn’t change, I'm a ride or die for my lock screens!

Later: What's the first app that you open when you wake up? 

Klemens: I check my bank app to see if I got paid.

Later: How are your apps organized? 

Klemens: I have no idea how to describe how my apps are organized, but they’re organized. It’s just in a way that only makes sense to me!

Later: What are your five most used emojis? 

Klemens: 🤎🤭😵‍💫🤦‍♂️🥺

Later: What number is higher, your unread emails or photo library? 

Klemens: My photo library, by FAR!

Later: One word to describe your TikTok For You Page?

Klemens: Unhinged.

Later: Okay, now for a deep question... what's Chris Klemens' Uber rating? 

Klemens: 4.73

Later: You have to delete every app on your phone except three. Which three do you keep? 

Klemens: Apple Music, TikTok, Candy Crush

What's on your screen with Chris Klemens, This or That infographic

Later: Which platform do you like to communicate with your followers the most? 

Klemens: Instagram Stories

Later: And finally, from your following, who would you love to run into on the streets and interview? 

Klemens: I’d love to run into my friend Andrew and I'd ask him if he could complete my Venmo request from dinner, months ago.

*Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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