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Over 7 million businesses—from small shops
to global brands—use Later. Here’s why.

Our visual planner is actually easy to use.

No clunky, outdated interfaces here. We help you plan eye-catching, scroll-stopping content right from your desktop.

  1. Drag and drop scheduling

    Set your times to post, choose photos or videos to schedule, then drop onto the visual content calendar. It’s that easy.

  2. Visual Instagram planner

    See your feed the way your followers will see it. The visual planner helps you nail your aesthetic, and lets you rearrange content with a drag-and-drop.

  3. Built-in editing tools

    Cropping tools and filters in Later make sure your photos and videos are perfectly optimized for each social channel, every time.

My favorite thing about using Later is how intuitive and visual the platform is. Maintaining a consistent feed for HIPPEAS was our top priority, and Later’s grid preview was exactly what we needed to organize our content.


Effortless publishing for Instagram posts and stories

Schedule all your Instagram photos and videos, and build a smarter social strategy while you’re at it.

  1. Auto Publishing

    Schedule your Instagram and Facebook photo and video posts in Later, then they’re published without a hitch.

  2. Best Time to Post

    Later learns when your followers are most engaged, and gives you the best time to post. The more you post, the smarter Later gets.

  3. Instagram Stories Publishing

    Storyboard and schedule your Instagram stories, and we’ll send the content right to your phone when it’s time to post.

Buffer doesn't give you a media library. We do.

We don’t believe in limiting your content. That’s why you can upload unlimited content to Later and organize it however you want.

  1. Labeled, searchable content

    Custom labels make finding the perfect piece of content a cinch. Tag your files in whatever way works best—by campaign, category, even by colour.

  2. Upload from anywhere

    Add files to your library from Dropbox, Google Drive, or desktop. You can even bulk upload and label your files, all in one go.

  3. Add notes to media files

    If you’ve got something to remember about a certain file (like a witty caption, or a must-have photo cred), add a note, and it’ll be there when it’s time to schedule.

We don’t just help you post content. We help you find it, too.

No time for full-fledged photoshoots? We get it. Later helps you find on-brand, shareable content—right from your desktop.

  1. Never miss a mention

    If you’ve been tagged in an Instagram post (or mentioned in a caption), you can see those posts in Later and instantly add to your library for resharing.

  2. Find content by hashtag or URL

    Search by hashtag or URL to find relevant, shareable content. And don’t worry, we help you keep proper attribution.

  3. Collaborate with contributors

    If you’re working with influencers or agencies, add them as contributors and have their content delivered directly to your account.

We’re fortunate that our volume of tagged images is incredibly high, but it can be difficult to effectively manage. Using Later has helped us to navigate our tagged photos and videos, collect and organize them, and leverage across our channels.

Laura CranfieldSocial Media Manager, LUSH

Simple pricing based on your needs

We tried building a chart comparing our prices to Buffer, but we couldn’t make sense of their pricing plans.

Our pricing is easy to understand, and more affordable too. No need to get in touch with a sales rep.

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