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Create a Media Kit & Connect with Brands

Design your unique media kit and kick off new brand collabs all within Later.


Ready to level up your creator game? Partnering with brands is a great way to monetize your content and expand your reach. But before you start sending pitch emails, you'll want to have a media kit handy so you can easily share your work, stats, and achievements with potential partners.

With Later, it's easy to create a completely customizable media kit, and connect with brands, all within one place.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a personalized media kit within Later's Creator & Brand Collabs feature
  • Add up-to-date analytics to share with brands (no calculators required)
  • Join Later's creator directory to start connecting with collaborators and applying to campaigns

Let's get into it!

Create Your Media Kit

So, what exactly is a media kit? Essentially, it's a document that highlights your content, community, and creativity in one easily digestible package. Today, many brands require one when recruiting for campaigns, so it's best to have one ready for when opportunity comes knocking.

Within Later for Desktop, you can create your very own media kit in minutes by following these simple steps:

  1. Select Creator & Brand Collabs, then Media Kit from the side menu
  2. Hit the Create Media Kit button
Later's Media Kit management page displays the customization options within the Content menu.
  1. From the Content menu, select Media Kit Profile to add necessary info like your name, bio, and industry (as well as optional info like your email, location, past collaborators, and website)

Tip: When baking up the perfect bio, remember to keep it bite-sized and add a pinch of personality. It's also a great place to let brands know your niche and highlight your specialities.

  1. Next, hit Media Highlights and upload three images that showcase your best content
  2. Select Rates and Services to let brands know the type of content you create and how much it will cost

Tip: There are many factors to consider when determining your rates as a creator. From your follower count and post performance to whether you'll keep ownership of the content, calculating your fee is not a one-size-fits-all formula. For tips on setting rates, check out this article from the Later Blog.

Now comes the (even more) fun part—customizing the look of your media kit. Head to the Design menu and choose custom colors for your media kit's:

  • Background
  • Text and Icons
  • Accents
  • Button Text

If you have specific colors that represent your online aesthetic, enter the hex codes here and make your media kit match!

A creator changes the color of their media kit background, accents, and text and icons within the Design menu.

Tip: Sneak a peek of your media kit on both desktop and mobile by tapping the toggle above your media kit preview.

Beautiful! Just one last step before your media kit will be ready to share—adding your stats. Keep reading to learn more.

Show Off Your Stats

While not all partnerships will be based on your stats, it's best to be open with brands about your profile's performance. But ugh, constantly calculating and updating your engagement rate can be a major pain.

Luckily, when you create a media kit with Later, important metrics from your Instagram and TikTok profiles will be calculated and added for you—no mathing required.

Note: The analytic data reported in your media kit will be pulled from the last 90 days. This means you can always count on your media kit to represent a current snapshot of your social performance.

To add important demographic and performance data to your media kit, head to the bottom of the Content menu and select Load Posts & Analytics for both your Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Note: It can take some time for analytics to appear in your media kit. So grab a coffee, take a walk, do anything really, other than manually calculating your own engagement rate and average impressions!

A creator's Instagram Reels Performance is previewed within Later's Media Kit management page.

Your analytics will be organized into sections that you can toggle on or off within your media kit:

  1. Overview
    Share a snapshot of your top stats like follower count, engagement rate, and profile views.
  2. Audience
    Introduce brands to your unique audience by breaking down their age, location, and gender.
  3. Post Performance
    Show off your top performing Instagram posts, Reels, Stories, and TikToks along with your content's average reach, impressions, engagement, and more.

And there you have it! Later does the math, so you can relax.

If you're curious how each of these metrics are calculated, check out this article:

Tip: Worried about your follower count? Don't be! There are tons of reasons brands partner with creators. Maybe you're based in their key business location, or have tapped into a specific niche. This is your chance to show off your connection to your community and bring what only you can to the table—your creativity!

Amazing! Now you have a completely customized, comprehensive media kit that can be easily shared with potential partners.

Connect with Brands

Now that your media kit is ready to roll, you can start pitching to brands. To connect with brands within Later, you'll first need to join Later's creator directory. This is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select Creator & Brand Collabs, then Creator Home from the side menu
  2. Hit Get Started
  3. Review the terms and check the box if you agree before selecting Accept & Continue

Congrats! Later will now add your creator profile to the creator directory, where you'll be discoverable to brands recruiting for campaigns.

What's that? You want to make your own opportunities and reach out to brands proactively? Well, that can be done in Later too!

To browse and apply to brand campaigns within Later:

  1. Select Creator & Brand Collabs, then Campaigns from the side menu
  2. Choose the industry you'd like to search for from the Industry dropdown
  3. When you come across an interesting campaign, select Open Campaign
  4. If you decide you'd like to apply to the campaign, select Open Application
  5. Add a message to your application, letting the brand know why you'd like to work with them
  6. Attach your media kit
  7. Select Apply to Campaign

Note: If you are selected for a campaign, the brand will reach out to you via Instagram, or through the contact info provided on your social profile. You will not be contacted through your Later account.

If you're connecting with brands outside of Later, head to your Media Kit management page and select the Share Media Kit button in the top right of the screen. Simply hit Copy Link and share your media kit with anyone you wish!

A creator selects their Share Media Kit link and previews their complete media kit.

Tip: When reaching out to brands, form a connection by telling them how their work resonates with you. Come to the conversation with something creative, and pitch them one specific idea. It can also be helpful to send examples of your vision, or of past collaborations, to inspire some excitement.

Next Steps

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