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How to Use Linkin.bio

Learn how to use Linkin.bio and track performance in just a few steps.


With Linkin.bio, you can design a landing page for your social profiles with no coding required. Linkin.bio helps you redirect traffic from social media to any webpage or Shopify product that supports your business goals.

Add buttons, link Instagram posts, or embed your Linkin.bio feed on your website to direct your website visitors to product pages, Shopify products, and more!

In this guide, you’ll learn more about Linkin.bio and how to track performance in just a few steps.

Your Linkin.bio page is made up of blocks. You can choose to include any of the following types of blocks on your page:

  • Profile: Use this block to customize your profile name and bio
  • Social Links: Use this block to connect your audience to your different social platforms
  • Buttons: Use this block to drive traffic to your website, blog, online store, or any other web page.
  • Featured Media: Use this block to display your latest linked Instagram post or a Youtube video.
  • Linked Instagram Posts: Use this block to add links to Instagram posts and display them on your Linkin.bio page. Anyone who visits your Linkin.bio page can click the post to be taken directly to the URL or product.

Check out how a Linkin.bio page with buttons, featured media, and linked Instagram posts displays:

Next, we’ll cover how to set up Linkin.bio.

Linkin.bio Setup

Before you start using Linkin.bio, you need to enable the page and design it to suit your needs.

If it’s your first time accessing Linkin.bio, you’ll follow these steps in Later on the web:

  1. In Later on the web, click Linkin.bio in the side menu
  2. Complete the setup wizard
  3. Select your Instagram profile from the profile selector
  4. Click Get Started

When you land on the Linkin.bio management page, setup will be just a few steps. Make the most of your Linkin.bio page by:

Add Buttons

The Buttons block helps you drive traffic from social media to wherever matters most to your business: a website, blog, online store, or any other web page. Here’s how to add them:

  1. Click Add or Edit next to Buttons
  2. Enter your button text
  3. Enter the link the button should go to
  4. Click Save Changes

Users can also:

  • Click Add Another Button to add another button
  • Toggle buttons on and off by clicking the Show toggle
  • Change the button order by drag-and-dropping the button in the buttons editor
  • Customize the background and text color of your buttons

Add Instagram Posts to Linkin.bio

Add links to Instagram posts in Later to have them shown on your Linkin.bio page. Your followers can then click the post to be taken directly to any URL or Shopify product you choose. Adding links to your Instagram posts in Later can help you easily direct traffic from posts to product pages, especially when you use a strong call to action in your post caption!

This is how your Linkin.bio Instagram grid displays:

Here’s how to add Instagram posts to your Linkin.bio page:

Need to link a post on the go? In the Later mobile app, you can add links to posts published through Later.

To add Linkin.bio links to published posts in the iOS application:

  1. In the iOS app, go to Schedule > View Posted
  2. Tap on the post you want to add a link to
  3. Under Additional Options, tap Linkin.bio
  4. Enter a link and save

To add Linkin.bio links to published posts in the Android application, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Android app, go to Schedule > View Posted
  2. Tap on the post you want to add a link to
  3. Tap Add Link next to Linkin.bio
  4. Enter a link and save

Add Your Linkin.bio URL to Your Instagram Bio

Add your Linkin.bio page link to your Instagram bio so your audience can click through or shop on your Linkin.bio page.

To add your Linkin.bio URL to your Instagram profile:

  1. On your Linkin.bio management page, click Copy
  2. Click Add to Instagram Bio and Go to Instagram Profile
    1. This action opens Instagram
  3. Log in to Instagram if you’re not already logged in
  4. In the Website field, paste your Linkin.bio link
  5. Click Submit to save your changes

Note: If you already have a website link on your Instagram profile page, replace it with your Linkin.bio link. Remember, you can add buttons to your Linkin.bio page to redirect your audience to your website or other pages.

The following image is an example of where your Linkin.bio URL will appear on your Instagram:

When you add a call to action in your post captions to click the link in your bio, you can drive the attention of your followers to the most important parts of your business to help you grow.

Measure Linkin.bio Success

Determine how your Linkin.bio posts are performing with Later’s built-in Linkin.bio analytics. Later tracks Linkin.bio page views and button clicks, clicks per post (Linkin.bio clicks), click-through rate, and sales.

You can track performance from the Overview and Post Performance tabs on the Analytics page.

To learn more about sales performance from Linkin.bio, enable Later’s Google Analytics UTM Tracking.

The following image displays Later’s Google Analytics UTM Tracking dashboard:

Note: If you’re already adding your own UTM parameters to links, don’t enable Later’s UTM tracking as this will interfere with the tracking.

You can enable Later’s UTM tracking from Later on web when you:

  1. Click Settings from your Linkin.bio management page
  2. Navigate to UTM Tracking for Google Analytics
  3. Click the Enable UTM Tracking button

Note: By default, Later enables UTM Tracking. To disable UTM Tracking, toggle the Enable UTM Tracking button.

Next Steps

Linkin.bio can help you make more money and drive traffic to your website. Check out the resources below to learn more about how Linkin.bio works with your business goals.

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