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How to Use Linkin.bio

Learn how to use Linkin.bio and track performance in just a few steps.

How to Use Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio by Later turns your Instagram feed into a clickable, shoppable landing page. Use it to link posts to web pages and drive traffic, or tag product pages and boost revenue.

Linkin.bio Setup

Access Linkin.bio by selecting it from the sidebar within Later on the web.

Setup is just a few steps:

  1. Customize Linkin.bio page header button text
  2. Add button URL
  3. Enable or disable the Hero image
  4. Add the Linkin.bio URL to your Instagram profile
Setup Linkin.bio

Adding Posts to Linkin.bio

Populate your Linkin.bio page by linking published or scheduled posts. Once added, they’ll appear as they do on your Instagram profile so it’s clear to your audience where to click.

With Linkin.bio Lite, add one link per post to boost traffic or sales.

Add up to 5 links or tags per post and take advantage of the Shopify integration with Linkin.bio Standard on Growth or Advanced plans.

Enable Shopify

Measure Linkin.bio Success

Determine how your Linkin.bio posts are performing with built-in analytics. Later tracks Linkin.bio clicks, pageviews, click-through %, clicks per post, and sales.

Track performance from the Overview and Post Performance tabs on the Analytics page.

To learn even more about sales performance from Linkin.bio, Later connects to Google Analytics with a unique UTM Campaign parameter.

Learn More About Analytics

Next Steps

Linkin.bio can help you make more money and drive traffic to your website. Check out the resources below to learn more about how Linkin.bio works with your business goals.

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