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How to Create Engaging Video Content and Save Time on Social Media: A 3-Part Formula

Content creation can be time-consuming, especially when you're trying to create engaging video content that boosts engagement. In this video, @shinewithnatasha shares her 3 part formula for creating Reels and TikToks that help you save time and increase engagement.

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A common myth when it comes to creating short-form video content is the more time you spend on your content, the more engagement it will get.

But I'm gonna be sharing my 3-part formula with you on how you can create Reels and TikToks that help you save time so you're not spending hours on your video content, but it also boosts your engagement.

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Part #1: Repurpose your content and captions

Step one is to start by repurposing and we're going to specifically use captions. 

So what I like to do is go into my Later Analytics under Post Performance and see what my top-performing content is, especially when it comes to really key engagement metrics like saves and comments. I like to see what topics are performing best. Keeping in mind, these captions can be for any type of content you're creating, and then we're going to use that for your video outline.

How to repurpose captions for video

There's a few different ways you can use this repurposed piece of content. It can be adding text on top of a video, for like a quote video, or it can even be used for scripting your talking videos. 

Whether you're using a caption or any type of written content like a Tweet or a blog post or even an email, there's a few key things that you're going to want to look for. 

  • Look for one to three lines that give you a quotable moment. 

  • Lean into quick tips and hacks. 

  • Shift how people are thinking or sharing your own unique point of view. 

  • Or simply use whatever you're repurposing to essentially inspire a new idea. 

This process is going to save you so much time because you're leaning into content you already know is going to perform well, but you're also not starting from scratch when it comes to content ideation. For this video, I'm going to be repurposing this caption on a Reel that performed really well.

Part #2: Create more multi-use video footage

The next step is to start focusing on how you can create more multi-use video footage. In this previous video, I talked about the power of original video content for short-form video like Reels and TikToks that doesn't require you to lean into trends like lip-syncs and dancing videos. And this is exactly why you don't want to lean into single-use content like a trend that you're going to post and then it's pretty much done. But instead you want to lean into multi-use footage that you can use over and over again and also on different platforms.

How to capture multi-use video footage

The best way to start capturing this footage is documenting things you're already doing: taking those behind-the-scenes clips and turning them into video footage or b-roll. This is a fun way to share your own personality and interests with your video content.

For me personally, I love capturing my Morning Matcha Montage, so I will just sit up my phone and capture me making my matcha for the day. And I will use this in a lot of different ways versus just focusing on trending content.

So I want to share different ways you can start creating this type of footage.

1. Create a time-lapse

One of the easiest ways is taking a time-lapse of a process that you're already doing. And this is also a secret productivity hack for creating hands-free video content. This also could mean taking a bunch of smaller video clips and editing them all together for one piece of footage.

2. Make sure the subject of the video is the one moving

Another idea is essentially having the subject in the video, which ideally should be you, moving without the camera moving. So leveraging something like a tripod. Or you could incorporate movement with your actual camera or the product in your video.

A little bit of a tip here is you ideally don't want the subject of the video, which could be you or your product, and the camera both moving at the same time because this might make your video a little distracting and busy. So ideally you want to lean into one versus the other, specifically with how we're going to use this footage.

3. Create a folder with your B-roll content

Once you get into the habit of capturing this type of footage or even planning shoots for capturing this type of b-roll, you will literally have a folder of this type of content that you can grab and use. So you're not always creating new video content. We're going to be using this specific video clip that I sourced from my own stock content folder.

Part #3: Create a quote video

And the final step is actually creating your video and we're specifically going to be creating quote videos. 

So now that you've sourced your caption that you're going to repurpose and the video footage that you're going to want to use, it's time to create the final video. Quote videos are one of the lowest lift types of videos to create that are also extremely engaging. So it'll help you save time but also boost engagement metrics

So essentially we'll take that video footage that we already have and we will add text natively to essentially create our quote and by using the caption that we already repurposed, this workflow can take you five minutes or less once you master it.

Tips for making Quote videos

So I want to give you a few tips for mastering your quote videos.

Add text natively within each platform

The first tip is, as I already mentioned, you want to ideally add text natively in each platform. You can use the same clip and caption for a Reel and a TikTok, but ideally, you want to add text in each platform so it looks and feels like it belongs there but you're also leveraging the power of keywords on a platform like TikTok.

Incorporate a hook with your main quote

And when adding in your text, I love to incorporate a hook with your main quote. This will boost your engagement and video retention and I like to play around with all caps or different fonts to really bring attention to that hook, which essentially should say why they should keep watching your video and what they're going to get out of it.

Play with timing and duration of text

Another way to boost engagement with your text is actually messing with the timing and duration of your text to keep people hooked in your video for longer.

Add trending audio

And while we're not necessarily using trends to inspire our video, you can absolutely add a trending audio onto your quote video. And you can also - a little extra bonus here - is you can also change the timing of your text to go with the beat of the trending audio that you chose. So essentially you're getting all the benefits of a trend while being able to create your own unique piece of content.

Make text is placed in “safe zones”

Make sure you optimize your quote for each platform by using those safe zones. For the best bet, I always try to make sure my text is in the center of my video to make sure that it's not being cropped off or it's not being overshadowed by any buttons.

Align text with your brand

And make sure that you brand the text that you are including. So if you're consistently using a specific font or color on your Reels or TikToks, make sure you stick to that. And this is what the final video should look like by using the repurposed caption and the video footage that we already captured to create a Quote video.

Save time by scheduling Reels & TikTok with Later

And a bonus tip is saving even more time by scheduling the Reels and TikToks you've created inside Later. You can upload, schedule and Auto Publish your Reels and TikToks to save even more time with your video strategy and original content is the perfect way to use this. I've linked the details on exactly how to try out Later for scheduling your short-form video content in the description. Feel free to binge my own video content over at Shine with Natasha on Instagram and TikTok, and watch more videos like this over on my YouTube channel.

If you found this video helpful, I would love to see your video in the comments from using this 3-part formula and we'll see you in the next video.

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