How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Did you know you can grow your business with Instagram Stories? Learn to get more followers, drive more traffic to your website, and sell more of your products and services with our Instagram Stories for Business course!

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Why Your Brand Should be Using Instagram Stories

While it may seem like using Instagram Stories is more of a novelty than a tool for strategy, there are some major benefits to using stories for your business. Learn how Instagram Stories can be used to connect more authentically with your target audience, attract more of your ideal customers, and even make more money!

How to Develop an Instagram Stories Strategy

If you want to use your Instagram Stories to help you meet your marketing goals, you can’t go in without a plan. In this lesson we’ll show you how to develop an Instagram Story strategy that helps you meet your goals and grow your business.

How to Create Instagram Stories that Wow Your Audience

If you want your viewers to stop tapping forward and start paying attention to your Instagram Stories, you’ll need to ensure that your content is well-designed and engaging! In this lesson we show you how to use the various tools within Instagram Stories so you can get creative and make your stories stand out!

How to Create Stunning Content with Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

In this lesson we cover a few additional apps and platforms that you can use to make your Instagram Stories really pop! Then, we chat with Rene, the Brand Director of Los Angeles Bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse about how they design beautiful, brand-aligned Instagram Stories that keep their customers informed!

How to Optimize Your Stories for Discovery

Wondering how Instagram Stories can help your profile be discovered by a new audience? In this lesson we teach how to optimize your Instagram Story content to reach more people and help you grow your following!

How to Boost Engagement in Your Stories with Casetify

Engagement matters, even in your Instagram Stories! In this lesson, we teach you how to boost engagement within your Instagram Stories, so your content can be seen by more of your followers and possibly even show up on the Explore page! Then, we chat with Jennifer, the CBO of Casetify about how the brand uses clever (and sometimes shocking) Instagram Stories to inform and engage it's audience!

How to Drive Traffic with Instagram Stories

Want to use your Instagram Stories to refer your audience to your latest blog post, podcast episode, or to sign up for your email newsletter? In this lesson we share how to use Instagram Stories to drive traffic, leading your audience anywhere you’d like them to go!

How to Sell with Instagram Stories + Stories Ads

Ready to create Instagram Story content that sells your products and services? In this lesson we cover how to use your Instagram Stories, Stories Highlights, and Stories Ads to help you make more sales!

Creating Instagram Stories that Sell with MeUndies

In this video we chat with Bob, the Social Media Manager from MeUndies about how they build brand awareness, share new releases, and sell more products with Instagram Stories and Instagram Stories ads!

All About Instagram Stories Analytics

Did you know that business profiles on Instagram have access to analytics specifically for Instagram stories? Understanding how your audience is viewing and engaging with your story content can help you make better decisions about the stories you create in the future, in this lesson we show you how!

All About Instagram Stories Highlights

Unlike regular Instagram Stories that vanish after 24 hours, Instagram Stories Highlights live permanently on your profile until you delete them. Learn how to leverage your Instagram Story Highlights to drive more traffic and sell more of your products and services!

Creating Instagram Stories Templates in Canva

In this bonus lesson we show you how to save time and keep your Instagram Stories branded and cohesive by creating templates using Canva!

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