What does 2020 hold for influencer marketing?

State of Instagram influencer marketing

In this collab with our friends at Fohr, we take a deep dive into the current state of influencer marketing on Instagram and look towards the future of this growing industry.

This report is the result of data collection from thousands of influencers and industry experts, and will help you create a future-proof influencer strategy on Instagram.

Later will also share the below information you provide with us to Fohr for their email marketing purposes.

Influencer marketing on Instagram is constantly changing, thanks to new features, trends, and emerging platforms.

But one thing is for certain: influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere.

The key is getting smarter with your Instagram strategy as an influencer and as a brand, this report will help you do just that.

Answers to these questions (and more):

  • What are the up-and-coming aesthetic trends?
  • Does engagement drop with sponsored posts? And what kind of engagement numbers should you expect with macro and micro influencers?
  • Are hashtags still relevant, and do they really increase reach?
  • The long and short of it: what’s the best caption length?
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