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How to use Instagram stories for small business: 6 Tips From The Pros

You’re in! Grow your business using Instagram Stories with these 6 free videos. Learn how to brand, design, and plan Instagram Stories that sell!

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Tip One

How to Sell with Instagram Stories + Highlights

Lindsay Sjoberg
Tegan Klenner

It’s hard to sell your products or services on Instagram without coming across as too “sales-y”. In this video, learn how the beauty brand Pink House Organics uses Instagram Stories to sell their products, without using “swipe up”! Plus, discover how you can turn your Instagram profile into a shoppable store using Instagram Stories Highlights with co-founders Lindsay Sjoberg and Tegan Klenner.

Tip Two

How to Brand + Design Your Instagram Stories

Trevor Holmes

Your Instagram Stories aesthetic is just as important as the images you curate, edit and post to your feed. Join Wistia’s video producer, Trevor Holmes, as he talks through the very best practices you’ll need to make sure your stories are just as unique as your business, including using motion graphics and shooting in vertical.

Tip Three

How to Create Gorgeous Instagram Stories using Templates

Lina Saravia

Join Lina from Later to learn how to create custom branded templates for your Instagram Stories using a combination of free apps and tools. Keep your Instagram aesthetic on point by setting standards that help you create a recognizable visual brand in your stories.

Tip Four

How to Introduce Your Products to a New Audience with Instagram Stories

Katie Golding

Want to showcase your products and educate your followers on what your business is about? Join Katie Golding, social media coordinator at Vessi Footwear, to learn how to build trust and share your brand story through product videos, Q&A posts, and customer testimonials on Instagram Stories.

Tip Five

How to Plan Instagram Stories

Jessalyn Pechie

You don’t need a big team to make a big impact on Instagram Stories! A little bit of planning can go a long way to help you efficiently create stories. Join Jessalyn Pechie, Content Marketing Manager at Flytographer as she reveals their process for planning Instagram Stories content every week, and building content themes to inspire their engaged followers.

Tip Six

How to Use Instagram Stories Analytics to Grow Your Account

Kelsi Yamada

Kelsi Yamada from HubSpot helps talk through a key part of story analytics—story frames! She’ll take you through splitting story frames into complete stories to make them easier to compare, so you get the full picture of what performs well and what may need a little iteration.

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