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28 Creative Brands on TikTok to Inspire Your Feed

Updated on May 13, 2022
17 minute read

These brands have taken their TikTok game to another level 🔥

Published January 10, 2020

There's no shortage of creative brands on TikTok. 

From art galleries to dental offices, skincare lines, dance troupes, sports teams, personal finance startups, and more, all kinds of brands are thriving on the app. 

Why are they taking to TikTok? 

Because the platform can be a powerful tool for growing your brand.

Not only does it boast 1B monthly active users, but that audience is also more engaged than those of other social apps and 1.4x more likely to research the products and brands they discover while scrolling. 

If you want to reach that massive global audience and need inspiration for your content, check out 28 of the best brands on TikTok below.

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#1: Duolingo

  • Handle: @duolingo

  • Following: 4.2M

The language-learning app Duolingo is one of the most talked about brands on TikTok. 

The key to their success? Being quick to hop on the latest trends and letting their social media team run wild with creative ideas. 

But the brand's TikTok strategy isn't limited to funny videos. They're also very active commenters, constantly chiming in on other companies' and creators' videos as a way to grow their own community. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: When it comes to succeeding on TikTok, posting fun videos is only part of the equation. Jump into the comment section if you’re looking for another way to boost your reach.

#2: San Diego Zoo 

  • Handle: @sandiegozoo

  • Following: 2.1M

The San Diego Zoo's TikTok strategy is simple and effective.

Turning their TikTok page into a virtual zoo, they have videos highlighting the lives of various animals.

But they also go a step further by bringing viewers behind the scenes and introducing us to some of their employees.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Sharing behind-the-scenes content is a great way to increase engagement among your followers by making them feel like insiders in your community.

#3: Fowlerville Library 

  • Handle: @fowlervillelibrary

  • Following: 91.9K

On the surface level, libraries and TikTok seem sort of incompatible. Where TikTok is a digital platform, libraries are in the business of paper and ink. 

Yet the Fowlerville Library is killing it on the app.

Like all the best brands on TikTok, the folks at Fowlerville took their time to experiment with different kinds of content before nailing down their strategy. 

They created a unique recurring series called "One Star Review," where followers have to guess the book they're reading one-star reviews for. And their fans are obsessed.   

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Once you have a good understanding of your audience on the app, try creating a special TikTok content series that suits their specific interests.

#4: Scrub Daddy

  • Handle: @scrubdaddy

  • Following: 1.6M

Many of the most popular videos on TikTok could be defined as "unhinged." That’s the word TikTok likes to use to describe content that's chaotic, weird, and hilarious all at the same time. 

Unhinged content has a shock factor that makes it stand out and helps boost engagement — at least, when done well.

And Scrub Daddy, the happy face-shaped dish scrubber, is one of the brands doing it best. 

They have a series where a massive version of the bright yellow scrubber goes on adventures, snappy content calling people out for cleaning their dishes with other products, and late-night-infomercial-style videos.

It's ridiculous, random, and — if their 1.6M followers are any indication — it's clearly paid off.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: It isn’t for everyone, but if your brand is comfortable being bold and ridiculous, try leaning into “unhinged” content as part of your TikTok strategy.

#5: Victoria and Albert Museum 

  • Handle: @vamuseum

  • Following: 24.2K

One of the best things about TikTok is that there's a community of people ready to consume any and every kind of content (and the TikTok algorithm is very good at finding them).

That means whatever your brand specializes in, you can succeed on the app. 

There's history TikTok. There's art TikTok. There's fashion TikTok. And then there's history-art-and-fashion TikTok, where London's Victoria and Albert Museum thrives.

The museum creates content that's both informative and easy on the eyes. They’re unashamedly niche and have racked up over 20K followers who love them.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Don’t be afraid to go all-in on your brand’s niche — even if it’s a bit obscure. 

#6: Dairy Queen Trois-Rivières

  • Handle: @dairyqueen_tr

  • Following: 1.2M

Back in March 2020, Catherine, a staff member of a Dairy Queen franchise in Quebec, started sharing her ice cream creations on TikTok. The videos blew up. 

Technically, the Dairy Queen Trois-Rivières account is her personal page and not an official business account, but Catherine's content can still teach other brands on TikTok a good lesson: showing off the thing you do better than anyone else is captivating. Viewers love it!

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Don’t shy away from displaying the things you do best in your videos, especially if you have a visually appealing skill. 

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#7: Heider Real Estate 

  • Handle: @heider_realestate

  • Following: 3.3M

TikTok users love exceptional aesthetics. And that's what Heider Real Estate, a division of Sotheby's International Realty, is capitalizing on with their jaw-dropping home tours. 

On top of being stunning, Heider Real Estate's TikTok videos do something that other brands should take note of: they keep their content fast-paced.

From start to end, their videos are engaging — which should be the goal of all your brand's TikTok content. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: If you’re looking for a way to keep your content engaging, fresh, and fast-paced, prioritize shorter-form TikTok videos.


  • Handle: @ototo_design

  • Following: 126.2K

Tel Aviv-based brand OTOTO DESIGN specializes in creating kitchen accessories that are fun and functional.  

To attract more users to their page, their social media team takes full advantage of trending TikTok sounds.

They're great at creating novel ways to show off their products that align with each sound, which has proven to be an effective growth tactic for them.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Adding a trending TikTok sound to your videos (even at a barely audible level) can be an effective way to boost your viewership.

#9: Ultasmile 

  • Handle: @ultasmile

  • Following: 215.3K

While the three-sided toothbrush company might not seem like an obvious choice for TikTok viral fame, their videos have helped them get there. 

They are almost all dedicated to the absurd antics of the company’s mascot — a life-sized toothbrush who embraces TikTok's obsession with weird videos while simultaneously inspiring viewers to prioritize their dental health.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Mascots aren’t just for sports teams anymore. They’re also a great way to personify your brand and make your videos more intriguing.

#10: Chipotle

  • Handle: @chipotle

  • Following: 1.7M

 If you've seen any other roundups of the best brands on TikTok, they likely included Chipotle — and for good reason.

One of the main ways they've grown their audience on the platform is by prioritizing partnerships with other popular creators. 

By working with comedic creators, they can build their brand by association and reach audiences with a similar sense of humor.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: While a strategy that includes partnerships requires a bigger social budget, it's also one of the most effective ways to boost your account's reach.

#11: Mala the Brand 

  • Handle: @malathebrand

  • Following: 20.4K

The art of caring for candles is one of the hottest topics on TikTok. Seriously, videos including the hashtag #candle have collectively garnered over 4.8B views on the app.

Vancouver-based candle company Mala the Brand knows that — hence their focus on answering common candle questions in their videos. 

Mala doesn't just post educational content, though. They put a lot of effort into creating aesthetically pleasing and on-trend videos as well. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Diversifying your videos and testing out multiple content types can help your brand succeed on TikTok.

#12: Topicals 

  • Handle: @topicals

  • Following: 16.6K

For smaller brands on TikTok, distinguishing yourself can be hard. Skin-care company, Topicals, have set themselves apart by sharing authentic content on the app. 

They use their account to talk about a less sexy but very relatable side of skincare: managing zits.

This is done in multiple ways, including by showing real skin in customers’ before and after shots.

Another thing Topicals does regularly is run giveaways, which can be a great tool for increasing your reach and engagement on the app.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Generally speaking, people hop at opportunities to get things for free, which is why giveaways can be such an effective engagement-driving tool for brands on TikTok.

#13: Thingtesting 

  • Handle: @thingtesting

  • Following: 50K

Have you ever seen something online and wondered if it was worth buying?

We know you have (because we all have). And attempting to answer that question is the reason Thing Testing — a product review and discovery platform — exists. 

Their TikTok videos are an extension of the app's lifehack genre. By appealing to viewers' innate sense of curiosity, they've managed to rack up multiple viral videos in the less than six months that the brand has been on TikTok.  

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Spend time reflecting on the kinds of questions customers typically ask about your brand, and create content responding to those queries.

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#14: Miista

  • Handle: @miista

  • Following: 5,588

Introducing employees in your TikTok videos can be an effective way to increase engagement, make your company feel more human, and show your followers that they're part of a real community.

UK-based clothing label Miista has adopted this strategy with success.

They regularly film videos from the inside of their warehouse showing off how their products are made. It's the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the brand — and, based on the view count, TikTok loves it. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: People love to know the human stories behind successful brands. So take a note from Miista and show off your staff.

#15: Later đź‘‹

  • Handle:

  • Following: 54.5K

The team here at Later has a lot of fun creating our TikTok content.

Like other brands on this list, Later's strategy is heavily focused on being quick to hop on trends while adding a business-specific lens to them. 

We're also careful not to make our content feel too sales-y.

The goal is to get people interested in what we do and build an engaged community — if they want to check out our social media scheduling products, that’s an added bonus!

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Think of TikTok as a platform for building brand awareness, not necessarily a tool for driving sales.

#16: Vessi 

  • Handle: @vessi

  • Following: 161.6K

TikTok is a visual platform. Waterproof shoe company Vessi takes advantage of that by using their feed to show their audience what they're all about vs. telling them. 

Their account is full of videos of people jumping in puddles, walking through rivers, braving the snow — and keeping their feet nice and dry thanks to their Vessi shoes. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: if your brand sells a physical product, put most of your creative energy into showing it in action (rather than just talking about it).

#17: Gucci 

  • Handle: @gucci

  • Following: 1.8M

Gucci's TikTok content is on-brand, original, and almost impossible to look away from. 

As a massive global fashion company that puts millions of dollars behind defining and executing their creative vision, Gucci has a well-established, dreamy vibe that comes across in all of their social content. 

While it's not realistic to expect for every brand on TikTok to have this level of production value, Gucci is still a great example of fully embracing the vibe of your business on social.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Even without a Gucci-level marketing budget, try creating your own eye-catching shots using photo- and video-editing apps.

#18: Teen Vogue 

  • Handle: @teenvogue

  • Following: 1.4M

Teen Vogue uses TikTok as both a teaser for, and an extension of, their other content.

They offer behind-the-scenes looks at their cover stars, at-home styling tips, and high-level information on issues that matter to their audience.

This allows them to attract the same types of people on TikTok that they know already love the other work they're doing.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Treat TikTok as an extension of your brand — across all channels. If your audience follows you on other platforms, it should feel consistent with what they're used to seeing from you.

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#19: Crocs 

  • Handle: @crocs

  • Following: 488.5K

Crocs recently went from being a brand that everyone loved to hate to one that so many people are genuinely obsessed with.

It’s the one of the ultimate examples of Gen Z’s ability to take something iconically uncool and make it cool.

In their videos, they make fun of themselves and the perceived ugliness of their shoes, showcase different ways to accessorize Crocs, and show off the versatility of their products.  

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Poking fun at yourself is a great way to show your sense of humor, make it clear that you’re in on (and into) the joke, and build a relationship with your audience.

#20: Mount Lai  

  • Handle: @mountlai

  • Following: 244.3K

Early in the pandemic, a lot of skincare lovers learned about Gua Sha — an ancient medicinal practice focused on scraping people's skin to improve circulation.

But Mount Lai, an Asian-owned brand specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, noticed that many people were using their Gua Sha skin sculpting tools wrong. 

Their TikTok content was created in response.

It's the ultimate recipe for TikTok success: a naturally trendy product paired with easy-to-understand educational videos.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: If your brand does something that’s already popular, capitalize on that — and differentiate yourself from competitors — by sharing little-known information about your trendy product or service.

#21: Rizos Curls

  • Handle: @rizoscurlshair

  • Following: 136.6K

There are so many different curl types and textures, and figuring out what hair care routine works best for you can be hard. 

Rizos Curls offers a solution. 

Through a mix of helpful hair care and styling tips, curly hair love, and curly hair commiseration, they've fostered an engaged TikTok community and increased their brand awareness. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Being relatable is one of the most effective ways to rally a community around your brand — and your brand’s mission — on TikTok.

#22: The Sill

  • Handle: @thesill

  • Following: 13.2K

When Eliza Blank founded The Sill in 2012, the plant lover's goal was to make taking care of plants easy for even non-horticulturists. 

That mission has extended to the brand's TikTok feed, where they share a mix of plant education and plant-related spins on trends. 

They even hopped on the Wordle bandwagon for one of their most popular recent TikTok videos, above. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: While you’re testing out different content types and trends on TikTok, take a note from The Sill and make sure you’re tying everything back to your brand.

#23: Our Place

  • Handle: @ourplace

  • Following: 257.3K

Our Place, one of social media's favorite cookware companies, may be in the business of pots and pans, but on TikTok, they're so much more than that. 

The brand uses their TikTok videos as a way to experiment with different kinds of cooking content and build a community around the enjoyment of food in general. 

They don't simply use social media to promote their products — they use it to promote the lifestyle their products enable.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Not everything you post has to be directly related to your product or service. If you broaden your content to focus on your industry in general, you’ll have more to talk about and come across as less sales-y.

#24: Parade

  • Handle: @parade

  • Following: 180.1K

They may be a lingerie company, but Parade's mission isn't just to sell underwear — it's to empower people to be comfortable and confident in their own skin.

On TikTok, their strategy is simple: show real customers living their best lives in Parade products.

Another thing they do well? Tapping into Gen Z trends, like the current '90s/00s revival to make their content as relevant as possible to their target audience.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Explore broader cultural trends in your videos to show your audience you’re in-the-know. 

#25: Free Label

  • Handle: @free.label

  • Following: 33.7K

Canadian clothing company Free Label specializes in locally-made, elevated basics. They're all about creating clothes you feel good in (and can feel good about wearing).

Their efforts on TikTok focus on showing people what they do and why they do it by sharing product information and highlighting their mission. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: If you’re a relatively new or small company, try telling your brand's story in your videos.

#26: Golde 

  • Handle: @hellogolde

  • Following: 28.3K

TikTok users love "how it works" style videos.

Picking up on that, Golde has strategically created tutorial videos showing viewers how to make healthy food and drinks with the brand's superfood teas and dietary supplements.

They're some of the most feel-good branded food videos you'll find on TikTok. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Spend time on TikTok getting to know what performs well on the app, then pick one of those content themes — like the “how it works” genre — and create similar videos for your own brand.

#27: Arcade Studios

  • Handle: @helloarcade

  • Following: 4,295

Not every brand's TikTok content is designed to sell a product. Some are designed to sell a service, which is the case for the award-winning digital agency Arcade Studios. 

They use their TikTok feed to show potential clients they know how to create high-performing content — whether it's humorous takes, social media insights, or a day-in-the-life with their team.

Takeaway TikTok Tip: If you’re a freelancer or agency in the business of social media, use your TikTok as a professional portfolio to show potential clients why they should work with you.

#28: The Silk Labs

  • Handle: @thesilklabs

  • Following: 102.9K

If you're a small business owner, you're the ultimate spokesperson for your brand.

Why? Because you have the product knowledge and passion needed to create content that shines on TikTok.

That's what The Silk Labs' founder Jenna Labiak does on her brand's TikTok feed. 

Not only does she show off her products, but she also uses her platform to share behind-the-scenes footage of what it's like to run a small business. 

Takeaway TikTok Tip: Be your own advocate on TikTok. If you’re the founder of an up-and-coming brand, use the app to tell people why you’re passionate about it.   

Whether you're planning to create an account soon or you're already actively posting on the app, these 28 brands are a valuable source of inspiration for your TikTok strategy. 

And remember, whatever your brand’s niche, you can succeed on TikTok — no viral dance trends required.  

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