18 Creative Brands on TikTok to Take Inspiration From

By Kelsey Docherty

Published January 10, 2020

9 minute read

TikTok's audience is growing by the second. Read about brands on TikTok and some strategic takeaways you can apply to your brand’s approach to the app.


Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

Brands on TikTok are quickly finding their groove on the most talked about, most downloaded, and most addictive social media app.

As one of the most downloaded apps in over 40 countries, TikTok’s popularity is growing by the second, with brands looking to tap into new audiences around the world.

We’re going to showcase what some of the best brands on TikTok are up to and share some strategic takeaways that you can apply to your brand’s approach to the app.

Ready to see some of the best brand examples on TikTok? Here’s 18 brands that stand out from the crowd:

  1. NFL

  2. Fenty Beauty

  3. Chipotle

  4. The Washington Post

  5. Netflix

  6. Fortnite

  7. Kaja Beauty

  8. Aerie

  9. Marine Mammal Rescue

  10. Star Face

  11. NBA

  12. High Snobiety

  13. Gucci

  14. Lush

  15. ASOS

  16. WWE

  17. Saturday Night Live

  18. Teen Vogue

Why Your Brand Needs TikTok

The average TikTok user spends almost 52 minutes of their day on the app — that’s a lot of face time for your brand to engage with your audience.

With TikTok, you can reach a completely new audience with low-cost videos that still look great for your brand.

Plus with TikTok’s endless editing tools and features, you’ll be pushed beyond your creative boundaries and can really let your ideas flow!

TikTok is home to real, relatable, and bite-sized content that keeps viewers constantly coming back for more. And with hundreds of brands already taking the plunge into the TikTok world (and killing it with their strategy!), there’s never been a better time for your brand to join TikTok.

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Brands on TikTok #1: Reach a New Audience Like the NFL

The NFL has a 2-year content partnership with TikTok, so it makes sense they are dedicating marketing energy to the app.

The organization is reaching a new audience through TikTok — it’s impressive to see the variety of content they produce.

Their content ranges from heartfelt player stories, to incredible plays, to fan/player engagement, to mic’ed up sideline commentary.

Brands on TikTok #2: Build a Community Like Fenty Beauty

Creator “houses” are a trend on TikTok and Fenty was one of the first brands on the app to create their own: The Fenty Beauty House.

Rihanna stated that she wanted to create a platform for the next wave of content creators.

“I think our generation is the sickest, the illest, [and] most creative.”

— Rihanna

RiRi, we couldn’t agree with you more.

Brands on TikTok #3: Go Viral Like Chipotle

You’ll find Chipotle on several TikTok marketing listicles and it’s for good reason.

They prioritize engagement, specifically through creating their own challenges that are easily accessible, including the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge (which currently has over 300M views) and their #GuacDance challenge (which has over 1 billion views).

If you want to give your audience a challenge, follow in Chipotle’s steps and make it easy to execute so it’s not totally out of reach.

Brands on TikTok #4: Add a Face to Your Brand Like The Washington Post

The Washington Post has made it clear on TikTok that print isn’t dead. They have been one of the most successful brands on the app, garnering just under half a million followers and over 20 million likes since they joined in May of 2019.

They are a unique brand on TikTok because they have a spokesperson “Dave,” who is the subject of the majority of their hilarious videos.

TIP: Adding a regular face to your TikToks make them easily recognizable by your audience and establishes brand continuity in your videos.

Brands on TikTok #5: Create Dynamic Captions Like Netflix

Netflix’s social platforms are a constant source of inspiration and their TikTok is no exception. The brand taps into popular trends not only for their videos, but for their captions as well.

Because they have hours upon hours of video to choose from, their creativity lies in the way the videos are framed.

They connect with their audience by combining sound bites and topical captions, like sibling relationships, cutting your own hair, and cooking. You can just imagine how well their #TigerKing content performed!

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Brands on TikTok #6: Offer High-Value Challenge Rewards Like Fortnite

Fortnite is a video game developed by Epic Games and is the CEO of call to action’s when it comes to TikTok challenges.

In their most recent #EmoteRoyaleContest, they asked their audience to create a celebratory dance that could end up in the game as a new emote, one of the ways Fortnite characters can burst into celebration while you’re playing the game.

This challenge motivated their audience to action because the reward was of such high value. To engage your audience on TikTok via a challenge, there has to be something of value in it for them, or else it may fall flat.

Brands on TikTok #7: Produce Satisfying Content Like Kaja Beauty

Kaja Beauty is an indie Korean skincare brand that was co-developed with Sephora.

There are several beauty brands on TikTok, but Kaja stands out because they produce highly satisfying videos that are mainly product-based.

Picture videos of eyeshadow swatching in slow motion, sunlit lip gloss application, and a mousse primer pump that you can watch again, and again, and again, and again.

Brands on TikTok #8: Partner With Influencers Like Aerie

Aerie is relatively new to the TikTok scene, but their introduction did not go unnoticed. The retail brand partnered with TikTok’s biggest star, Charli D’Amelio, to create sponsored content that drove new eyes to their brand page.

So far, they’ve created 12 videos and already have a following of over 40K. As a brand that is dedicated to real content, there’s no question that Aerie will continue to flourish on this app.

Brands on TikTok #9: Connect with Animals Like Marine Mammal Rescue

As you can imagine, animals do really well on TikTok. This organization, Canada’s only dedicated marine mammal rescue facility, has accumulated over half a million followers since they joined TikTok in November of 2019.

Based in Later’s hometown of Vancouver BC, their videos feature rescued otters and seals with names like Beyonseal and The Cod Father.

If you can try to incorporate animals into your content strategy, your audience won’t be disappointed.

Brands on TikTok #10: Keep it Fun Like Star Face

Star Face is a brand of zit stickers that creates simple, yet effective TikTok content.

Their approach is all-encompassing – they’re producing videos that highlight product education, showcase results, leverage sound trends, feature top-tier TikTok influencers, and seemingly have a fun time while doing it.

Brands on TikTok #11: Balance Quality and Quantity Like the NBA

The NBA is another notable sports organization creating high quality and high quantity TikToks that showcase player talent, fan stories, and user-generated content. Their dedication to the app is impressive.

If you’re creating content on so many different social media platforms it’s important to stay organized.

Brands on TikTok #12: Leverage Music and Sound Like High Snobiety

As with any visual social media app, fashion is a popular community on TikTok. HighSnobiety gets creative with their videos and leans into TikTok’s sound and music features.

The brand’s most popular video to date is titled Streetwear ASMR, which captures sneakers stepping on various foods, most with a satisfying crunch (think: Ramen noodles).

Brands on TikTok #13: Stay True to Your Brand Like Gucci

Gucci’s TikTok content is on-brand and original – there’s nothing like it out there.

While they aren’t leveraging TikTok trends (yet!) a brand as well-known as Gucci can tap into other facets of their brand, like their creative vision and unique product, to get people’s attention.

Brands on TikTok #14: Appeal to Target Markets Like Lush

Lush is a playful brand by nature, so it’s not surprising that they’re on TikTok.

They have several regional-specific accounts, like Lush France, which helps their global brand target specific markets and offer content with captions in different languages.

Brands on TikTok #15: Produce a Variety of Content Like ASOS

ASOS understands their demographic and offers content that appeals to their audience.

They create an array of videos including fashion inspiration, beauty hacks, and at-home workout routines.

Brands on TikTok #16: Stay Consistent Like WWE

We’re giving credit where credit is due. WWE has some of the most consistently high-performing content on TikTok.

They average over 100K likes on each video and give us premium content that entertains, like the best smackdowns from wrestlers like Triple H and John Cena.

Brands on TikTok #17: Jump on Trends Like Saturday Night Live

SNL gives us all the laughs we need, no matter what social platform.

On TikTok, they started off with skit clips, however, their presence recently skyrocketed after Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth Warren did the ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge.

This video is their most successful video to date – another proof point for why it is so important for your brand to have your finger on the pulse of current TikTok trends.

Brands on TikTok #18: Know Your Audience Like Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is hyper-connected to their GenZ-based audience, so their venture onto TikTok is a natural extension of their brand.

They offer behind-the-scenes videos of their cover stars, at-home styling tips, and even high level information on voting.

Whether you’re a brand that’s already on TikTok or looking to join the app, we encourage you to apply these tips to help establish your brand on TikTok.

We’re learning how to navigate this fast-paced app together, so don’t be afraid to be bold, think outside the box, and push your creativity.

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Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!


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