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Is Influencer Marketing Dead?
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Is Influencer Marketing Dead?

Updated on June 27, 2024
4 minute read

Spoiler: It’s not. 🤫

Published June 27, 2024

From the de-influencing trend to more creators investing in premium content, the future of influencer marketing is under speculation. 

But is influencer marketing dead in 2024?

Good news: It’s not, but it is evolving. 

We’re breaking it all down — plus, how to leverage this new era to grow your business. 

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The Rise of Influencer Marketing 

From the socialites of the early aughts to the first-ever bloggers — “influence” has long been powerful in garnering leads, driving traffic, and making sales.

Think: Michael Jordan’s longtime sneaker deal with Nike or the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign.

However, as social media influencers took center stage by the 2010s, so did their communities — making way for a new era of influencer marketing (and marketing in general).  

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Influencer Marketing in 2024

Now a multibillion dollar industry persisting of social media influencers small and large, influencer marketing has gone from an optional strategy to a critical marketing tool. 

But as social media evolves, so does the industry.  

Pretty Little Marketer founder and LinkedIn Influencer Sophie Miller sums it up well in a recent Instagram post:

“Posing with a BooTea box you’re never going to drink, and hauling 100 fast fashion items once a week doesn’t cut it anymore,” says Sophie.

Translation: Consumers feel fatigued by an oversaturation of branded content and lack of authenticity — expecting more from influencers and the brands they work with. 

So, what does influencer marketing look like in 2024? Here are some top trends (and why you should leverage them): 

#1: Less Filters & Curation 

Creators are shifting away from the flawless curated feed aesthetic, and choosing to share less filtered and more in-the-moment content. 

Our hot take? The brands who leverage this type of “authentic” content will outshine competitors.

#2: Exclusive Content

The usage of “close friends features”, ticketed community meet ups, and podcast or newsletter launches are making way for more intimate communities between influencers and their audiences.

We just might see brands partner with the likes of Patreon creators and other monetized influencers for exclusive discounts and product sneak peeks soon.

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#3: More Creative Control Over Branded Content

It’s simple: Creators know their audience far better than brands do.

Our advice for 2024? Go with a collaborative approach rather than a prescriptive one — and watch how your partnerships change for the better. 

#4: Employee "Influencers"

Not to be confused with influencers hired as social media managers, creators like Brandon Nguyen showcase new items, answer questions, and share purchasing information — all from their “personal” account. 

With 100K+ followers and a combined 7.6M+ likes on TikTok, we predict brands will be inspired by accounts like Brandon’s and jump on the trend in 2024. 

#5: UGC Creators

According to Later’s “State of Influencer Marketing” research, 75% of companies use user-generated content (UGC) as part of their marketing strategy.

And for good reason: UGC is typically seen as more trustworthy than branded advertising, can help build credibility of your product, and is great for building a feed full of beautiful content.

Not more convincing? Read Is Influencer Marketing Worth It? to learn top brands’ influencer marketing ROI.

The Takeaway? Tap into Creators With Influence

ICYMI: With a projected value of $22.2B by 2025, influencer marketing remains a top marketing strategy for brands.

The consensus for 2024? Brand marketers should focus on creators with influence.

Aka, putting the onus on the influencer to play into their creative strengths and taking a backseat when it comes to the content itself. 

And if you’re looking to set up your influencer marketing campaigns for success, using a platform like Later Influence is the way to go.

With it, you can: 

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  • Streamline payments, budgets, and reporting  

And if you want to take it a step further, you can let our marketing services team manage your influencer marketing campaigns for you. 

This means we’ll handle everything from strategy, to sourcing influencers, to execution and tracking results. 

So, if you hear someone ask “is influencer marketing dead?”, you can assure them that it’s not a death — it’s merely a rebirth. 

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