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How Influencers Make Money With Premium Content

Updated on February 19, 2024
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Create paywall-worthy content. 🌟

Published February 19, 2024

ICYMI: Influencers are unlocking a new stream of income in 2024.

It’s called premium content — and it’s transforming how they interact with their audience, experiment with their creativity, and make money

But what is premium content, and how are influencers using it to grow their communities (and bank accounts)?

We’re breaking down the ins and outs — plus how brands can get in on the action too.

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What Is Premium Content?

As the name implies, premium content is content that requires some sort of payment (a premium) to access. 

From your favorite YouTuber’s Patreon to a LinkedIn influencer’s digital marketing course, there are loads of ways to cash in. 

The rule of thumb? If it’s high quality, exclusive, and more desirable than the usual — it’s got to be premium content. 

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The Benefits of Premium Content in 2024

Whether you’re an influencer looking to diversify your income or a brand flirting with the idea of paid resources, these are the top four benefits of premium content:

#1: More Consistent Income

The #1 benefit of premium content? Stability. 

With paid content such as subscription models, influencers (and brands) can better project their monthly earnings.

This is especially helpful if an influencer is over reliant on partnerships and sponsored posts — which can ebb and flow throughout the year.

NOTE: A successful subscription model doesn't happen overnight, but the outcome can be well worth the time and effort.

#2: Explore Different Creative Strategies

Where there’s stability, there’s room for experimentation. 

Especially for seasoned creators, premium content offers the flexibility to experiment with different content styles and creative output.

The result? Boosted creativity, and plenty of room for trial and error.

#3: Diversify Revenue Streams

What's better than one stream of income? Two or three!

More and more influencers have sought dollars outside of brand partnerships and social media engagement in 2024 — and premium content is the next big thing. 

For example, a Macro fashion influencer’s revenue breakdown may look something like:

  • 40% brand partnerships

  • 30% affiliate sales

  • 30% subscription-based fanclub

Whereas a social media marketing professional (and Micro creator) might have a different approach: 

  • 50% courses and workshops

  • 30% consulting 

  • 20% brand partnerships 

The takeaway? The more ways to earn, the more money to be had!

#4: Increase “Owned” Channels

Between changing algorithms, new trends, and shadowbans, the influencer marketing industry is still the Wild West.

With "owned" or premium content, influencers can avoid putting all their eggs in one basket and gain other ways of reaching their audience.

So, if you have an email list of subscribers from a previous course or paid template, engaging your audience is merely a click away. 

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The Different Types of Premium Content

Depending on your niche and industry, here are four premium content types worth exploring: 

#1: Fan Clubs 

The most common premium content route for influencers and creators? Exclusive fan clubs. 

Platforms like Patreon allow creators to monetize anything from writing to photography in a tier-based subscription model. 

The more patrons pay, the more exclusive content they can access. 

Draw inspiration from culture commentator and YouTuber Tee Noir, who shares extended videos, bonus content, and other exclusives on her Patreon

Tee Noir's Patreon pricing tier list.

Plus, if our 2024 predictions are right, we’ll see an increase in brands partnering with the likes of influencers on Patreon for exclusive discounts and product sneak peeks!

#2: Webinars, Courses, and Templates

Another common premium content type is courses, webinars, and templates. 

We recommend this route for influencers and brands who are well-established thought leaders in their niche, and have something concrete to offer their community. 

 Girlboss’ Spark Your Career Renaissance course webpage.

This could be anything from a weekend workshop covering how to grow on social, to a bundle of templates you've used to pitch brands.

If you have the expertise and valuable information (beyond a quick Google search), name your price. 

#3: Paid Newsletters

Written media more your speed? 

While many influencers and thought leaders choose not to monetize their newsletters, platforms like Substack do give you the option to do so.

Writers can set three pricing tiers for paid newsletters: monthly, yearly, and a “founding member” tier for their most loyal readers. 

Hello, another stream of income.

#4: eBooks and Reports 

Especially for big brands, eBooks and reports are a solid premium content route. 

Why? Consumers and companies in your niche are willing to pay for original research and data. 

Plus, if it's updated yearly with new data, you'll unlock reoccurring revenue.

FYI: Our Creator Mental Health Report is free for all your inspiration needs. 

Implementing a Premium Content Strategy in 2024

No matter your niche or expertise, a solid strategy is pivotal before creating and sharing  premium content. 

How will you create something worth paying for? What resources or platforms will you need to bring this thing to life? 

Here are five tips to help develop your premium content strategy: 

#1: Determine Your Goals

Before you dig into content creation, it’s essential to define your SMART goals and metrics. 

How many subscriptions do you want to acquire in your first month, quarter, and year? How often do you want to put out premium content?

This will help guide the type of content you create, how much you charge, and the platforms you choose to use. 

#2: Scope the Competition

When it comes to getting the most out of your premium content, don’t be afraid to take a peek in your own backyard for inspiration. 

Make note of payment structure and content types other influencers and brands are offering, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

What are they doing well? What can you do better?

#3: Invest in Quality 

The golden rule: Create something worth paying for. 

While premium content can make serious bucks, it’s not an overnight thing. 

Invest in the right tools, prioritize a detailed plan, and get ready to work hard to make the magic happen. 

#4: Know Your Audience

Whether you’re an influencer or a brand, knowing your audience is a key component of premium content creation. 

The question to keep top-of-mind: What is your community willing to pay a premium for? 

Behind-the-scenes, longer videos, and workshops are all examples influencers are currently monetizing. 

The takeaway? Keep your community’s needs and pain points at the forefront of your strategy. Value is everything.

#5: Keep It Evergreen

Where there’s an expiration date, there’s limited value. 

While there are some exceptions, creating evergreen premium content practically guarantees a steady stream of income well into the future. 

Just be sure to review and refresh your content on a 6-month or yearly basis to keep things up-to-date!

TIP: If you need help brainstorming evergreen ideas, bookmark this: The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Content.

And there you have it — everything you need to know about premium content. 

Whether you’re planning your first course or pondering monetized video content, we can’t wait to see what you post. Happy earning!

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