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The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Content (+ 5 Ideas To Get You Started)

Updated on March 16, 2023
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Published March 16, 2023

Wondering how you can create content that provides value long after you hit publish? You’ve come to the right place. 

Evergreen content is your ticket to long-term clicks, views, and relevance — and it's easier to create than you think. 

We’re breaking down our top tips for endless content that lasts, plus five ideas to get you started. 

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What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is anything you create for your website, blog, or social media that has sustained interest overtime.

And unlike trendier content, it isn’t impacted by seasonality — it’s timeless and relevant long after its publication. 

Take these Later blog posts about creating original content and writing the perfect Instagram bio as examples:

Side by side screenshot of two Later blogs: "How to Go Viral on Social Media — With Original Content" and "10 Tips for Making a Lasting Impression With Your Instagram Bio."

Because both topics are broad and not tied to a specific holiday or moment in time, these blogs can be referenced at any point throughout the year.

FYI: Later is a social media management tool trusted by over 4M brands, creators, and social media managers. Start planning and scheduling your evergreen content in advance today — sign up for free:

Why Should You Post Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is always-on — meaning you don’t have to worry about it losing relevance.  

And because these topics are searched often, the potential to rank quickly and long-term is high. 

The best part? Your evergreen content can be super low-lift and easily repurposed into new forms of content time and time again. 

In addition to our social media burnout blog post, we have a YouTube video and multiple posts across other social platforms.

Side by side of "social media burnout" content from Later. On the left, a YouTube video and on the right, an Instagram Reel.

Plus, the topic can be repeatedly promoted in our weekly newsletter. 

Talk about a win-win. 

How to Create & Maintain Evergreen Content

Evergreen content can play an important role in your overall content strategy.

But how do you create (and more importantly, maintain) it?

We’re sharing four tips to get you started: 

  1. Draw Inspiration From FAQs

  2. Locate Keywords With Traffic Potential 

  3. Avoid Time-sensitive Trends

  4. Refresh Your Content Regularly 

Tip #1: Draw Inspiration From FAQs

The goldmine for evergreen content ideas? Simple: your DMs. 

What are your followers and customers repeatedly asking you on social media, your website, or via email?

If you don't have many DMs (yet), do a Google search for frequently asked questions related to your industry or niche.

Make note of common themes and use them as a starting point for team (or solo) brainstorming.

Then, assess your bandwidth and resources to identify whether your topic ideas will work best as a blog post, short Q&A video, gated resource (aka a downloadable template), Instagram carousel post, Twitter thread — or all of the above. 

Tip #2: Locate Keywords With Traffic Potential 

Evergreen content is all about steering clear of time-sensitive topics and toward consistent search traffic potential. 

To do that, keyword research is (you guessed it) key

Our advice? Use tools like Google Trends or Pinterest Explore to check for keywords that have sustained interest overtime.

For example, see how the keyword "best recipes" maintains a steady monthly Google search volume over 12 months:

Monthly traffic of google keyword "best recipes" using Google Trends. The line graph illustrates a volume of mostly between 70-90 per month.

From there, you can dig into related keywords like "cookie recipes" or "air fryer recipes" to take advantage of niche topics. 

You can also search for keywords (and filter posts by date) on TikTok for inspiration:

Search volume of "cookie recipes" on TikTok. Content is filtered to show "this week's" videos first.

And on Instagram, investigate how many posts have used a particular hashtag to get a sense of whether it has lasting popularity:

Search volume of "#cookierecipes" on Instagram, with an arrow pointing to 27.1K posts under the hashtag.

The takeaway? Sometimes, traffic is a good word. 🚗

Two words: time and place.

Trend-focused content is good for jumping on a conversation, quick-win engagement, and showing your brand’s personality. 

However, it’ll only be relevant while that topic is popular.

Case-in-point: Our Emily in Paris blog post saw a huge lift while the show was trending — and our related UGC Reel and meme video racked up a total of 700K+ views.

Side by side of Emily in Paris-related content posted on Later's Instagram. On the left, a user-generated content video poking fun at how easy Emily makes social media work seem on the show that reads "POV: You're Emily in Paris so anything you post goes viral" — the person snaps a photo with a trash can and gets hundreds of likes.  On the right, a meme that reads "Social media managers watching Emily in Paris," coupled by a GIF of "Emily" looking offended, with a tag that says "offended" on the GIF.

But because Emily in Paris hype relies on new episodes, it isn’t something we can repurpose or re-promote throughout the year. 

Tip #4: Refresh Your Blog Content Regularly 

Huge miss alert: posting and forgetting.

Why? Because keeping your evergreen blog content up-to-date can drive a new wave of visitors (and customers). 

While updating an old social media caption won’t do much, simple blog updates like new data, examples, tips, and updated links can make a world of difference.

At Later, we refresh blog posts monthly, quarterly, and annually — so we can share a balanced mix of evergreen and trendy content on social media.

And if you have a YouTube strategy, you can audit old videos and film an updated version, like this Later video: My Instagram Account Got Hacked! Here’s How to Get It Back (2023).

PRO TIP: Keep track of the keywords you’re targeting so you can update your content as needed.

5 Evergreen Content Examples for Lasting Results  

Ready to create your own lasting content? 

Here are five evergreen content examples you can try this year:

  1. Record a Tutorial

  2. Create a Checklist or Template

  3. Write a Case Study 

  4. Compile a Recommendations Roundup

  5. Answer Frequently Asked Questions 

#1: Record (or Write) a Tutorial  

Talent show! If you know how to do something, share it with your audience.

All you need is your expertise and some research, and you’ve got the recipe for content that’ll work for you overtime.

If you’re a skincare brand, put together a how-to retinol guide for beginners in the form of a blog, infographic, carousel post, or short video. 

And if you’re a lifestyle creator, try recording a step-by-step tutorial on how to capture the perfect OOTD Reel.

Bonus: you can then pin your Reel to the top of your feed and maximize on Instagram SEO with relevant keywords and hashtags.

#2: Create a Checklist or Template 

Checklists and templates can be easily downloaded and customized — making them an easy evergreen (and potential SEO) win. 

Brainstorm topics and complementary resources that'd be helpful to your target audience. 

Then, create a standalone resource you’ll drive people directly to, like The Organized Notebook’s digital meal planner.

Or, include it as a bonus download in an already helpful blog post — just like Later’s Social Media Report template

A simple, long-lasting piece of content? Check!

P.S. You can easily drive traffic from Instagram to your evergreen content resources with by Later. Sign up today to get started:

#3: Write a Case Study

Original research and data-driven posts are evergreen gold. 

Why? It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your expertise and do some storytelling. 

We wrote a blog that dug into content creator Olivia Noceda’s Reels-only strategy — which included a 75% increase in follower growth on Instagram.

You can also tap into customer stories. 

Check out this e.l.f. Cosmetics case study by TikTok Canada for inspo:

e.l.f. Cosmetics Case Study by TikTok Canada. The text reads "Success stories: e.l.f. Cosmetics — Changing the game with a 'TikTok Gamers Greatest Talent' x Branded Hashtag Challenge TikTok-first activation."

The opportunity is two-fold: evergreen content and social proof for your business.

#4: Compile a Recommendations Roundup 

Lists are easily digestible, low-lift, and have the potential to drive major traffic — making them a no-brainer evergreen content idea. 

The ultimate list is made up of two things: detailed commentary that serves your niche and long term relevant keywords. 

For example, if you’re a food creator, you can create a Reel about your top three easy breakfast recipes. 

For a social media brand, a blog about the best tools you recommend for content creators could serve you well.

#5: Answer Frequently Asked Questions

As we mentioned, some of the best evergreen content ideas could be staring you right in the face. 

If your followers have questions about you or your brand, you can make your answers readily available on your website, in a YouTube video, or pinned at the top of your feed like TikTok creator Retro Roller:

Now, if a follower inquires about the incredible lighting in your videos, you can refer them to your trusty FAQ.

And there you have it — everything you need to create a world of content that serves you well over time. 

Whether you’re a creator or a brand, adding evergreen content to your strategy has the potential to take your engagement, leads, and relevance to new (and lasting) heights. 

Are you ready to plan and schedule your evergreen content in advance with Later’s social media management tools? Create a free account and get started today: 


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