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How to Create a Social Media Manager Portfolio (+ Free Template)

Updated on August 4, 2023
5 minute read

Let your work speak for itself. 🌟

Published August 4, 2023

Whether you’re a freelancer seeking clients or a social media manager looking for your next big role, a social media portfolio is your ticket to opportunities galore. 

We’re sharing our top tips for writing an effective social media manager portfolio in 2023 — plus, a free template to make your application stand out from the crowd.

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What Is a Social Media Manager Portfolio?

A social media manager portfolio is a collection of your past and present work as a social media manager. 

It shows projects you’ve managed, strategies you’ve developed, and results you’ve achieved — all wrapped together in a visually appealing deck, website, or PDF.

And while creating one is optional, Later’s social media team argues you should always have one on deck (keep reading). 

Do You Need a Social Media Portfolio?

Social media managers are rising in demand — and according to Later’s social team, a portfolio is key to standing out. 

“It has concrete examples that’ll show people what you can do for their brand,” says Later’s Social Media Lead Linsday Ashcraft

“When I worked as a freelance social media manager, my portfolio helped land me long-term contracts with clients.”

It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate results — whether you've worked for a big brand or not. 

“An Instagram account you’ve grown to 1K followers is just as valuable as a piece of content that generated 2x the normal engagement for a large brand,” explains Later’s Social Media Specialist Chantal Hermetz.

“It’s all about showcasing the results you’ve produced with the resources you’ve been given. That’s where your portfolio shines.”

Let your work speak for itself. Download our free social media manager portfolio template to score the social media job of your dreams, today.

8 Tips for Making Your Social Media Manager Portfolio in 2023

Here are eight tips to make the ultimate first impression with your social media portfolio: 

  1. Introduce Yourself

  2. Embrace Simplicity

  3. Keep It Current

  4. Leverage Data

  5. Infuse Your Personality 

  6. Include Testimonials 

  7. Create Engaging Visuals 

  8. Use Later’s Free Template

Tip #1: Introduce Yourself

First impressions matter — and a good introduction can start your social media manager portfolio on the right foot.

Our advice? Dedicate your first slide or section to a short blurb that highlights your background, interests, and expertise:

"About Me" slide from Later's social media manager portfolio template.

Round it off with a mission statement or an invitation to collaborate and just like that, you’ve set the stage for a stellar viewing experience.

Tip #2: Embrace Simplicity

When it comes to your social media portfolio, the KISS method rules all. 

Rather than overloading your slides with too much information and colors, opt for a simple design that includes only your best work. 

Tip #3: Keep It Current

A good rule of thumb is to give your social media manager portfolio a light refresh ahead of a job hunt or after completing a must-share project. 

Think of it as a gift to future you — no matter the circumstances, you have your greatest hits on display, ready to reel in your next opportunity. 

Tip #4: Leverage Data

Like your resume, getting specific with numbers is the ultimate way to demonstrate your impact and expertise.

Aka, don’t stop at explaining the great work you did — leverage metrics like follower growth, conversions, and engagement to drive your points home.  

Want to track your performance more efficiently? Sign up to Later and explore the Instagram Analytics dashboard today — available for both Instagram Business and Creator accounts.

Tip #5: Infuse Your Personality 

Adding personality to your portfolio’s visuals and copy is a no-brainer. 

Why? Your social media manager portfolio is meant to give prospective clients and employers an idea of how you can light up their socials. 

It’s your job to bring brands to life online, so don’t shy away from showing who you are, too. 

Tip #6: Include Testimonials 

Social proof is the ultimate tactic to take your social media portfolio to the next level — all it takes is two to three glowing reviews to affirm your work examples.

And if you don’t have any yet, don’t hesitate to reach out to past colleagues and managers — it could be the nudge potential clients and employers need to choose you.  

Tip #7: Create Engaging Visuals 

Repeat after me: Simple and clean ≠ boring and uninviting. 

To keep viewers engaged and interested in your portfolio, pop in some good ol’ visuals where necessary.

From pie chart-ed metrics to screenshots of campaigns, leverage high-quality images to make your portfolio more digestible. 

And lucky for you, we’ve already done the heavy lifting (psst, see below).

Tip #8: Use Later’s Free Template

Our ultimate social media portfolio tip? Use a customizable template made specifically for social media managers. 

With Later’s social media manager portfolio template, you can: 

  • Easily showcase your skills and work examples 

  • Make your application stand out from the crowd

  • Score the ultimate social media opportunities

Your next big opportunity is right around the corner. 

Streamline your future social media manager to-do list with Later's social media marketing tools. Plan, manage, and analyze your social posts — find your perfect plan, today.

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Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later.

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