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How Creators Use TikTok — According to TikTok & Later

Updated on April 1, 2024
5 minute read

The numbers are in.

Published April 1, 2024

With over 1B users (and counting), TikTok is one of the world’s biggest entertainment platforms — powered by its personalized For You Page, trends, and creative content. 

For brands, it’s become a go-to spot for partnering with creators in order to raise awareness and interest in their products.

But in 2024, how do creators use the platform — and what does this mean for future brand partnerships? 

In collaboration with TikTok, we’re sharing some noteworthy “insider” stats that brands can use to optimize their creator marketing strategies.

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How Do Creators Use TikTok (& Why Does It Matter)? 

As we’ve entered an era of creator-driven trends, commerce, and influence, it’s important to understand what motivates creators and how to connect with them.

Using a mix of internal insights and studies, Later teamed up with TikTok to discover creator usage on the platform.

Here’s what we uncovered: 

  • 1 in 2 creators post daily, and they are 70% more likely to post over 26 videos (or photos) a month¹ 

  • Of all TikTok users, 54% are part-time creators and 26% are full-time creators¹

  • 89.4% of creators use TikTok on a weekly basis² 

  • Creators aged between 25-44 years post more frequently on TikTok compared to other age groups² 

  • 58% of creators say TikTok is easy to create on, and has a wide selection of visual and audio creator effects¹

  • 52% say TikTok has a variety of ways to monetize their content¹ 

  • The majority of creators prefer TikTok for its video creation and editing features²

  • Creators like the large and diverse audiences on TikTok, the viral nature of the platform, and that it’s easier to repurpose content to other platforms²   

The takeaway? TikTok is where creativity and storytelling thrives, with many creators loving its ability to be a hub for entertainment, fun, and community-building.  

And these qualities are not only important in the type of content they post, but according to TikTok, “They’re also reflected in how users view the platform — creating a halo effect.”

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What Do These Stats Mean for Brands Who Want to Partner With Creators on TikTok?

Based on our insights, there are three key takeaways for brands to keep in mind when it comes to planning their creator partnerships this year: 

#1: TikTok Remains a Culture of Entertainment 

Users are 1.4x more likely to credit the humor in creator-made content as motivation for their purchase interest¹ than they are for creator content on other platforms.

And creators love to take part in the fun too, with their ultimate goals being: to have fun (45%), to entertain people (44%), and to earn enough for it to be their full or part-time job (40%)¹.

So when brands brief creators, remember to let creators create. 

They know their audience and how best to entertain them — whether it’s via a humorous story, BTS content, or a unique way of filming transitions. 

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#2: TikTok Cultivates Community 

The proof is in the pudding: 56% of creators say the platform is for people like them¹, and 55% say it brings people together.¹

In fact, many creators point to the “joy of creating,” which can include: documenting personal experiences or exploring a hobby or passion.¹

And we see this throughout the platform — from communities like DIY TikTok and BookTok.

This is great for brands who want to tap into (or reach) niche and hyper-specific audiences. 

The sky’s the limit. 

#3: Users Trust Creator Recommendations on TikTok

This one’s major: 58% of TikTok users say they’re more likely to trust brands after learning about them via TikTok creators¹ versus when they learn about them from ads in their feed. 

Our hypothesis? Creators often come across as approachable, relatable, and trustworthy — whether it’s organic or sponsored content. 

So, while running branded ads on TikTok is still valuable, working with relevant creators who’ll advocate for your product can do wonders for building brand loyalty. 

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There’s no question that TikTok has changed the social media landscape as we know it — from discovery to entertainment to conversion. 

And for brands seeking to reach new audiences or drive traffic, tapping into creators on the platform is a great way to help you reach your social media goals in 2024!

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  • ¹TikTok insights based on:  

    • Source 1: Global Marketing Insights, Creator BHT, conducted by Ipsos, Oct 2023. 9703 creators, aged 18-49, that have used digital platforms in the last 7 days. Markets include US, UK, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, & Brazil

    • Source 2: TikTok Marketing Science Global Creators Like Me Study 2021, conducted by Hotspex

    • Source 3: TikTok Marketing Science Global Creators Drive Commerce Study 2022, conducted by Material 

  • ²Later study based on a survey of 550 US-based creators in May 2023

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