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Introducing Shoploop: A Shoppable Video Platform Made for Brands & Influencers

Updated on September 9, 2020
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Introducing Shoploop: Google’s very own shoppable video platform. Learn more about this potential e-commerce game-changer...

Published September 9, 2020

Introducing Shoploop: Google’s very own shoppable video platform!

Although it’s only a few weeks old, the mobile app is already making a big splash among brands and influencers alike.

That’s because discovering new products on Shoploop is so easy.

Ready to learn more about this potential e-commerce game-changer? Here’s everything you need to know about Shoploop:

What is Shoploop?

Created by Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, Shoploop is a mobile shopping platform that helps consumers discover products in an entertaining, informational, and snackable video format.

Rather than scrolling through static product images and descriptions, Shoploop uses short (under 90 seconds) and entertaining videos to drive both product discovery and education.

Where Shoploop differs from other online shopping platforms is that the focus is less on the products themselves and more on providing information that’s helpful for purchasing decisions.

From practical tips and advice to live product demonstrations, browsing Shoploop is a bit like chatting to a digital sales associate.

According to Lax Poojary, Shoploop’s General Manager, “We want to help people experience the look and feel of products they’re shopping for in real life without going to a physical store.”

It’s about getting “product reviews from real people who are knowledgeable about the products in a particular area,” he continues.

For the moment Shoploop is focused on products in the beauty industry, such as makeup, skincare, hair, and nails — which makes a lot of sense given that beauty products already tend to get a lot of UGC-love on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and more.

In a sense, Shoploop is the perfect platform for brand-influencer partnerships — it’s essentially a giant feed of product tutorials and recommendations from creators.

And while creators on Shoploop have to work out their own brand deals for the content they showcase (similar to how influencer marketing works on Instagram), they can earn a commission via affiliate shopping links.

As such, Shoploop could be a concerted effort on Google’s part to pull traffic and interest from other platforms where creators already routinely share beauty tutorials, skincare tips, and more.

That being said, if Google is looking to make headway in the video shopping space, they have a lot more to compete with than just Instagram.

A number of startups, and even large companies, have already embraced a combination of video and commerce, like Amazon Live, Dote, Depop,, and more.

As TechCrunch points out, “Shoploop hasn’t discovered a new, untapped trend. It’s simply joining in.”

But even though Shoploop didn’t pioneer the concept of video shopping, it definitely has refined the experience! Viewing and purchasing on Shoploop is incredibly simple and interactive — something we’ll be discussing next:

How to Use Shoploop

Shoploop is currently only available on mobile web, however they do plan to bring it to desktop users eventually.

To start, head to on your mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or otherwise).

Once you’re in, you’ll find a feed of videos, each with a title, description, and an outbound link to purchase the featured product.

At the top of the feed are categories to sort the content you see — at the moment, these include makeup, skincare, hair, nail, and fragrance.

There’s also a menu where you can view your Shoploop profile and saved videos.

As far as the shopping experience goes, TechCrunch aptly describes it as “similar to watching YouTube tutorials, but distilled down to the best bits.”

As you scroll your feed, short-form videos automatically play — you’ll find creators showcasing different products like nail stickers, hair products, and makeup.

Once you find a product that interests you, you can either save the product to buy it later or click straight to the merchant’s website to complete the purchase.

Going full-screen on a video is a bit like watching Instagram Stories, with a progress bar at the top of the and the ability to swipe between videos at the bottom.

You’ll also find that each video has a call-to-action button prompting viewers to click-through to purchase the featured product.

How to Sell On Shoploop

The videos that appear on Shoploop are currently sourced from influencers, publishers, brands, online boutique stories, and experts in a certain topic.

According to Google, anyone can qualify to be a Shoploop creator, however, Shoploop is invite-only at the moment (you can apply here).

As for brands and merchants, currently, you also have to apply to create a channel. However, as we mentioned earlier, Shoploop is mainly focused on the beauty industry at the moment.

And although this is a fairly broad category (so far, we’ve found brands like Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Aesop, and even Amazon promoting products through Shoploop), if you’re a coffee roasting company or a furniture-maker, you probably won’t qualify right now.

But this is definitely one to watch! Beyond the benefits that we’ve already described (like the ability to see how a product looks and feels in real life without having to go to a physical store), Shoploop also doesn’t charge for product listings — it’s completely free to use.

What’s Next for Shoploop?

Although it’s very new, Shoploop has already hinted at its future plans, including more product verticals such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, crafts, electronics, and more.

Google also plans to launch a live streaming component with daily interactive live streams with your favorite creators and brands, which is very in-keeping with the current demand for live video content.

Finally, Shoploop also plans to launch a “Search and Explore” tool to enable users to easily discover products by name, category, brand, and more.

What do you think of Google’s new foray into mobile video shopping? Are you excited about Shoploop or do you prefer other established social commerce platforms like Instagram?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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