Your Guide to Instagram Management for Teams

As Instagram continues to redefine the way individuals share visual media, it’s advantageous for brands and influencers to work together and create workflows to manage Instagram content as a team.

Working with team members provides more flexibility to create, collect, and curate Instagram content. It’s common for multiple members to work together and moderate a shared Instagram account, especially for influencer partnerships, agencies, or companies that source user generated content and post multiple times per day.

[quote align=”” name=”Wall Street Journal”]Latergramme provides a way to manage an Instagram account as a team from a desktop.[/quote]

The Wall Street Journal (@wsj) is a prime example of a brand that reposts community content and works as a team to manage the Instagram content strategy. With over 300k followers, the Wall Street Journal grew their community by posting great, varied visuals at multiple times a day based on the material published to their website ( 

[clickToTweet tweet=”The @WSJ uses #Latergramme to manage workflows and team members.” quote=”The @WSJ uses #Latergramme to manage workflows and team members.”]

Latergramme makes it easy for  companies to manage teams by providing access to a dashboard for members to upload and preview Instagram posts week over week. Each team member has the ability to search, repost, and schedule Instagram photos and videos. The primary account holder has the ability to review and approve the content schedule submitted by team members.

[quote align=”” name=”Wall Street Journal”]Latergramme is ideal for anyone who manages publishing to one or more Instagram accounts.[/quote]

[section_title text=”How to Use Latergramme to Manage Your Team”]

Step 1: Add Multiple Social Profiles

Manage multiple social profiles including your brand handle or personal handle, from one Latergramme account. For agencies or individuals who manage a personal and professional social profile, you can manage Instagram content for multiple social profiles under one Latergramme account and share the responsibility with additional  team members.

Step 2: Create A Team

Add multiple team members to your Latergramme account to assist in managing content for your social profiles. You can read up on how to do this by visiting the Latergramme Knowledge Base. Once the team member accepts your invitation they’ll have access to the social profiles and web app calendars in the dashboard. However, only the primary account owner has access to billing information and account settings.

Step 3: Connect Mobile Devices

Latergramme lets you select the mobile device to receive the mobile notification when it’s time for your content to be posted to Instagram. For each connected Instagram account, you can select the mobile device(s) you would like to receive the notification.

This process helps  to ensure that the right people on your team get the notification for the right Instagram account so there is no confusion when it’s time to post Instagram content.

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Step 4: Collect, Curate, Moderate

Set up workflows with your team to manage your Instagram content strategy. Upload original content or import community content to your media library and then drag and drop the images to the calendar.

[section_title text=”Benefits to Latergramme Management for Team Members”]

  • Manage a team
  • Create consistent work flows
  • Provide one team member for final content approval
  • Connect multiple devices to receive mobile notifications

[clickToTweet tweet=”Latergramme is ideal for anyone who manages publishing for one or more Instagram accounts – @WSJ” quote=”Latergramme is ideal for anyone who manages publishing for one or more Instagram accounts – @WSJ”]

Schedule and manage your Instagram content with Latergramme.

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