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  • Thanks for posting this – Instagram users need to know that reposting content – even with credit is still image theft and one day they could very well get a very large invoice and a letter from a lawyer. http://www.diyphotography.net/instagram-hub-feature-photo-copyright-grab-instascam/

  • Leon Sandoval

    Great post! It was a great reminder as I was revamping my whole Instagram strategy.

    So here I am a couple of weeks after reading it and have found that I have WAY more success getting response to “can I repost” if I leave it in the comments on the photo, instead of in a DM.

    Pretty much every DM I’ve sent goes without a response. Think about when you open Instagram, how we all fiendishly jump to notifications to see how many likes we got. Even better when we get COMMENTS!!! Yaaaay!

    That’s been my adjusted method, just ask in the comments. And you’re right- most people are excited for a “feature.”

    One more thing I make sure to do is give the credit within the first three lines. If you’ve got a long caption, the viewer has to expand your caption before they realize it. I want to make sure people are clear on the source and the creator gets best visibility.