5 Amazing Instagram Feed Ideas with Bonus Tips

5 Amazing Instagram Feed Ideas with Bonus Tips

Looking for Instagram Feed Ideas?

Your Instagram feed is the first thing people look at when visiting your profile, and as in life, you want to make a good impression.

As Instagram matures, simply having amazing edited photos isn’t enough: now you have to have a cute feed too! And it’s not as easy as it looks.

To help you make your feed the best it can be, follow our feed guide and tips below to take your new Instagram feed ideas from good to amazing:
Instagram Feed Ideas

1. Choose an Instagram Aesthetic

You may have heard that your Instagram feed needs to have a certain theme to it: food, fashion, travel, etc. That doesn’t sound very fun though, does it? You shouldn’t have to limit yourself to only showcasing one part of your life in order to be successful on Instagram. Instead of choosing a theme for your Instagram, settle on a common aesthetic that weaves through all of your photos. Choosing an aesthetic gives you more freedom with your feed, because as long as your photo fits the “vibe” of your Instagram, you can post about pretty much anything!

bold instagram aesthetic
You could choose a bright, golden, moody, dark, or colorful aesthetic for your Instagram feed. To choose your own, scroll through your existing feed and see what aesthetic your favourite photos have in common. Photographer Caroline Lee of @teamwoodnote curates bold and colorful photos for her Instagram feed, which works for every aspect of her photography; from editorial shoots to wedding photography, and even her selfies and food photos.

cool instagram feed ideas


2. Use Similar Filters to Keep your Instagram Feed Layout Consistent

To help you curate Instagram and have your feed flow naturally, you should have a consistent approach to editing your photos. This doesn’t mean you have to choose one filter and one filter only, but limiting yourself to a few will help you stick to your chosen aesthetic. Apps like A Color Story are great for bright feeds, whereas VSCO Cam is great for moodier or golden feeds. Woodworker and Instagrammer Aleksandra Zee (@aleksandrazee) has a golden Instagram aesthetic, and edits her photos to give them a warm tone. She posts a variety of subjects, like her dog, beach trips, selfies, and her woodworking projects that are for sale. Because she uses a similar editing process, not only do the individual photos look great, but her feed as a whole tells a larger story.

golden instagram feed inspiration

If you don’t want to be as selective when it comes to editing, but you still want your feed to have it’s own “look,” take some tips from the Instagram queen herself, @KimKardashian. Kim doesn’t stick to a specific aesthetic for her feed and posts, and with over 60 million followers, who’s to stop her? But to make her Instagram feed look as gorgeous as her selfies, she uses a little bit of Instagram’s “Aden” filter on top of every photo to add a warm and purplish hue.

cute instagram feed ideas

Even if you just add a touch of the same filter each time you post, it can make your brand and Instagram feed seem more cohesive. Compare this to when Kim wasn’t adding the filter every time, and you can see a dramatic difference in how well the feed flows.

instagram feed examples


3. Don’t Let Your Instagram Feed Get Out of Order

Take a step back from posting one photo, and look at your Instagram feed as a whole: how do all of your photos fit together? The prettiest feeds have a good variety of subjects that are evenly spaced out. Artist Melody Hansen (@themelodyh) has a highly curated Instagram feed, and she evenly distributes a mix of selfies, nature, and her artwork. You’ll notice that she doesn’t post two selfies or two drawings in a row, and she posts complementary tones, which really brings the feed together.

new instagram feed ideas

One of the hardest parts of making your Instagram feed look amazing is figuring out how to make all your individual photos look good beside each other. Some Instagrammers will post a photo, and if they don’t like how it fits with their feed, will either quickly delete it, or wait until the next day to delete it in order to keep their feed consistent. The best way to curate an Instagram feed is to preview it in grid format beforehand. This way, you can move your photos around to create the best vibe, or swap out different photos of the same subject to see what works best.


The best way to curate an Instagram feed is to preview it before: Click To Tweet


Latergramme’s Instagram Grid Preview on web can help you curate Instagram and achieve the perfect balance for your feed, just drag and drop them to different spots on your calendar to try out different looks for your feed. 

instagram feed guide

Tip: space out photo subjects by either one or three photos, not two, to avoid having two selfies or two food shots on top of each other in a column.

4. Good Instagram Feeds only Post Photos that Fit

In addition to editing photos to your chosen aesthetic, you also have to be selective when it comes to choosing which photos you are going to post. For example, a busy photo is going to seem out of place for a minimalist feed, no matter how you edit it. If all your photos are bright and full of sunshine, a dark evening photo just won’t work.

That being said, sometimes a really amazing moment happens and you want to share it with the world (aka Instagram). You might have a photo that you really want to post, but no matter how many times you edit it, it just doesn’t fit with your feed. In this case, you have two options: post it anyway, or muster all your self-control to not post it. If it’s your personal Instagram feed, a few concessions now and then are okay – it’s just Instagram! But if you’re using Instagram for your brand, one photo that doesn’t fit with your aesthetic is all it takes to lose followers forever. Don’t risk diluting your hard-earned Instagram brand for one photo, and instead choose to share that photo on Facebook or Twitter instead.

One photo that doesn’t fit with your Instagram feed is all it takes to lose followers forever Click To Tweet

One last tip; if you have a photo you love that just doesn’t fit, try making it black and white to have it flow with your feed better.

5. Instagram Feed Inspiration Takes Time and Planning

If you really want to level up your Instagram feed, the best thing you can do is set aside time to spend on it. Long gone are the days when Instagram was actually “instant,” and these days it’s more efficient to work on your Instagram in chunks of time. Lots of popular Instagrammers will dedicate one or two days a week to shoot and edit content for their Instagram feeds, and then publish those photos throughout the week.

amazing instagram feed ideas

Fashion Instagrammer Claire Teixeira from @theworkinggirl will take one outfit and photograph it two or three different ways;  as a flat lay, as a whole outfit, and then a detailed shot, for example. She then posts them over a span of several days, adding in an extra photo here or there.

Scheduling your posts makes managing your Instagram throughout the week a breeze. By taking the time to plan out and curate Instagram content, you can post more consistently and schedule your posts for optimal times, which will increase your exposure and help grow your followers. With Latergramme’s new media library, you can bulk upload all your photos at once and then easily schedule them for the rest of the week.

instagram scheduling

Free Instagram Scheduler


We’d love to see how this post helps you curate a fabulous Instagram! Tweet us at the “before” and “after” shots of your Instagram feed. Find this useful? Share it with your friends, or give us your own tips in the comments below.


  • Tim Green

    I was on board until Kim Kardashian…

    • taylorloren

      She’s pretty divisive 😉 but the before & after is still relevant!

  • There are some great tips here I hadn’t really thought about before. The one that resonates most with me is the idea of using a color theme for your feed – i.e. sticking with similar filters. I’ll definitely have to test that out and be more conscious about the overall look of the stream. Thanks!

    • taylorloren

      Glad it’s helpful! 🙂

  • I guess if your instagram account is part of some sort of manicured marketing plans these steps make sense. But it’s not authentic.

    • taylorloren

      Thanks for the feedback, Khurt 🙂

  • Roxane Horton

    I’ve known for a while that my feed wasn’t as cohesive as I needed it to be for my company’s branding, but I couldnt figure out what changes to make. You’ve nailed it for me with suggestions on colour and filter. Thanks so much.

    • taylorloren

      Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad it helped you make a bit more sense out of it – it’s hard! So much to learn.

  • Great post! What really made it click was the details and the examples you gave. Thank you!

    • taylorloren

      thanks so much! glad it was helpful 🙂

  • i’m going to currate my acount Right now. i was looking for some post like this in other to have keys to make the best currationg thanks by the ways if you are mobile photographer send me a dm at @yannick.adoh on instagram i will follow you looking for mobile photographer to follow

  • My question is: having a gorgeous Instagram feed will increase sales for my business? I own a wedding photography studio but our Instagram feed does not follow any of the rules you recommend. Not because I don’t think they are wrong but because my goal with social media is to make a profit from the time invested, specially on Instagram (being the main social media profile generating leads for my business)

    I’m talking about photographers in the wedding industry. Maybe having a gorgeous curated feed works but I know some wedding photographers caring too much for their IG feed forgetting about the real deal, which is increase leads = more meetings = more bookings. I monitor my efforts on instagram because I want a profit from my social media marketing efforts. If you go to a CEO with “we curated your IG and now looks gorgeous” you will probably get fired.

    I want my business to stand out from the competition and for me the relationship with our clients / couples is a staple. Our IG profile shows a lot of selfies with brides, couples and a mix of photos from our portfolio (photos that matter to our niche / market). We understood couples in our market hire a photographer after connecting with them in a emotional level (trust, professionalism, communication, listening to their needs) so our IG feed shows that. Our couples love it!

    I don’t have all the answers and maybe having a great IG feed works for a lot of people (I know a few who are making a lot of $$) but producing measurable and monetizable results with social media marketing is more important for me. I like to read these articles because I get new ideas because nothing is written on a stone.

    • You are quite correct. As a business, increasing sales or leads should be the ONLY end-game for your social media program. If none of these tips help you do that, ignore all of them. Who cares how great your feed looks and how many followers you have if none of it has a return on time invested?

  • Stephen Martin

    Enjoyed the idea of your page… But it doesn’t seem your app and program offers ways to geotag and @ tag other pages on the photo to post later on its own… That’s a huge part of travel and destination photos because people want to know where it is they are viewing. Am I mistaken that you don’t offer this? If so… Why not? Seems like an obvious huge flaw in your design!

  • this article is really helpful especially for an instagrammer like me who’s been so OC when it comes to my feed.