• Loved this. Great post on the power of hashtags on Instagram.

    A lot of brands are stuffing their accounts #with #hashtags #on #words #with #no #relevance. It’s so irritating to watch! These strategies are tried and tested methods that I’ve seen brands use effectively and that I’ve used for clients time and time again.

    Great post! Sharing ASAP.

    • Thanks so much @thecoolestcool:disqus – feel free to connect with us on Twitter @Latergramme or @byStephie 🙂

  • HomeJelly

    Hi Stephanie…great post! I’m relatively new to really using Insta for my blog. If I wanted to throw a takeover…would all i have to do is create a hashtag for my readers and all they’d have to do is mark each photo with that hashtag and it would end up in my feed? Any help would be awesome.

    • Hi there, if you wanted to host a takeover you have a couple of options:

      1. Ask one or more content creators to create posts specifically for your Instagram feed so they’re ‘taking over’ your Instagram for a specific amount of time.
      2. Create a hashtag and then you can get people to submit content. You can either regram the content, or it will show up in it’s own feed under that tag.

      The only way tagged photos end up on your feed is if you repost them.

      You can always email stephanie@latergram.me if you have more questions!