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How 350+ Influencers & Creators Make Money in 2024
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How 350+ Influencers & Creators Make Money in 2024

Updated on April 25, 2024
6 minute read

Hint: Multiple revenue streams is the move. 💸

Published April 25, 2024

Wondering how influencers actually make money on social media? 

From brand partnerships to consulting, we surveyed 350+ US-based influencers about how they monetize in 2024. 

Plus, we also interviewed four creators to learn all their money-making tips. 

One thing's for certain: Having multiple revenue streams is the way to go

Cash in on all the details, below.

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How Influencers Make Money in 2024 

The results are in from 350+ influencers and creators — here are the key takeaways and high-level trends: 

  • 91% of creators and influencers have 1-5 revenue streams

  • 94% earn from brand partnerships, making this the most popular revenue stream among influencers and creators

  • Affiliate marketing and freelance content creation (including user-generated content) are tied as the second most popular revenue streams (68% each)

  • 95% of creators and influencers who earned more than $50K in 2023 (via brand partnerships) are over the age of 25

  • 99% of influencer and creator revenue comes from short-form video content

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How 4 Creators Break Down Their Revenue

We interviewed four creators about their content creation journey (scroll for more tips!) and various revenue streams.

Here’s how they break it down:

Tomi Obebe — Lifestyle Creator & Blogger 

  • 70% brand partnerships

  • 20% affiliate sales 

  • 10% freelance content creation and consulting

Lucas O’Keefe — Social Media Strategist & Community Manager

  • 80% brand partnerships 

  • 10% digital product sales 

  • 5% speaking engagements 

  • 5% consultations and retainer jobs 

Kwame Appiah — Creator, Love Is Blind Alum, & Later’s Head of Influencer & Creator Engagement

  • 75% full-time employment

  • 20% brand partnerships

  • 3% TV appearances 

  • 2% Cameo

Chantal Hermetz — Creator & Later’s Social Media Specialist

  • 80% full-time employment

  • 20% brand partnerships 

The takeaway? Multiple streams of revenue is key for influencers and creators looking to maintain a steady, fruitful income.


7 of the Best Revenue Streams for Influencers & Creators in 2024

Here are the seven best revenue streams for influencers this year — according to both our survey and interviews with creators.

#1: Brand Partnerships

With a social media following comes influence — and brands are willing to pay a pretty penny to have you promote them to your audience. 

Brand partnership examples.

Case in point: Brand partnerships is the highest earner across niches and followings, with 94% of surveyed influencers and creators cashing in.

#2: Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry is expected to reach $36.9B by 2030 — showing massive signs of growth.

Tomi’s advice? Don’t only diversify your revenue streams — diversify your affiliate marketing earnings with different platforms, brands, and content types, too. 

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#3: Consulting, Coaching & Freelancing 

Offering consultation services or private coaching can be a great way to provide value — without a full-fledged video masterclass.

However, if you’re a faceless influencer or a newer creator who is still growing your audience, 68% of creators and influencers opt for freelancing or creating UGC-inspired posts

UGC and freelance content examples.

Learn more about making money by creating content for brands (without showing your face): What Is a UGC Creator? (+ How to Become One)

#4: Platform Creator Funds

From YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP) to becoming a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, 54% of surveyed creators earn by simply creating high-performing content. 

The bad news? Platform creator funds aren’t accessible in every country and are sometimes discontinued.

#5: Selling Products & Merch

While being an influencer is its own full-time (or part-time) job, 26% of surveyed creators leverage their influence into their own businesses.

Whether it’s Lucas’ digital products or Kwame’s Cameo content — entrepreneurship based on your industry or niche opens up a world of earning potential (and creative freedom). 

#6: Creating a Blog or Newsletter

Creators know first-hand that communication with your audience beyond social is important — especially among changing platforms and algorithms.

And with 13% of surveyed influencers currently engaging in exclusive content like blogging and newsletters, we predict it’ll become a bigger trend in 2025.

#7: Speaking Opportunities

Speaking on a panel, at events, or in webinars is a great way to share your knowledge, gain exposure, and earn some extra income. 

At Later, we love tapping in influencers for paid speaking opportunities — whether it’s for live events like Reel Talk, or on-demand webinars.

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5 Earning Tips for Influencers & Creators — According to Creators 

Get ready to take notes. Here are the best money-making tips from four interviewed creators: 

Tip #1: Diversify Your Earnings

When you're just starting out, focusing on one social channel is a great way to build an engaged community — but as you grow, diversification is key.

This way, you can build your following across multiple channels and open yourself up to more opportunities (and income).

Tomi, Lucas, Kwame, and Chantal all aim to pursue new opportunities in 2024. 

Lucas O'Keefe's Instagram and LinkedIn.

As Lucas puts it, a lack of revenue streams (especially beyond social) can mean uncertainty in the creator space: 

“It does feel scary at times because so much of my income is dependent on factors that are largely out of my control, like social media algorithms, engagement, and the loss of platforms." 

Tip #2: Always Negotiate Your Rates

When it comes to your rates, Tomi’s golden advice is to always say a number that scares you. 

“Don’t think you have too little followers or sell yourself short. If a brand reaches out to you, they want to work with you,” Tomi says. 

Chantal is aligned, adding: “The answer will always be no if you don’t ask.” 

While there’s no industry standard influencer rates, our Creator Compensation Report is the perfect guideline to get the most out of your brand partnerships. 

Tip #3: Collaborate With Other Influencers 

Teaming up with other influencers and creators is not only a great way to leverage and engage prospective followers — it provides the perfect opportunity to make money.

Kwame is all-in on this sentiment, advising to “connect with other creators in your niche, strategize, and create content together.”

The opportunity is two-fold: You can “engage each other’s communities and unlock earning potential,” he adds. 

Tip #4: Don't Be Afraid To Say No

As a creator, it can be tough to say no. This is your reminder that it’s okay to push back. 

Not every opportunity will align with your niche, schedule, or desired pay. 

Ask yourself: “How much time will I have to put into this, how much are they willing to pay me, and is it worth it?” Tomi says. 

Tip #5: Join an Influencer Marketing Platform

Take it from Chantal: An influencer marketing platform is “a great opportunity to get your name out there and put your profile directly in front of brands.”

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