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What Is Instagram's Collaborative Collections Feature?

Updated on March 30, 2023
2 minute read

Another week, another feature on the 'gram 📢

Published March 30, 2023

ICYMI: Instagram's been on a roll lately.

From Notes to Group Profiles to Broadcast Channels, the platform's announced a slew of new features in recent months, all with the goal of helping "you share and connect with the people you care about."

What's next on the list? Collaborative Collections. With it, you can save posts to a private collection that you share with others. 

We're breaking down everything we know about the feature so far — including how to use it.

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What Is Instagram’s Collaborative Collections Feature?

Collections are already a great way to save and organize posts you find on Instagram — whether it’s home decor tips, food recipes, or wedding inspiration:

And now, with Collaborative Collections, you'll be able to collaborate with your friends and family, too! 

According to Meta: “You can start or add to a Collaborative Collection by saving a post directly from your feed or sharing a post via DMs and saving it from there.”

These shared posts can be used to plan upcoming travel destinations, gather gift ideas, or even build a bank of meme content — the possibilities are endless. 

NOTE: The feature is currently being rolled out, so if you don't see it just yet, sit tight!

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How to Use Instagram's Collaborative Collections Feature

Similar to saving to your private Instagram Collections, when you see a post you like, click on the bookmark tab:

From there, you'll see a prompt to save the post to an existing collection or to create a new one:

To make your collection collaborative, toggle "Collaborative" on and give your collection a name.

Next, invite select users to join and tap "Save."

Now, everyone included can each add (or remove) posts and Reels to the Collaborative Collection — huzzah!

So, what are your thoughts about the new Collections feature? Let us know on our Instagram account.

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