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How to Create Instagram Reels When You Don't Have a Video Team

Updated on January 3, 2023
7 minute read

Instagram Reels, made easy 🔥

Published January 3, 2023

Keeping up with the latest Instagram Reels trends takes a ton of time and effort — especially when you’re a team of one. 

That said, you don’t need to be a professional video editor (or dancer) to get on board with Reels

In fact, the most straightforward ones are often quite effective at helping you reach your Instagram goals

We're sharing 10 Reels ideas below — plus a free planner to help you plan your content:

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10 Easy Instagram Reel Ideas for Businesses in 2023

Here are 10 simple and easy-to-execute Reel ideas for businesses, social media managers, and creators flying solo: 

  1. Bring Tweets to Life

  2. Create Quote Graphics 

  3. Time Static Photos to a Beat

  4. Make Memes

  5. Partner with Creators

  6. Add Motion to Your Text

  7. Share User-generated Content (UGC)

  8. Turn Instagram Stories Highlights Into Reels

  9. Create a Timelapse

  10. Answer FAQs

#1: Bring Tweets to Life 

Tweets are big performers on Instagram, making them the perfect inspiration for Reels content.

Author and influencer Michell C. Clark brings his Tweets of wisdom over to the ‘gram by overlaying Tweet screenshots on top of video B-roll.

You can easily do this in an editing app, such as CapCut or Inshot

TIP: While it’s best to have original video B-roll that’s relevant to your brand or niche, you can find royalty-free stock videos on websites like Pexels and Storyblocks.

FYI: Later is a social media scheduling tool trusted by over 4M businesses, creators, and social media managers. Plan and automatically publish your Instagram Reels with Later — create an account today:

#2: Create Quote Graphics 

The ultimate easy Reels “hack”?

Take your static quote graphics that you’d traditionally post as a photo, and turn them into video clips!

Using an app like InShot, you can turn a static image into a video clip. Once you have the video clip, you can post it on Instagram as a Reel with trending audio.

To take it one step further, use the voiceover or text-to-speech feature to narrate the quote.

ICYMI: We spoke to content creator Olivia Noceda about what happened when she pivoted to a Reels-only content strategy for 6 months.

#4: Make Memes 

Everyone’s favorite content type — memes — can also make great Reels for your page. 

This can be as simple as overlaying a video, GIF, or image meme onto a 9:16 background, like Work In Social They Said:

For even better results, pair this with trending audio or use the text-to-speech feature to add some commentary and give your meme extra depth. 

Ready to save time planning your Instagram Reels? Start scheduling your Reels with Later — create an account:

#5: Partner With Creators

One easy way to create Reels content is by… having creators do it for you. 

This does require a budget and some project management skills, but partnering with creators for Reels content can deliver results in multiple ways. 

One of the most effective tactics is to use Instagram’s Collabs feature, which allows a creator to simultaneously post a Reel to their feed and yours.

It’s a great way to cross-promote your Reels while giving your account an extra engagement boost. 

Alternatively, you can work with creators to create content exclusively for your account, as Later did with @kayedandseek

Both routes can be extremely effective — it all depends on your goals for the partnership.

#6: Add Motion to Your Text 

Another simple way to create Reels is by using text as your focal point. 

It can stop scrollers in their tracks, and is a break from the standard videos popping up on the Reels feed. 

Taking inspiration from your brand identity, use your brand colors and fonts to tie the Reel together.   

Mobile apps like Adobe Express, Canva, and Mojo have features that allow you to animate text from your phone, no complex design software required. 

Social media managers, rejoice!

#7: Share User-generated Content (UGC) 

This tip is a Reel-y quick win: sharing user-generated content (UGC).

Original content is always best, but if you’re short on time and resources, UGC is definitely better than nothing at all. 

In fact, some of Later’s most successful Reels have been sourced from community members, like this example by @cierraally_, which has over 30K views and counting.

Sharing Reels from your community can build rapport and act as a third-party endorsement for your product or service — but remember to always:

  • Ask for permission to repurpose content before sharing it on your page

  • Clearly credit the original creator in the caption

  • Tag the original creator in your Reel

#8: Turn Instagram Stories Highlights Into Reels 

With Instagram’s “Convert to Reel” feature, you can easily repurpose your Stories Highlights into Reels. 

It’s simple: click on the Stories Highlight you’d like to turn into a Reel, tap “More” in the bottom left corner, and select “Convert to Reel.” 

later instagram highlights converting to reels

From there, you can edit clip durations, rearrange them, add additional content from your camera roll, include on-screen text, and even choose a trending audio track:

three ways to edit instagram reels

And just like that your Reel is born. Two pieces of content for the price of one!

#9: Create a Timelapse

Everyone loves behind-the-scenes content — whether it’s a day in the life, a morning routine, or a glimpse into how a product is made.

Case in point: graphic designer Adam The Ill-ustrator has a series showcasing his process for drawing new illustrations. 

The result? Multiple Reels with over 100K views:

Film yourself working, brainstorming, or simply going about your day, and then use a free timelapse tool to speed it all up. 

Coupled with some on-screen text, and a caption with a clear CTA, and you’ll be good to go.

#10: Answer FAQs

FAQs that pop up in your Instagram comments and DMs are a great source of inspiration for Reels content.

How do you use a particular product? Where do you source your ingredients? What advice do you have for budding marketers or entrepreneurs?

Turn your answers into a quick Reel:

When you know there's already a group of people who want this info, you're bound to get tons of views.

There are so many ways to create Instagram Reels for businesses and brands — even if you have limited video skills.

And in some cases, you can create high-performing Reels without filming a single piece of footage. Work smarter, not harder ✨

FYI: Later's scheduling tools are trusted by 4M+ small businesses, marketers, and creators. Sign up today and start planning and scheduling your Instagram Reels in advance.

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