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How to Queer Eye Your Social Media Presence

Updated on January 28, 2022
5 minute read

Are your social channels in need of a Fab Five makeover?

Published January 28, 2022

Giddy up y’all: The Emmy award-winning reality series, Queer Eye, is back – and this season they’re headed to Texas!

Hosts Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness are on a mission to help 10 heroes transform their lives.

Which got us thinking: How would the Fab Five tackle our social media presence?

Keep scrolling to find out how your social strategy can just keep getting better:

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queer eye

Queer Eye’s culture and lifestyle expert, Karamo Brown, knows how to dig deep and ask those all-important questions. 

From connecting with hidden emotions to setting life goals, Karamo is your go-to guy.

queer eye

So when it comes to your social media strategy, we imagine Karamo would jump right to the heart of it, asking: “But what is your purpose?”

Just like for the contestants on the show, knowing who you are – and what you stand for – is the first step in building a thriving community around your brand.

Ready to bring some Karamo energy to your social media strategy? Here are our top three tips:

  1. Dig deep into your personal or brand values

  2. Set clear social media goals

  3. Track your progress every month with Later’s advanced analytics tools!

Later is a social media management platform trusted by over 4M businesses, creators, and social media managers. Sign up today, for free, to discover Later’s advanced analytics tools – no credit card required! 

queer eye

Naturally, as the Fab Five’s resident fashionista, Tan knows how to nail an aesthetic.

Whether that means ditching dated styles or elevating an existing look, Tan invites us to take a good look in the mirror. 

queer eye

So when it comes to your brand on social, we imagine Tan would be all about the visuals – because your brand’s appearance matters. 

The ticket to creating a great (and memorable!) first impression is all in your channel's look. 

To ensure you’re walking down the right runway, here are our top three tips – no French tuck required!

  1. Keep your social channels cohesive! Make sure your imagery, mood, style, and tone all feels in-keeping with your brand values.

  2. Update your Instagram Stories Highlights covers to support your brand aesthetic.

  3. Use Later’s Visual Planner to preview your feed before you post, so you can always curate the perfect look. 

queer eye

While Antoni may be the gang’s culinary connoisseur, that doesn't mean his work ends on the plate. 

The fan-favorite chef encourages everyone to consider what they're putting into their bodies, minds, and souls. 

To bring it back to our social media strategy, we imagine Antoni might ask: “What content will you be serving up for your community?”

queer eye

By understanding what your audience has a real appetite for, you’ll have everyone coming back for second helpings. 

Ready to sprinkle in some Antoni flavor? Here are our top three tips to turn up the heat:

  1. Use analytics to get a deeper understanding of what flavors your community enjoys – from content themes to publishing formats! 

  2. Like any master chef, prep in advance – use Later to plan and schedule your social media posts in advance.

  3. Plop 20-30 relevant hashtags into your Instagram post captions. Later’s Hashtag Suggestion tool helps you to find relevant hashtags in seconds. 

FYI: With Later, you can plan, schedule, and automatically publish Instagram posts in advance for free (and access our Hashtag Suggestions tool on any paid plan). Sign up today!

queer eye

Home is where the heart is, especially where Bobby is concerned. 

The interior design aficionado is known for quietly transforming homes – cultivating spaces that are warm and inviting.

queer eye

So we imagine Bobby would ask: “Where does your brand or business feel most at home?” 

With so many different social media platforms to choose from, knowing where to focus your efforts and build a strong home base is key. 

Looking to build community on the right platform? Here are our top three tips:

  1. Find out where your target audience resides and set up your home there.

  2. Cultivate a strong sense of community by following our top engagement-boosting tips.

  3. Capitalize on prime real estate by linking to a mini landing page from your Instagram bio. Later’s allows you to create a customized landing page with link buttons, the option to embed a YouTube video, and a linked version of your Instagram feed. 

In fact, Bobby himself uses Later’s to direct users to his site, brand partnerships, and collection:

queer eye

It’s the best reno you can make to your account – and bonus: it’s free to use! 

queer eye

While Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) is the crew’s resident grooming expert, he is also a major advocate for mental health and wellness

Serving more than just a killer blowout, JVN ensures everyone takes the time to check-in with their wellbeing and practice self-care.

queer eye

So when it comes to the social media space, we imagine Jonathan would be asking us all: “How are you protecting your mental health, queen?”

Let’s face it, managing multiple social media accounts can be taxing. From never fully “switching off” to non-stop notifications, it can be difficult to find balance and keep your well-being in check. 

Ready to create a more mindful digital space? Here are our top three tips inspired by JVN:

  1. Set work-life boundaries (and stick to them!). Disable notifications after work hours and set time limits on your scroll sessions.  

  2. Take regular screen breaks throughout your working day. 

  3. Reclaim your weekends. Plan and schedule your content in advance with Later, so offline really means offline! 

And there you have it, some sage social media guidance inspired by the Fab Five.

From discovering your purpose to presenting a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, your social glow-up is just a dose of realness away. 

Because, no matter your social media presence, we could all use a little Queer Eyeing!

FYI: You can plan and schedule all of your social media content in advance with Later! Sign up today and start posting:

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Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later.

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