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New Instagram Feature: You Can Now Share Feed Posts to Instagram Stories

Ever since Instagram first confirmed that it was testing a new feature that would allow users to share feed posts to Instagram Stories, people have been restlessly waiting for it to be released.

Well, it appears the wait is finally over!

According to a recent announcement, the feature is in the process of being rolled out to all Android and iOS users, meaning you can now easily re-share feed posts to your Instagram Stories!

Here’s everything you need to know about how to share feed posts to Instagram Stories:

With more and more users shifting their attention to Instagram Stories, a lot of businesses (and influencers!) have started using Stories to cross-promote their regular posts.

In fact, Instagram expert Elise Darma recently outlined this strategy in our video workshop on how to get your first 1000 Instagram followers!

As Darma explains, by using Instagram Stories to promote your latest posts, you can drive more engagement and ultimately get more eyes on your content.

“I want to get everyone who’s looking at my story over to my post — that way, my post gets more engagement, and this tells the Instagram algorithm that it’s high quality,” Darma says. 

Of course, there are tons of use cases for sharing yours and other users’ posts to Instagram Stories! Whether it’s to drive attention to your latest influencer marketing campaign or promote a new campaign, getting your posts in front of more users is never a bad thing!

And thanks to Instagram’s new feature, you can now do it in just a few simple steps! Here’s how:

How to Share Feed Posts to Instagram Stories

Start by opening the post you want to re-share as a story and tapping the paper airplane icon (share button) at the bottom.

share feed posts to Instagram Stories

You should see a new option to “Add post to your story.”

This opens the post in Instagram Stories as a sticker that you can move, rotate, scale, and tap to explore other styles.

share feed posts to Instagram Stories

You can also use drawing tools or add text and stickers to add more context to your story – something Darma highly recommends in our video workshop on how to get your first 1000 Instagram followers!

When you’re happy, tap the “Your Story” button at the bottom your screen and you’re all set!

Just keep in mind that all feed posts shared to Instagram Stories will display the original poster’s username. And when you see a post in someone’s story, you can tap it to check out the original post and see more from the user that created it.

Another thing to keep in mind that you can only share someone else’s post to your story if their account is public and they’ve allowed resharing of their posts.

If you’d prefer to keep your posts from being shared by other users in Instagram Stories, you can easily opt out by opening your settings and scrolling down to the “Allow Resharing to Stories” option.

What do you think of the new share feed posts to Instagram Stories feature? Hate it? Love it? Let us know in the comments!

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