The Rise of Quick Turn TikTok Trends & How to Get Involved

By Kelsey Docherty

Published May 21, 2020

7 minute read

Trends move fast on TikTok, so brands need to have their finger on the pulse if they want to get in on the action. To help, we called in Kelsey Docherty, TikTok aficionado, appreciator, and all-round video content pro to share her knowledge. Stemming from Kelsey’s trend-watch series on her Instagram @kelsey_tries, she’ll be sharing

Trends move fast on TikTok, so brands need to have their finger on the pulse if they want to get in on the action.

To help, we called in Kelsey Docherty, TikTok aficionado, appreciator, and all-round video content pro to share her knowledge.

Stemming from Kelsey’s trend-watch series on her Instagram @kelsey_tries, she’ll be sharing all the latest TikTok news — from which brands and businesses are making waves on the app, to the hottest new trends you need to try out.

Here’s what’s been happening on TikTok this week:

TikTok Trends Overview of the Week

TikTok Thursday has been running on my Instagram account since July 2019 — and one thing that I’ve learned is that trends live and die overnight. TikTok moves fast, so you need to too.

I’m here to trend-watch and help you navigate TikTok’s ever-changing landscape. I’m like a TikTok lighthouse — I’ll help you see you through the fog and get you to shore.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of quick turn trends on TikTok — some that have come out of nowhere and some that are tied to current events.

Right now, you’ll see TikToks tied to the latest TV or movie debuts, like Outer Banks parodies and 90 Day Fiancé soundbites (and their remixes!) Take a look below:

But then there’s also content like Debby Ryan’s cringiest moments, using clips from her Disney channel shows in 2012.

How did these surface all over our For You Pages 8 years later? TikTok works in mysterious ways.

It could be as simple as a creator with a large following made one video and it caught on. Or kids who are quarantining were feeling a bit of nostalgia and started rewatching their old favorite shows again. However it started, you’ll be seeing more old school clips this week!

Let’s dive into the brands, trends, and creators that are making waves this week.

TikTok Trend of the Week

Trends are the heartbeat of TikTok content — they keep the app moving and are one of the reasons why it’s so fast-paced.

Let’s take a look at a few below that are picking up steam this week.

Roses are Red Trend

In this trend, you finish the classic “Roses are red” poem in Google translate and put your own spin on the ending.

Brands like the Philadelphia Eagles and RuPaul’s Drag Race have joined in on the fun.

Don’t worry if poetry isn’t your strong suit. You can play with the trend to match your area of expertise and appeal to your audience.

For instance, if you’re a yoga teacher, try the following:

‘Roses are red, my brain’s in a fog’ — then insert a clip of you saying ‘You could probably use a downward dog’

Check out how Later jumps on the trend:

Wipe It Down Trend

The Wipe It Down trend is gaining lots of traction on the app and uses a unique editing technique to showcase a change in outfit, face makeup, or even personality.

While this is an organic trend on TikTok, there are some great takeaways to consider if you are exploring starting your brand’s own challenge or hashtag on TikTok.

The Wipe It Down challenge is super successful because it’s accessible and inclusive — everyone from makeup artists to cosplay characters are hopping on this one!

There’s a bit of finesse needed to land the transition, but it’s totally doable! Check out this tutorial on TikTok on how to do the Wipe It Down trend for some guidance:

Looking for more info on how to edit your TikTok videos? We jump into the details in this blog post so you can nail everything from transitions to filters!

Standout TikTok Brand of the Week

Brands are getting really creative on TikTok — as they’re free from the constraints of aesthetics on Instagram, some have seriously broken the mold.

Each week, we’ll highlight a brand (or two!) that’s been doing great things on TikTok!

First up, Manscaped. The men’s “below the waist” grooming and hygiene brand is producing some of the most entertaining and original content on TikTok.

Their brand ethos is playful by nature, so it’s clear why their content is resonating on the app.

They poke fun at themselves in their videos (like saying they sponsored the largest live sporting event of 2020 – the American Cornhole League Tournament), hop on trends in an authentic way (like the TikTok rest area trend) and provide product education to their audience.

Sitting at only 20K followers, they are truly the unsung heroes of the app. The man who stars in a lot of their videos is giving Dave from The Washington Post a run for his money.

There are a few reasons why Manscaped is so successful on TikTok. They have a main spokesperson who you see in a majority of their TikToks, so their content has a point of reference for viewers and gives them a bit of consistency when they show up on your For You Page.

They are also super playful with their videos and language. This type of content appeals to TikTok users and generally performs pretty well on the app.

Now is the time to showcase the carefree, fun side of your brand!

Creators and Brands to Watch

Creators are an amazing source of inspiration on TikTok and can be a great indicator of what type of content is resonating on the app.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favs and what we can learn from them:

#1: Ana Coto (@anaocto), CEO of Roller Skates

One of our favorite creators on TikTok right now is Ana Coto, who shows us her moves to the latest song trends on TikTok, all while on roller skates.

She has a solid 1.2M followers and a total of 24.7M likes. She creates dance videos, how-to videos on roller-skating, and shows us her roller-skating quarantine rituals.

She makes it look so easy, how could you not love her!

#2: Nice Michael (@nicemichael), CEO of Vibetown

This guy’s name says it all. When you watch his videos, you can’t help but smile along with him.

Nice Michael grooves to music, dances alongside his girlfriend Catherine, and has the most positive vibe. We need more Nice Michael’s in this world.

Their content demonstrates authenticity, which is hard to do on the app, and their personal brand shows up ultra-consistent in their videos — their personalities shine and they come across as approachable and relatable, which is perfect for the audience on TikTok.

When creating TikToks for your brand or business, make sure your content conveys authenticity and your content aligns with your overall brand goals.

And that’s a wrap on this week’s TikTok Thursday! Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for your next TikTok video or you’ve found some great accounts to follow.

Stay tuned as next Thursday we’ll be bringing you the latest TikTok trends, creators, and brands to follow — we did say this app is all about speed!

In the meantime, check out Later’s free 30-minute TikTok for Business workshop — we’re sharing everything you need to get started and grow your following on TikTok!

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