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Byte App: The New Looping Video App You Need to Try

Updated on February 26, 2020
7 minute read

Introducing the latest video platform to land on the social scene — Byte app! And while most know it as a remake of the once-viral Vine, it’s really so much more than that! In fact, the new app has a lot of promising features that could help businesses and influencers reach their target audience and

Published February 26, 2020

Introducing the latest video platform to land on the social scene — Byte app!

And while most know it as a remake of the once-viral Vine, it’s really so much more than that!

In fact, the new app has a lot of promising features that could help businesses and influencers reach their target audience and monetize their content.

Ready to jump in and learn more about Byte app? We’re sharing everything we know in this post:

What is Byte App?

Byte is one of the latest video apps to break onto the scene, and thanks to its unique 6-second looping video style, it’s gaining a lot of popularity!

Dubbed “the new Vine,” Byte is filling a gap in the market for super-scrollable, unfiltered video content. And since videos are just 6 seconds and played in loops, it makes for easily consumable and highly addictive content!

Videos can also be re-posted by other users on the platform, making it easy for a post to quickly gain traction and hit viral status on the app.

For content creators, Byte’s attractive partner program could be a real draw!

According to Byte, their first partner program will share $250,000 between 100 creators based on their viewership.

However, 2020 is proving to be a competitive space for social video — Byte is up against TikTok (which recently passed the 1.5 billion downloads mark!) IGTV, YouTube, and more.

But the real attraction to Byte is its streamlined usability — it’s a point-shoot-post kind of app,  which means you can share creative content on-the-go.

Here’s a quick rundown of all Byte’s video features and how to use them:

Byte Home Page:

Think of the Byte app home page as your feed — here you can scroll to discover new content from users on the app.

Similar to TikTok, you need to scroll vertically to see new content (it appears from the bottom of the screen, so you need to swipe up to view more).

Users can like and comment on a post they see on their home page.

Unique to Byte is the ability to “rebyte” a post — which is essentially reposting a Byte video to your own feed. If a video is a rebyte, you can see that above the video’s caption.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Byte’s sharing options are limited. Under a video’s share button, you can find options to share videos by text message, email, and even some social platforms.

But Byte videos don’t have direct links, it will only link to that creator’s profile page. This means you can’t copy and paste a link directly to your videos, making cross-platform promotion a little bit tricky!

TIP: Share the link to your Byte profile page on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts — it’s a good way to start sharing the news about your new profile on Byte!

Byte Explore Page:

On the second tab on the bottom of the screen, if you tap the magnifying glass you’ll be brought to the Byte equivalent of Instagram’s Explore page.

Here videos are broken down by category and channel — so you can browse genres like “pets,” “comedy,” and “animation.”

There’s also a search bar along the top of the screen but at the moment, you can only search by username (not caption or video titles), which can make discovering new content a little tough.

Byte Activity Page:

When you hit the lightning bolt icon on Byte, you’re brought to your activity page.

Here you can see and filter info on your new followers, video likes and comments, and any rebytes of your videos.

Byte Profile Page:

When it comes to Byte profiles, your options for personalization are pretty great!

Aside from the usual profile photo, bio, and display name, you can choose pre-set color schemes to apply to your profile.

Also in your profile tab is the settings menu. There are some interesting settings options within this tab, especially for creators as you can see the stats and analytics for the number of followers you have and how many times your video has been watched (which is measured in “loops”!)

How to Create a Video in Byte App:

Byte is modeled on being a quick-to-create video editor so getting your first post live is a cinch!

And while Byte’s tools and features are streamlined to allow for impromptu posting, critics have pointed out that it’s lacking some of the cooler, more advanced features of its competitors — like AR filters and video editing tools such as transition effects and soundtracks.

But, its streamlined editing tools haven’t put a stop to creators using Byte to create fun video loops for their followers!

Here’s how to create a video on Byte:

  1. Tap the middle circle button on the Byte home page — this will open up your video editor.

  2. Just like most video editors, you can switch between front- and back-facing cameras.

  3. Tap and hold the record button to start recording. The progress bar at the top tracks how much of the 6-second timeline you have left to record.

  4. You can also upload images and videos from your camera roll into your 6-second loop by tapping the image button on the bottom right corner.

Note: Byte currently has one filter, “ghost mode” where you overlay an image onto a video you’re recording.

How to Publish a Video in Byte App:

Once you’ve finished recording and editing your Byte video, you’re ready to post!

  1. You only need a couple of the 6-second limit to be able to post a video, so there’s no need to max out that limit.

  2. When the video has enough content to post, a white arrow at the top-left corner of the screen will appear. Tap this to start publishing.

  3. From here you can caption your video and add it to a channel. Remember Byte users will use the channel topics on the explore page to find your video!

Congratulations! You’ve published your first Byte video!

How Brands and Businesses Can Use Byte App:

In its simplest form, Byte is a fun video editor for loop videos that can add an extra dimension to your social video marketing.

It’s a chance to introduce an informal and off the cuff video series to your social arsenal without compromising your overall brand aesthetic and tone.

Similar to TikTok, the target audience is still quite niche — with Gen Zers being the main population, brands need to strongly consider if their audience is actually on the platform in the first place.

But if it is, there’s a real potential for brands to partner with influencers — former Vine-turned-TikTok stars like Chris Melberger, Joshdarnit, and Lance Stewart are already on Byte.

And the good news for creators is that Byte’s partner program could help monetize the app overnight. Something that TikTok is still working on for its influencers and creators.

Starting in April 2020, Byte will kickstart its first partner program with a select group of just 100 creators.  Byte will distribute a total of $250,000 across four 30-day payouts, based on a creators’ performance.

To apply, you must post regularly on the app, make full-screen portrait videos, and be a positive member of the community. There’s also a strong focus on building a stronger community with their creator partners and encourages sharing the best content on the platform.

While this is Byte’s first attempt at incentivizing and monetizing the platform for its creators, there’s a good chance this will just be the beginning!

“We’re exploring multiple ways to help creators get paid. The Partner Program is only the first to be rolled out

,” Byte’s community announcement confirms. So the ability to monetize your Byte feed could be closer than you think!

There’s no denying that breaking onto a new social platform is challenging — just remember that there’ll always be a trial and error period for testing out new ground and finding your groove.

When it comes to Byte, now’s the time to start experimenting — and with fun 6-second loop videos to gain and a whole new audience group to tap into, it could seriously pay off for your brand!

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