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How To Level-up Your Social Strategy With Instagram Templates — Horizontal
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How To Level-up Your Social Strategy With Instagram Templates

Updated on October 4, 2023
4 minute read

There’s a template for that. 🤝

Published October 4, 2023

Creating Instagram content from scratch every time you need to post can be a challenge when you have a busy to-do list. 

Enter: Instagram templates — the ultimate hack to efficiency, brand consistency, and easy peasy content creation. 

We’re breaking down all things Instagram templates, and sharing over 30 free templates you can start using in Canva right now.

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What Are Instagram Templates?

Instagram templates are reusable graphic (or video) templates that social media managers can customize to streamline their content creation process

So if you want to schedule a feed post, Instagram Story, or Reel? There's a template just waiting to be used.

Make your day-to-day easier with Later's social media marketing tools. Plan, manage, and analyze your templated content — create a free account today.

Why Use Instagram Templates?

Whether it’s to promote your latest product or dedicate more time to your “always on” content, here are the top three benefits to using templates for Instagram

#1: Save Time 

When it comes to social media management, time is of the essence. 

It’s simple: Templates make the content creation process easier and faster — optimizing creativity, productivity, and your overall Instagram strategy. 

#2: Post More Consistently 

Ask any social media manager, and they’ll likely peg a consistent posting cadence as a top reason for their Instagram success. 

The key to consistency? A ready-to-use Instagram template for every situation. 

Whether it’s a business-as-usual post or your take on the latest meme trend, there’s no scrambling to create assets or worrying about what to post next. 

#3: Curate a More Cohesive Feed 

You only have a few seconds to make a great first impression, so using Instagram templates to create a cohesive grid can help visitors (and potential customers) understand who you are and what you do, right off the bat.  

TIP: Access our exclusive freebie template pack and then start creating and scheduling your content today!

7 Types of Instagram Templates (& How to Use Them)

Here are the top seven types of Instagram templates to add to your content planning strategy (plus a sneak peek at our Canva templates):

  1. Instagram Carousel Templates

  2. Instagram Meme Templates 

  3. Instagram Quote Templates

  4. Instagram Tweet & Thread Post Templates

  5. Instagram Reels Cover Templates 

  6. Instagram Product Templates

  7. Instagram Customer Testimonial Templates

The perfect way to drive traffic to a new blog post, host a giveaway, or share educational content? 

With an Instagram carousel template, of course. 

Simply edit the template, end it with a CTA to click the link in your bio or “follow for more," and watch the engagement roll in. 

#2: Instagram Meme Templates

When memes die just as fast as they appear, templates are your best friend. 

Later's Instagram meme template.

With a template ready-to-go, you can jump on relevant trends and post quick-win shareable content

FYI: With Later's Canva integration, you can export your templated creations straight to your Later Media Library and schedule it to Instagram in a snap. Create an account — for free!

#3: Instagram Quote Templates

For inspirational, relatable, or entertaining words worthy of a reshare, Instagram quote templates are the way to go. 

Later's Instagram quote template.

Poorly-cropped, off-brand screenshots need not apply.  

#4: Instagram Tweet & Thread Post Templates

Recycling Tweets and Threads is the best hack to beat writer’s block, avoid creative burnout, and post more consistently

Later's Instagram Tweets & Threads templates.

Simply pop your desired screenshot into the template, add your caption, and voila. 

TIP: Reshare your own Tweets and Threads with your username visible to drive traffic to your other social media profiles!

#5: Instagram Reels Cover Templates 

Especially when sharing UGC — on-brand Instagram Reels covers are a must

Later’s Reels tab.

The result? Eye-catching titles and imagery to fuel engagement and keep your Reels tab as stunning as can be. 

TIP: Maximize your time with Later's scheduling tools for Instagram Reels. Plan, schedule and automatically post your Reels to your feed — get started, today.

#6: Instagram Product Templates

Your latest product release — but make it aesthetic. 

Later's Instagram product template.

Debut a new drop, spotlight your best-sellers, or tease an upcoming release with a template that sells

#7: Instagram Customer Testimonial Templates

Consistent, visually-appealing testimonials that prove you’re the real deal? Yes, please. 

Later's Instagram customer testimonial template.

Thanks to this handy dandy Instagram template, positive feedback has never looked better!

And there you have it — seven ways to level-up your feed with Instagram templates. 

Experiment with each and see what best resonates with your audience. Then, reuse them again (and again). 

Ready to supercharge your social media marketing strategy? Download our 30+ customizable Canva templates for free, right now. 

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