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How to Create Shareable Content on Social Media — Horizontal
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How to Create Shareable Content on Social Media

Updated on May 3, 2023
5 minute read

You’re going to want to share this 😉

Published May 3, 2023

Creating shareable content is your fastpass to more reach and engagement on social media.

But between ever-changing algorithms and information overload, posting content that actually circulates is harder than ever. 

So, here are our top tips for creating shareable content — with insights from four industry experts

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What Is Shareable Content?

Simple: shareable content is content that’s (you guessed it) shareable. 

Side by side of two Later Instagram posts. On the left, a meme with two people — the young man labeled "last month's TikTok trend" and the old lady labeled "this month's Reel trend." 

On the right, an infographic titled "What to do when your social strategy isn't working." The bullet points read: 

1. Do a deep dive into your analytics & look for patterns
2. Experiment with new types of content
3. Repost your best performing content
4. Research your competitor's accounts
5. Take a deep breath & a break!

From infographics and memes to storytime videos and how-to guides, there are countless ways to create content that'll resonate with your audience and encourage them to tap "share."

What Makes Content Shareable? 

To make content truly shareable, it needs to be one of six things: useful, entertaining, inspirational, timely, thought-provoking, or relatable.

Shareable content has that “wow” factor that makes people want to comment, repost, and send to their friends.  

Add a splash of originality, and voila, you have the perfect recipe for reaching more users.  

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Why Is Shareable Content Important?

As Brandon Smithwrick, Head of Content at Songfinch, puts it: "[Shareable content] super-fuels your reach to anyone who might be interested." 

It's similar to a word-of-mouth recommendation. Without asking, your content is automatically shared by your community with others in their network.

The result: new potential customers and fans of your brand. 

Shareable content is also great for streamlining your workflow.


When you create with "shareability" in mind, you'll have a better plan for the type of content you'll post — rather than doing too much on a whim.

Quality over quantity, always.

P.S. Brandon shares more tips on balancing content creation and your work-life in our free on-demand webinar. Watch it here.

5 Tips To Create Truly Shareable Content

Just because it can be shared, doesn’t mean it’s shareable

Here are five tips to create content your audience will actually repost: 

  1. See What’s Trending 

  2. Add Value

  3. Think Evergreen

  4. Tell a Story

  5. Be Original 

One of the best ways to reach the masses? Channeling trending topics. 

Commentary on current events like award shows, celeb gossip, and everything in between are all up for grabs in the widespread content game. 

Draw inspo from Alexandra Nikolajev, a digital marketer, podcast host, and Pinterest's Content and Partnerships Lead. 

She racked up nearly 2K shares on her TikTok about the infamous Don't Worry Darling drama:

Or, put your own spin on a trending meme or sound that'll speak to your audience.

Kay Brown, a podcast host and Sr. Social Media Lead for The Gap knows how to work a trending song — creating an endless pool of shareable gems:

The takeaway? If it’s the talk of the town, it can make for shareable content. 

NOTE: “Trends” might not work for every brand — so use your judgment and consider whether it'll resonate with your audience before joining the conversation.

Tip #2: Add Value 

Does valuable content = shareable content? To entrepreneur and creator Bailey Stanworth, the answer is yes.

"When you try a product you love, you tell your friends. When a meme makes you laugh, you DM it to your sibling," Bailey says.

"When something is valuable, it becomes shareable — which ultimately creates more opportunity for virality and brand awareness.”

So, how do you create valuable content?

Both Alexandra Nikolajev and Kay Brown invite us to channel the three E’s of content: emotional, entertaining, and educational.

Have an unpopular opinion to share? Your thoughts on a taboo topic? A life hack that’ll change the game? Share it.

Tip #3: Think Evergreen

Shareable and evergreen content go hand in hand. 

Plus, it's incredibly helpful when you don't want to rely on trends. 

Ask yourself: what is something people will want to share time and time again? 

Always-relevant topics like self-care practices, industry tips, or helpful how to's can go a long way. 

Brandon Smithwrick constantly shares evergreen tips for marketers and creators that get hundreds of reposts: 

Side by side of Brandon Smithwrick's LinkedIn posts. 

On the left:

"Please STOP thinking your resume is good...

98% of job seekers are eliminated at the resume screening phase.

2% of candidates make it to the first round of interviews.

Here's a free way to quickly improve your resume 👇
1️⃣ Go to
2️⃣ Upload your resume
3️⃣ Edit your resume based on the feedback & reupload
4️⃣ Keep repeating this until you score an 80% or higher

... I just want you all to be in that top 2%"

On the right:

"An Instagram strategy includes the following...

👉 Reels Video Strategy
👉 Pinned Post Strategy
👉 Instagram Stories Strategy
👉 Stories Highlight Strategy
👉 Instagram Guides Strategy
👉 Hashtag & Reels Tag Strategy
👉 Grid Flighting Strategy
👉 Boosting Strategy
👉 Caption Copy Strategy
👉 SEO and Discoverability Strategy
👉 Live Strategy
👉 Content Pillar Strategy

... so no, it can't be done by EOD ..."

And if you need help brainstorming your own evergreen ideas, bookmark this blog: The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Content (+ 5 Ideas To Get You Started).

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Tip #4: Tell a Story

Alexandra Nikolajev’s top tip? “Lean into ‘storytime’ content.”

Relatability, entertainment, and even absurdity makes this type of content an instant share. 

Plus, it sparks a sense of community, where your audience can discuss and analyze what they’ve heard — often opening up the door for part two’s.  

Talk about double the sharing power. 

Tip #5: Be Original

Last but not least, original content is your ultimate hack for endless shares. 

As Kay Brown advises: find your place as a creator, and be your authentic self. 

“I never feel like I'm putting on a show or a personality with the things I post,” Kay says.

Her authenticity is what makes her content so enjoyable — and it comes through on The Betchelor podcast with co-host Jared Freid:

Bailey Stanworth couldn’t agree more. 

“Stop trying to do what others are doing and stick to what you actually enjoy,” Bailey encourages. 

“It’ll show in your content, and it’s more sustainable long-term — so you can build brand identity and familiarity with your audience.”

In other words, be yourself. 

And there you have it — all the bits and pieces you need to create shareable content. 

We can’t wait to see what you'll post. 🙌

FYI: These are just a few of the tips you’ll learn from How to Balance Your Social Media & Mental Health. Watch it now:

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