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How to Add Username & Hashtag Links to Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is extremely important, especially if you’re using your Instagram account to promote your business. But with only 150 characters and a single clickable link, driving traffic elsewhere can be tricky.

Luckily for all of us, Instagram has just made things a lot easier!

The latest Instagram update turns profile usernames and hashtags within your Instagram bio into clickable hyperlinks! 

Now, when you include a “#” or “@” in your bio, it will automatically become a clickable link that will lead visitors to a hashtag or another profile.

Ready to give your Instagram bio an upgrade?

Read on to learn how to add username and hashtag links in your Instagram bio!

clickable links instagram

We predicted that Instagram would become the new homepage in 2018, and now it’s easier than ever to use your Instagram bio to cross-promote your Instagram business profile, or share where you work by mentioning your company’s Instagram username!  

clickable links instagram

By adding hashtags into your Instagram bio, profile visitors are able to click directly through to view the respective content. Adding branded hashtags or hashtags related to your interests makes your bio much more functional, allowing you to highlight branded content and share more of your interests with profile visitors.

clickable links instagram

Here’s how to add username and hashtag links into your Instagram bio:

  1. Open your profile, and click the “Edit Profile” button
  2. Click on your bio to edit
  3. Update your bio by adding any profile usernames (using “@”) or hashtags (using “#”)
  4. Click “Done”

It’s as easy as that! Now your username mentions and hashtags will be clickable links within your Instagram bio.

Note: adding hashtags into your bio does not make your profile searchable within those hashtags, so it’s probably best to stick to using your own branded hashtag in your bio. This way you won’t waste valuable character space in your bio by listing hashtags that won’t actually drive traffic back to you!

Check out this post to learn The New Rules of Instagram Hashtags in 2018 for more hashtag tips and tricks!  

clickable links instagram

Finally, when you mention a username in your bio, the user will get a notification.

Generally speaking, it’s a great thing to have your username linked on someone else’s bio, because it adds more visibility to your account and allows their followers to discover you. This is simply a security measure to keep accounts from abusing the new feature.  

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to level up your Instagram bio, check out this post to learn How to Write Good Instagram Bios to Make an Impression in 2018! Then, sign up for Later so you can drive even more traffic to your website from your Instagram bio with Linkin.bio!

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Stephanie Gilbert

Stephanie Gilbert is the CEO of Small Talk Social, a boutique social media agency for lifestyle brands & the founder of CEO Yeah!, which provides IRL (in real life) adventures for online bosses. You can follow her on Instagram at @stephjgilbert


Her mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs to build a life + a business that they love– via online business mentorship + in-person retreats. Follow all of her adventures

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