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How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

By Jessica Worb

Updated on May 5, 2022

6 minute read

It's time to get linking 🔗

Published October 18, 2019

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The Instagram link in bio is a huge opportunity for brands and creators to drive traffic from the app.

The problem? There’s only space for one link. 

But, what if we told you there was a simple and free way to add multiple links to your Instagram bio? 

Later custom examples: GOLDLEAF, Playfitt, Sarah Fennel

Enter: by Later.

We’re sharing everything you need to know about the Instagram link in bio and how you can start driving traffic with your very own customizable link in bio landing page. 

What Does “Link in Bio” Mean?

Link in bio refers to the clickable URL in a user’s Instagram bio. Every single Instagram user has this feature and can share one clickable link in their profile.

laters link in bio landing page

It’s prime real estate, sitting front and center on your Instagram profile.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio 

Adding a link to your Instagram bio is simple.

Head to your Instagram profile, press Edit Profile and hover the website field.

how to add a link to your instagram bio

At this stage, you can either add a direct link to a webpage, or link to a custom landing page that houses multiple links to all your important content. 

Using a custom link in bio landing page maximizes the given space and allows you to drive way more traffic than you could with one single link.

three brands using link in bio by later

Plus, you save yourself the effort of changing the link in your Instagram bio each time you have a new destination or a new call to action. Win-win!

Make the most of your bio and start using by Later. Join today and turn your feed into a clickable landing page!

How to Create a Link in Bio Landing Page for Instagram

To set up a landing page, sign up to Later and connect your Instagram account. It's free and easy to get started🎉

Next, log in to your Later account, click the tab, and select the Instagram profile you want to create a landing page for.

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose a username for your page, which will also be your custom URL.

Step #1: Build Your Page  

With by Later, you can build your landing page exactly how you want it: with unlimited clickable buttons, social links, the option to add a linked version of your Instagram feed, and the opportunity to feature a YouTube video or recent post. 

three brands using instagram link in bio

Follow these steps to build your link in bio landing page:

  • To add linked buttons:

    Select Edit under the Button block tab. Add in your button text and paste the link. You can add as many buttons as you’d like. As you add buttons, they’ll pull through in the landing page preview on the left hand side of the screen.

  • To add a linked version of your Instagram feed:

    Press Add under Linked Social Posts. Then, select Manage under your Instagram profile. Click on any black and white Instagram post on the left hand side of the screen and paste the link you want the post to drive to. 

  • To add featured media:

    Select Edit under Featured Media. You can either feature a YouTube video or your latest linked Instagram feed post.

  • To add social links:

    Select Add under social links. Here you can connect your LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook.

  • To add a bio:

    Tap Edit under Profile and enter a short landing page bio.

Step #2: Make Your Feed Shoppable (Optional)

If you want to take linking your feed posts to the next level, you can connect your Shopify store and tag products right in Later.

Select “Connect Shopify Store” and follow the prompts.

how to use link in bio shopify integration

Once connected, you can tag up to five Shopify products in your link in bio feed posts, which creates a faster and more streamlined checkout experience for your customers.

Step #3: Customize Your Page

With by Later, you can customize your page exactly how you want it. 

You can choose one of Later’s built-in themes: Light, Dark, Almond, Pistachio, Sandcastle, or Aquarium.

later customer using link in bio theme

You can go a step further and customize your landing page colors, buttons, and fonts to align with your brand aesthetic. You can even input specific hex color codes to match your brand aesthetic to a tee.

using a custom theme on link in bio

When it comes to your landing page buttons, you can personalize everything from the button color to the shape, style, and shadow of the buttons. 

Ready to drive more traffic from Instagram? Join Later today to turn your Instagram feed into a clickable landing page!

Step #4: Add Your URL to Your Instagram Bio

Once your landing page is all set up, you’re ready to add it to your Instagram profile.

Tap Add to Social Profile at the top of the screen and press Add to Instagram Profile. Next, add your URL to your Instagram Website link. 

And that’s it — you now have a mini clickable website right on your Instagram profile.

paste in link in bio

So… Why Choose by Later as Your Instagram Link in Bio Tool?

When deciding on what Instagram link in bio tool is the right fit, it’s important to think about what features meet your needs. 

With a Free Later plan, you can:

  • Add unlimited linked buttons to your page

  • Create a linked version of your Instagram feed (1 link per image)

  • See up to 3 months of click data

  • Feature your latest post

  • Add links to your social channels

With a Starter Later plan, you can also:

  • Fully customize the colors and fonts of your landing page

  • Feature a YouTube video

With a Growth or Advanced Later plan, you can also:

  • Add up to 5 links per feed image

  • Connect your Shopify store and tag products in feed images

  • See up to 1 year of click data

  • Remove the by Later banner

If you’re looking to drive more traffic from Instagram, by Later is one of the most powerful tools to help you achieve your goals. 

And the best part? You can get started for free!

Get to linking and start using by Later today!

Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later.


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