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7 Social Media “Icks” — According to Social Media Managers (Horizontal)
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7 Social Media “Icks” — According to Social Media Managers

Updated on September 29, 2023
4 minute read

Social media managers would love if we all stopped doing these things.

Published September 29, 2023

Often used in a playful or lighthearted way, an “ick” is a feeling of discomfort or aversion towards something or someone. 

And when it comes to those who work in social media, there's a long list of "social media icks" — from unrealistic job expectations to the dreaded in-caption URL. 

So, we asked Later's 550K+ followers across Instagram and LinkedIn to share their top social media don'ts. 

Here's what they shared (and our tips for what to do instead).

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7 Things to Avoid on Social Media

According to social media managers, these seven "icks" are what brands (and fellow marketers) should avoid doing on social media — ASAP.

  1. Links in Instagram Captions

  2. QR Codes on Social Graphics 

  3. Not Using Camel Case for Hashtags

  4. Liking Your Own Posts (From The Brand Account)

  5. TikTok Watermarks on Reels 

  6. Buying Fake Followers

  7. Unrealistic Job Expectations

The most commented “ick” from our audience? Links in Instagram captions, by a landslide. 

LinkedIn & Instagram responses identifying links in instagram captions as a social media ick.

Why? They're unclickable and visually unappealing. 

Plus, you're not able to copy and paste a caption — so the likelihood of remembering a long URL and then typing it out is slim to none.

PRO TIP: Drive followers to click the link in your Instagram bio with Later's tool. It houses all of your URLs, is customizable, and free. Create an account today.

#2: QR Codes on Social Graphics 

Much like including links in Instagram captions, adding QR codes to social graphics won’t do much. 

LinkedIn & Instagram responses identifying QR codes on social graphics as a social media ick.

Unless you have a friend in close proximity to do the scanning for you, social media managers are practically begging you to stop. 

Not only is it a CTA dead-end, but you could instead spend your time creating content that'll drive traffic more effectively — like using the link sticker in your Instagram Stories.

#3: Not Using Camel Case for Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of the discovery experience on social media — but writing them improperly is an impactful (and common) mistake. 

LinkedIn & Instagram responses identifying improper hashtag use as a social media ick.

Using #CamelCase (capitalizing each word in your hashtag) makes your content more accessible to those who have a vision impairment or experience blindness.

Plus, it taps into an audience of over 7M people. Win-win.  

#4: Liking Your Own Posts (From The Brand Account)

No, we’re not talking about liking a company post from your personal account — we’re guilty of this too.

LinkedIn response identifying liking your own posts as a social media ick.

But liking the company’s post straight from the company account can be seen as off-putting and unprofessional. 

Our advice?

Put that energy into creating posts that'll encourage engagement — whether it's optimizing for keywords or uploading shareable content.

#5: TikTok Watermarks on Reels 

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good crosspost — but a lingering TikTok watermark on Reels can impact your feed post ranking on Instagram

LinkedIn response identifying TikTok watermarks on Reels as a social media ick.

But don’t fret, you can remove TikTok watermarks for seamless reposts. 

TIP: Repurposing content can help you beat writer’s block, avoid creative burnout, and post more consistently. Triple win. 

#6: Buying Fake Followers

Spoiler: Social media managers can tell when you’ve purchased Instagram followers

LinkedIn response identifying fake followers as a social media ick.

If your comment section is flooded with emoji strings and what appears to be spam, it can signal to others (and the social media platform) that your account is illegitimate. 

The result? Tarnished integrity, stunted growth, and possible banishment from the platform

TL;DR: You can’t fake your way to online fame. 

#7: Unrealistic Job Expectations

PSA: Social media managers are not interns, “ninjas”,  “gurus”, or “wizards.” 

They’re strategists and specialists, and deserve more realistic job descriptions that don't expect them to do 10 different roles for (typically) little pay

Our take? Employers looking to build a social team should take the time to learn what social media managers actually do and properly invest in their online strategy.

In conclusion: Social media “icks” aren’t going away. 

But by knowing how to combat them, you’re equipped to strengthen your social media habits, solidify your online brand, and keep social media managers everywhere happy as can be.

FYI: Later’s social media management tools will save you tons of time, make analyzing posts easier, and keep your content organized. Create a free account today.

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