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How to Host a Fundraiser on Instagram

Updated on November 17, 2021
3 minute read

Being charitable just got a whole lot easier!

Published November 17, 2021

Have you heard? There’s a way to fundraise on Instagram.

From raising money for medical equipment to funding educational resources — the feature makes it easier than ever to encourage your community to donate.

Taking fundraising on Instagram to the next level!

In this blog post, we’re covering everything you need to know about fundraising on Instagram:

What is Instagram’s Fundraising Feature?

In the wake of digital activism, Instagram has created a way for creators and brands to fundraise directly from the app using the "+" creation button.

Making fundraisers on Instagram that much more accessible. 

Previously, if you wanted to raise money on Instagram, you could use the donation sticker in your Instagram Stories or raise funds on an Instagram Live — specifically for nonprofits and charities.

Whether you're looking to raise money for an organization or community in need, the feature allows for an array of causes to be supported and funded.

NOTE: Instagram has rolled out the feature in the US, UK, and Ireland. Which means the tool is still being tested, so if you don’t have access just yet, sit tight! It could be coming your way soon.

How to Create a Fundraiser for Your Brand or Business on Instagram

If you have a social cause you care about and are aged 18 or over, Instagram’s fundraising feature could be perfect for your business.

Here’s how to get started:

First, tap the “+” at the top-right corner of the screen and tap, “Fundraiser”.

fundraise on instagram

Next, select a charity from the search bar.

fundraise on instagram

From there, you’ll be prompted to fill out your fundraiser details: Select a cover photo, add a description, a monetary goal, and if you'd like, a collaborator.

fundraise on instagram

TIP: Treat your description as an Instagram caption — don’t rush it. It's an opportunity to tell your story, the cause’s importance, why you’re passionate about it, and encourage donations.

Next, tap "Share Fundraiser" and voila, your fundraiser will be added to your bio, grid, and shared to your followers feed.

fundraise on instagram

Once your fundraiser is live, don't forget to promote it across your social channels.

It should feel part of an overall content strategy, so it’s a good idea to remind your audience about the fundraiser on Instagram Stories or through the captions of your feed posts.

You’ll be able to see who donates, along with how much they donated.

TIP: If you have time, send everyone who donates a Direct Message thanking them for their support — this personal touch is a great way to acknowledge contributors and strengthen the sense of community around your business.

Will you try this feature and fundraise on Instagram? Let us know! Join the conversation on Later’s Instagram account.

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