How to Curate Your Instagram Feed as a Team with the Monochrome Mavens

Instagram has become one of the hottest networks to discover content and develop brand relationships.

Partnering with team members to curate your Instagram feed with branded hashtags is one way for influencers to gain brand advocacy and source content, as we discovered in our interview with the Monochrome Mavens.

The Monochrome Mavens (@monochromemavens) Instagram account is managed by three team members who curate content sourced from their community with the hashtag, #monochromemavens.

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Who are the Monochrome Mavens?

Andre Nguyen, Zach Murman-Freer, and William Doka (AKA Bill) are the team behind @monochromemavens. The account is moderated by Andre, who reached out to Zach (@kulerblind) and William (@dxfimages) to assist in curating content for the account.

I am grateful to have both Zach and Bill help moderate the account. They bring a different and valued perspective to the community.

What’s the inspiration behind Monochrome Mavens?

Black and white photography is an underrated type of photography. Helping to create a community of photographers who shoot black and white is something that’s amazing.

We love being able to see other photographers take on black and white. The brand is driven by the need to showcase works that are unique, transitional, and trendsetting in monochrome colour tones.

How do you moderate content for the account?

Both Zach and Bill volunteer to select photos for a certain time and day every week. Later allows us to log in using shared credentials and schedule a selection at our convenience.

We have a schedule that is consistent with two posts per day, one at 8 AM and one at 8 PM CST. Later helps us select and coordinate which photos we are going to feature ahead of time.

Each moderator has their own style that their eyes tend to go to. For me, it’s all about silhouettes and small subjects. Making the outside world feel bigger than it is in a photo is very hard to do, so when I see a black and white photo achieve that, you’ve got my attention.

How has the Instagram community influenced your brand?

The community has given us lots of inspiration and ideas on how to create a great photo, and our brand strategy is driven by the need to showcase works that are unique, transitional, and trendsetting sourced from our community.

What are some of the goals for your account?

We want to create a wide reaching platform featuring exceptional black and white photography. As a moderator, it’s in our best interest to promote unique works that feature elements of art, architecture and nature.

The goals for @monochromemavens are to continue growing in order to inspire more people and also be able to promote new monochrome artists to a larger audience.

I hope to make black and white photography seen more on Instagram and other photography mediums.

What are some of the key takeaways you’ve learned from working on a team account?

Trust your partners. This has led us down a good path, one where our goal and culture are mutually understood.

Do you have any parting words to future team-driven Instagram accounts?

Have a strong why and long-term vision. This’ll help you to continue creating content throughout the early days when not many Instagrammers may be using your community hashtag.– Andre Nguyen

Identify your strengths and have a clear understanding as to how best to compliment each other. – William Doka 

And, have fun and be passionate.  Zach Murman-Freer

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