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Introduction to Instagram for Business: Free Workshop!

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of our first free workshop, Introduction to Instagram for Business! Our new Visual Creatives Workshops are free, email-based courses that provide tactical tips and resources for you to become a better visual content marketer. Each workshop contains a lesson for the day, examples from industry influencers and members of our community, and a bit of homework to help you build your own visual content strategy.

Our first free workshop is Introduction to Instagram for Business, where you will learn 5 key  strategies to growing both your audience and your business using Instagram!

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About the Introduction to  Instagram for Business Workshop

If you’re just getting started on using Instagram for business, this is the course for you! In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of using Instagram for business and show you how to plan, manage, and optimize your Instagram strategy

Once you’ve signed up for the free workshop, you will receive a new lesson each day for one week, and you can work at your own pace.

instagram for business

Plan, curate and organize your content strategy

What You’ll Learn in the Introduction to Instagram for Business:

  1. How to craft an effective Instagram profile
    Learn how to write an Instagram bio that is optimized for targeted keywords related to your industry, and what you need to include to help your business stand out.
  2. The three ‘C’s to planning your Instagram
    Understand why you should plan and manage your content ahead of time, and see how to organize a content calendar for Instagram. Plus, learn the posting techniques that could help you beat the Instagram algorithm and gain new followers.
  3. How to write a compelling Instagram caption.
    Craft a caption with a clear call to action. Learn how to encourage your followers to participate in a group discussion, contest, or campaign, and how to break up your text to engage the wandering eye.
  4. How to curate a gorgeous Instagram feed.
    Learn how to visualize your overall content strategy and view your Instagram profile as an entire feed in order to establish a branding standard that appeals to larger audiences.
  5. Hashtag strategy and research
    Understanding your core audience members is key to finding success on Instagram. Learn how to research hashtags that are targeted to your business and will help you grow engaged communities.
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Create content that resonates with your audience

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The Visual Creatives Community

Each month, we’ll be hosting a new workshop to help you improve your visual content marketing strategy and drive traffic and revenue for your brand.

Preview our upcoming workshops on the website.

Join our Facebook community group to participate in the discussion around the workshops and homework from each lesson, and connect with more visual creatives.

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Stephanie is the Community Manager at Later. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter @byStephie.

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