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5 Myths Holding You Back From Instagram

What if a few myths were the only thing standing between you and your business becoming successful on Instagram?

With over 800 million users, it’s highly likely that your customers are logging onto the platform regularly, but if you’re hesitant about using Instagram to help you reach your marketing goals, it’s totally possible that rumors are to blame.   

We’re here to debunk 5 big Instagram myths so that you can move forward and build your brand on the platform with confidence!

myths holding you back on instagram

Myth #1: Instagram is Too Time-Consuming

You may have heard that creating content and posting consistently on Instagram takes up too much time, or that it takes years for brands to grow a large following.

The truth is that while content creation and building an audience on Instagram does require a bit of effort on your part, you can drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to create, schedule, post, and grow your account with a bit of strategic planning and the right tools.

In fact, with Later’s Instagram scheduler, you can sit down and plan out a week’s worth of content in only 20 minutes!  

By creating a workflow for your content creation, scheduling, and posting, you’ll save valuable time each week, while also ensuring that you maintain a consistent presence on the platform.

If you’re feeling like Instagram is taking up too much time, sign up for our free course and Get Your Instagram Together! We’ll show you how to create a time-saving workflow for your entire Instagram marketing process!

Myth #2: You Have to Be a Professional Photographer

Since Instagram is a visual marketing platform, your images and videos definitely matter– but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional in order to create an eye-catching feed!

While outsourcing your content creation is always an option, you can also learn to take gorgeous photos for yourself with little more than a smartphone and a few inexpensive editing apps!

If you still need more content (who doesn’t?) there are also some amazing stock photo websites that are perfect for Instagram, which can help you to supplement your feed when you’re running low.

instagram myths

Myth #3: Strategy Isn’t Authentic. You Should Always “Post in the Moment”

While Instagram may have started out as a place to document even the most mundane moments of your everyday life, it’s become so much more than that. As soon as brands and businesses realized that they could share their most valuable content while communicating directly with their target audience, posting to the platform became much more intentional and strategic.

In order to effectively use Instagram as a tool to help you reach your marketing goals, you’ll need a game plan, but planning in advance and posting strategically doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room left for authenticity.

Instagram Stories are actually a great tool to help you share more of those “real life” moments without compromising a well-planned Instagram aesthetic. Just keep in mind that as a business, even the random stuff that you choose to share on your profile should always align with your brand and relate back to your overall marketing goals in some way.

Myth #4: You Can’t Make Sales or Capture Leads

While it’s true that Instagram only gives you one clickable URL within your profile, you can still use the platform to drive traffic to your website, so that you can sell your goods and services, as well as capture more leads.

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re including action-oriented captions in your posts to encourage your followers to click on the link in your bio. Then, you can use Later’s Linkin.bio feature to turn that single link into a shoppable feed!

When one of your followers clicks on the link in your bio, they’ll be taken to a landing page that resembles your Instagram feed and displays your Instagram posts as clickable images. When a follower clicks on any image in the feed, they’re redirected to a URL that you choose.

Here you have the option of leading your audience anywhere you want, like to your website–to buy your products, book your services, or sign up for your email list!
instagram myths

Myth #5: There’s No Way to Know What’s Working

Knowing if your posts were performing used to be tough, but it’s not anymore! If you’ve switched to an Instagram Business profile you can check in on how things are going whenever you want, right within the Instagram app.

Instagram’s analytics give you an inside look at who your followers are based on certain demographics like age, gender, and location, and you can dig into important metrics like post reach and impressions, engagement, action clicks, and follower growth.

You can even track metrics within your Instagram Stories such as views, reach, taps forward and back, exits, and replies.

myths holding you back on instagram

Whether you have a business profile on Instagram or not, Later’s Analytics Tool allows you to see how your posts are performing and discover which types of content get the most likes and comments.

Understanding your Instagram analytics is important because once you know how certain types of posts are performing, you can optimize your future Instagram content to get even more engagement!

instagram myths

So there you have it. Instagram’s biggest myths have been busted.

Instagram allows you to connect directly with your target audience and share the best parts of your business, building brand awareness and helping you to make more sales. If you’ve been searching for excuses to avoid using the platform, we’ve just given you five less!

Ready to start using Instagram to market your business?

Sign up for the Get Your Instagram Together Email Challenge and over the next 30 days we’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process and help you finally put a plan into action!

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