The Top Instagram Reels Trends to Try This Week

By Amanda Demeku

Published January 20, 2022

5 minute read

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Each week, we’ll be updating this resource with the top Instagram Reels trends heating up on the feed, what they are, and how you can incorporate them into your strategy.

What's Trending on Instagram Reels? – January 2022 Roundup

Discover the hottest trends on Instagram Reels this month...

Trend: "Show Your Artwork" Reveal – January 20, 2022

Trend Recap: This track has been steadily gaining momentum on Instagram for its take on the 20th Century Fox intro and call-to-action to showcase your artwork.

It's inventive and fun, so be sure to get extra creative with this one!

Audio: Show your Damianlechoszest

Ways to Take on the Trend:

  • Showcase something you've worked on

  • Reveal a new product drop

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Trend: "Freaks" Montage – January 20, 2022

Trend Recap: This trend is all about showcasing images and clips to the atmospheric soundtrack of Freaks by Television Blonde. It's uplifting and emotive – the perfect combination for aspirational content.

Audio: Freaks by Television Blonde

Ways to Take on the Trend:

  • Post a quick recap of your latest vacation (or even staycation!)

  • Make a collage of your 2022 goals

  • Share a 'get ready with me' timelapse

Trend: "Between The Sheets" Sync – January 20, 2022

Trend Recap: Say hi-hi to the 80s with this latest Reels audio trend.

Featuring a remix of The Isley Brothers' hit, Between The Sheets, this trend is all about sharing a rapid succession of video clips, followed by a slower set in time to the beat.

Audio: Xplosive x between the sheets DJLex by big_k3nzo (Between The Sheets by The Isley Brothers)

Ways to Take on the Trend:

  • Share outfit variations or different looks

  • Showcase multiple beauty looks

  • Feature different product variations

  • Share a flip-book of shots from a recent photo shoot

Trend: “So This Is Love” Edit – January 14, 2022 

Trend Recap: This trend is all about highlighting something you love, which means it’ll work for multiple industries or niches – fashion, food, travel, home decor, and more. 

Think of using it as a “soundtrack to your life.”

Audio: This Is What Falling in Love Feels Like by JVKE

Ways to Take on the Trend:

  • Share a new recipe featuring your favorite foods

  • Reveal a new exclusive product or offering

  • Post a “Get Ready with Me” with your favorite outfit 

  • List your top three local travel spots 

Trend: “Love Grows” Montage – January 14, 2022 

Trend Recap: The 70s is making a comeback with this pop-friendly hit by Edison Lighthouse.

It’s fun, upbeat, and you can match video (or photo) snippets to the lyrics in the song. 

Audio: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) by Edison Lighthouse

Ways to Take on the Trend:

  • Share highlights from an event or a day in your life 

  • Share a quick outfit or makeup tutorial

  • Stitch together a series of photos or clips from a photoshoot

  • Show your personality with a little dance or funny childhood photos 

TIP: Check out this tutorial to recreate the trend.

Trend: The Eleanor Rigby Remix – January 13, 2022 

Trend Recap: This trend is all about sharing a quick-fire succession of clips in time to The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby remix by Rudy Mancuso.

While the original video was posted a few months ago, this trend is just hitting its peak on Reels – it’s everywhere now!

Audio: Imagine X Eleanor Rigby Remix by Rudy Mancuso

Ways to Take on the Trend:

Trend: “I’ve Been Making Changes” Audio Sync – January 13, 2022 

Trend Recap: January is the perfect time to set new personal and professional goals. And this trend is for celebrating (and sharing) the changes you’ve been making. 

Using a mix of short-clip videos, you can time your content to the beat of Khalid’s song. 

Audio: Self by Khalid

Ways to Take on the Trend:

  • Show the evolution of your product or brand logo

  • Reveal your new workspace or office set-up 

  • Share a new lifestyle habit, like your morning routine 

Trend: Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself – January 12, 2022 

Trend Recap: “Allow me to re-introduce myself.” This trend is all about reconnecting with your followers (old and new), set to one of Jay-Z’s most popular interludes. 

Audio: Public Service Announcement (Interlude) by Jay-Z

Ways to Take on the Trend:

  • Introduce yourself to new followers

  • Share new product offerings or services 

  • Too shy to show up on camera? Use this Reel as inspiration.

And there you have it – the latest Instagram Reels trends we’ve spotted on the feed.

Feeling inspired? This guide has the top Reels hacks you need to know – from editing tips to making them more accessible.  

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Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!


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