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How to Use the New "Add Yours" Instagram Stories Sticker

Updated on November 2, 2021
3 minute read

Discover the new Instagram Stories sticker that's going viral...

Published November 2, 2021

If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you’ve probably seen the new “Add Yours” sticker in action. 

This new, interactive sticker is perfect for creating viral chains of content on stories – making it a huge opportunity for driving community engagement.  

Ready to get ahead of the trend? Find out everything you need to know below!

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What Is the “Add Yours” Instagram Stories Sticker?

The “Add Yours” sticker is a new way to create viral content chains on the app — and it’s unlike any other sticker in the current lineup.

The sticker is just like what it sounds: you add your own media according to whatever prompt a user shares.

Users with access to the sticker can add it to their stories and tap it to enter a custom prompt for their community. This could be anything from asking your followers to show their WFH setup to their favorite skincare products.

Viewers can press on the sticker to share it to their own stories, swiping up to add media from their camera roll. 

When a user shares the “Add Yours” sticker on their stories, a chain reaction begins — their followers and ultimately, any user on Instagram, can take part in the challenge. 

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How Can Brands and Creators Use the “Add Yours” Instagram Stories Sticker?

This new Instagram Stories sticker is an awesome opportunity for brands and creators to drive brand awareness.

How so, you ask?

Well, when a brand or creator shares an “Add Yours” sticker, the original creators name shows up on every single participants shared sticker:

This is huge for brand exposure — hundreds of thousands of accounts could see your “Ask Yours” sticker and discover your profile.

If you don’t have access yet, start participating in “Add Yours” chains as you see them. Getting involved is a great way to get familiar with the sticker.

Plus, when you take part in an “Add Yours” sticker, you’re encouraging your own community to take part.

You can even see which one of your followers joins the chain from your stories. Hello conversation starter!

Instagram is now rolling out the “Add Yours” sticker to more markets – so now is the best time to get creative and think about how this sticker could work as part of your stories strategy. 

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